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  1. I've not been able to see this or the ken burns documentary, but now that it has come out it seems that finding a balanced view on what happened is really difficult because the internet has been deluged with either articles accusing the police and prosecutor of framing the five; or of articles denouncing the five kids and saying either that they did it or even if they didn't they were up to no good. I remember reading about this case a long time ago and coming to the conclusion that they were wrongfully arrested for this specific crime, but might have been guilty of other crimes in the park th
  2. I love stuff like this: http://www.waterlooreplayed.com/ It's a 120 player recreation of Waterloo, being played in Glasogow in a few days. Wish I could check it out.
  3. Yeah, in my two play experiences the difference between Frankenstein and the other guy I used was night and day.
  4. There is literally no excuse. Here is the recipe, in American (ugh, what the fuck is a cup??): https://food52.com/recipes/13722-marcella-hazan-s-tomato-sauce-with-onion-butter I used a regular tin of tomatoes, about 100g of butter, and half a huge onion. (I fished the onion out after cooking and ate the whole thing, on its own, before storing the sauce in the fridge overnight before using it in the Rachel Roddy dish...)
  5. It just mentions a generic tomato sauce and when I googled a tomato sauce recipe by the same author that's the one that came up - it's the one that was doing the rounds on the internet a while back: just stick a halved onion, tin of tomatoes, and a load of butter in a pan and simmer for 40 minutes. And as I say, leaving it overnight seemed to improve it a lot.
  6. I would say that a couple of things seemed to make a big difference: the Marcella Hazan tomato sauce (which I made the day before and the flavours really came out well in the finished dish); and draining the mozzarella (which gives it a firm texture).
  7. Tried Rachel Roddy's Parmigiana di melanzane over the weekend. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/jun/03/rachel-roddy-recipe-parmigiana-di-melanzane Came out a little sloppy - probably put way too much tomato sauce on it. But holy shit was it tasty.
  8. I mean I left the first island. Judging from conversations online that does seem to be in the spirit of the game - most players seem to consider it essential to take notes and make maps so you can streamline/avoid pitfalls on future plays. I haven't seen any sort of official ruling, but I agree that it seems to run a bit counter to the spirit of the game - if the designers wanted it to be played that way, why not build it into the rules? So far (having played through the first island a couple of times) the difficulty level feels very arbitrary in the
  9. Just discarded my last game of 7th Continent (Voracious Goddess, Frankenstein, just landed on the second island with a near-full action deck) to replace all my cards (there was a printing error in the first set that meant that some cards were identifiable from their backs) and to play the supposed tutorial Crystal thingie curse. Made it to the 2nd island with exactly 0 cards in the action deck. Sigh.
  10. Just finished the second series. It really was great. I felt like it lost its way a little during the second half of the first series, but the second series span off in a whole new direction that felt every bit as fresh as the first half of the first series in an entirely different way. I hope they find a way to make a third series.
  11. I guess he is going to try to argue that his hate speech is not actually hate speech, but just a reflection of his religious views and you can't fire someone for having religious views. The frightening thing is that maybe that argument will fly in Australian courts, who knows?
  12. There was a game called Project IGI which was pretty mediocre in all sorts of respects but one of the things that really annoyed me about it was that it had this health pack thing that was represented by a syringe icon onscreen, which was filled up by, like, lines - so if you clicked the mouse to inject yourself with it one of the lines would disappear. So every time I wanted to heal myself I would sit there fucking tapping the mouse button repeatedly, which took ages and was mindblowingly stupid. And then someone watching me over my shoulder was like, why do you keep tapping the
  13. Want me to translate it for you? (Not even sure what Mr Face is or how much work that would be to either translate it or play it using notes but...) Also I just caught up with the story about the GM getting thrown out for a 'gang rape' scenario... What a tool.
  14. Honestly, I think Ron Howard is a pretty kind-hearted, super polite kind of guy, and I think this is his way of offering a relatively simple explanation for the film's relative box-office failure that doesn't lay the blame at too many people's feet; his attempt to avert a complicated conversation that might draw in lot of other people for blame. Like, he essentially blames it on an algorithm, rather than eg. the director of TLJ, or whoever was in charge of marketing the movie, or whoever oversaw the clumsy production process or whoever decided to release it so soon after another Star Wars movi
  15. On the upside though, I (FINALLY) got my 7th Continent second wave delivery the other week. Now I just need to find the space and time to pick up where I left off my last game about a year ago.
  16. I don't think I've ever played a cmon game but for some reason - that reason being that their entire business model seems to be predicated on fear of missing out - I really have a pretty intense dislike for them...
  17. This is quite an interesting point. Again, if you think that there is no inherent value in these games then yes, publishers are basically engaged in a form of arbitrage, weighing up development/marketing costs against revenue per player. Someone somewhere at Take-Two has done the maths and come to the conclusion that by paying $1.1 billion over the next seven years, they will make more money from players. But if you are a player who actually enjoys these types of game and your experience is enhanced by that NBA license, then EA are providing value for you. Personally
  18. Well I think the other root cause is the desire of publishers and developers to manipulate this to maximise profits at the player's expense.
  19. I agree that it is not a great article, but I think the writer is trying to argue that the wording of the bill will make certain types of game unviable. That might not matter to you if you don't like those types of game, but it might do if you do like those types of game. I haven't read the wording of the bill, and I haven't played the types of game that he mentions (the 'ultimate team' style games), but I did work on a free to play collectible card game, and I think it would be a shame, for example, if that genre was effectively cancelled because of overzealous legislation design
  20. I'm constantly surprised by people who claim that the board game is like the PC game. In my opinion they are barely alike at all (and I don't seem to be alone: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1705346/how-closely-does-match-lucasarts-pc-game ) It is great though.
  21. I dunno if it was that unexpected - I thought a lot of the experts that I read before the fight were giving Ruiz a decent chance; it was only the British tabloids who didn't seem to bother to look at any of his previous fights, deciding instead to base their estimate of his chances on his BMI. Definitely an interesting result though.
  22. Well the fans dont pay their wages. The clubs do. And they pay them to play football, mostly. And nowadays if soccer players want to have a direct relationship with the fans they can do so via social media or whatever.
  23. Interesting but insane levels of entitlement, no? All other things being equal, why should players be obliged to talk to the media at all? And then given the fact that 90% of media coverage is some sort of attempt to stoke controversy to drive page views or paper sales, if you were a soccer player why would you give them the oxygen? None of these players need some gobshite at the sun to misquote them to raise their profile. So I think it's only natural for players to impose whatever conditions they like if/when they deign to speak to the press. I think the writer basic
  24. Great call. Nicolas windup refn is an absolute tool. I had to transcribe an interview with him for a friend and he just sounds like an absolute idiot and drive is an awful movie. And at the risk of inviting a further torrent of negs, I watched aquaman and it sits pretty comfortably at the top of my shit movie pile. Everything from the dad's hair to the lame attempt to leven the sententiousness with bolted on jokes was just awful, awful stuff. It's like 22 marvel movies and a century of cinema history never existed.
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