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  1. Need some sort of not quite pos but not quite neg...
  2. I assume that the hedge fund is the guy behind Fenway, and the asset stripper is the Glazers? In which case, yes, if I had to rank the wholesomeness of the various owners it would go Fenway, the Glazers, Abramovich and then Mansour. I didn't say any of them were wholesome.
  3. Oops, yeah, added that in now. But it reminds me of one other thought I had which is that the insanity of the prequels was rather foreshadowed by the whole I am your dad thing in ESB and then oh, and by the way she's your sister thing in RotJ. For all that I like both of those movies, that is where the nuttiness started.
  4. So I watched all of the main (ie. not Ewoks or Clone Wars) Star Wars movies in sequence last week and am now ready to share with you all my official ranking. Top Tier: A New Hope Rogue One Solo The Force Awakens Mid Tier: The Empire Strikes Back The Return of the Jedi Bottom Tier: The Phantom Menace Revenge of the Sith Forever dead to me: The Last Jedi Attack of the Clones Some thoughts: I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy Solo and Rogue One. It feels weird to rank them hig
  5. As a neutral, for me the issue isn't so much spending the money - although I think there are all sorts of ways that the football authorities could create a more level playing field by regulating around that (as, for example, other sports like Rugby or American Football do) - it is where the money comes from. Manchester United made its money from success on the pitch - and if anything the Glazers came in and plundered that (by making the club pay for their acquisition of it, which demonstrates exactly how fucked up the world of finance really is). Liverpool is owned by an organisation that, as
  6. I've really enjoyed pandemic since getting it as part of a bundle. But it gets more difficult with more players, and the UI is not great in my opinion. It takes a while to get used to the board and sussing out where trouble spots are, and at higher difficulties when the margins get tighter it is tricky to keep track of what is going on with card piles. I tried the tutorial to Carcassonne (which I lost, twice) and am struggling to understand the appeal...
  7. I just tried watching clone wars before my Disney deluxe trial period runs out. It's just awful. I tried the first episode of each of the first three series. I know it is for kids but it seems to get a lot of online love from adult nerds so what am I missing? Does it get better? Are there particular episodes or story arcs that are better than others? Or are these episodes pretty representative and i'm just not gonna like it?
  8. As expected, my wife had no interest in Pandemic, so I played it solo and let my daughter move the pieces and hold the cards etc. She still seemed to enjoy it, and got a kick out of saving Tokyo. She also enjoyed a game of Greedy Wizards!
  9. Ugh. Really not very happy to see Man City win - financial doping, possibly actual doping, and money laundering for a pretty heinous regime. As a neutral, I hope Liverpool can push on next season.
  10. Tourist


    I think we have been through this before. Chef Ketchup is the start and the end of all discussions about ketchup.
  11. The recent Asmodee digital bundle has inspired me to play Pandemic. I spent last night playing about 10 games with four pawns, failing to win them all (spent quite a while dusting off my rusting understanding of the rules - in about every single one of the first 5 games I attempted what I thought was a real humdinger of a move only to discover I had misunderstood, eg. airlifting the operations guy to the same spot as the scientist so he could build a research station with his free build action for the scientist to cure at the start of her next turn, except he doesn't get an EXTRA build action,
  12. Imagine if he'd made it to the battle with the dead though. Afterwards they'd all be sitting round and someone would say, AND THEN YOU GOT YOUR FACE BURNT OFF YOU SILLY BASTARD LOL HA HA HA and they'd all sit around guffawing, and then Ed would be all like, but yeah, seriously though, if I hadn't had my face burnt off I wouldn't be who I am today, and they'd all exchange meaningful glances before he whips his guitar out and sings a folksy ditty about the merits of getting your face burned right off.
  13. Disney deluxe has a pretty huge selection. Just randomly browsing but eg. Freaky Friday, Mary Poppins, Herbie love bug, 20,000 leagues under the sea etc.
  14. Yeah for me it jumped the shark after season 1. It's been held together by the acting and silliness. But it has surely been clear for a long time now that GRRM and the showrunners have no idea how to tie it all together with a satisfactory conclusion.
  15. Jon snow seems to be channelling Michael Palin's northerner in his opening speech...
  16. Played a Prophecy of Dragons. Thought it was awful - didn't think much of the comedy dead-end I found; cards with new mechanics on them were not explained well. I actually managed to whiz through it first time with a lot of room to spare and the whole thing felt woefully underbaked. Think I'm done with this now. The system has such potential, but none of the three scenarios I have played deliver on it.
  17. Finally saw this. Wasn't as good as Shaun of the Dead.
  18. You didn't think it was really awful that the only bit set in Japan has a white dude wielding a katana against inscrutable Yakuza dudes?
  19. Sure, if you're happy with Charlie Chan all over again... (I can't be bothered to unpack the lazy cultural appropriation, but to me the whole scene was on a par with proudly announcing that you're opening an authentic Asian restaurant and calling one of your cocktails lucky geisha or whatever.)
  20. Yeah captain Marvel was the big disappointment for me. I was really hoping she would play a larger role. The other major disappointing thing was the idiotic scene in Japan where Hawkeye is slicing people in the street. All sorts of nutty tropes to pick apart there. Apart from that I loved the Bill and Ted's reprise in the first half. The second half CGI fest got boring for me, as it has done in about 90% of the MCU films, but it contained enough fan service to carry it off.
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