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  1. I don't understand the hate for Askren. Masvidal seems like a complete arsehole. Isn't he the guy who randomly started on some guy backstage at a London event? All of his pre-fight hype seemed to consist of idiotic stuff like talking about how he was going to rip Askren's head off and kill his family etc. Askren's whole stance just seemed to be whatever it's just a sport and it's a bit off that Masvidal is acting like a psycho. Obviously Masvidal rehearsed the move and you make your own luck, but any sort of quick knockdown like that owes a large part to chance. I'd be interested to see a rema
  2. Well I'm struggling to get through it and wondering whether to keep trying or to give up. Is it supposed to be funny? Like, a pastiche of arthouse movies? Or is it just a bad arthouse movie? Why did everyone else keep watching in spite of the risible dialogue etc? I mean, sure, if nobody can help me I will give up but just wondering what everyone else got out of it.
  3. Half way through the first episode and this is just absolutely risible nonsense. Or is it a comedy? Some sort of satire of grimdark arthouse movies? I just don't get it. Can someone explain?
  4. I don't agree with her main criticisms at all. She is absolutely saying different versions of the character are not okay, which just doesn't make any sort of sense in the context of a character who has been through all sorts of different interpretations over the course of nearly 60 years. I do not recognise her preferred Spidey from the comic books that I used to read 25-30 years ago, and I think the MCU has done a better job of distilling the essence of that multi-faceted character than any of the dour Sony versions. The only point I slightly agree with her is that it is a *little* disappoint
  5. Tourist


    Is there any sports man or woma. More boring than this kyrgios guy? I don't think so.
  6. Is there really no thread about this? I couldn't find anything using search, but I feel like I've been reading about this for years. I finally caved in and started watching after my wife told me she watched the whole thing in one day. I'm one episode away from the end and it is brilliant, funny, but genuinely excruciating. Like, I dunno why but it's one of the most difficult things I've ever watched - I think mostly because it contains some horrific scenes of domestic violence and because it contains some awful scenes of injustice, and because some of the (awful, awful) characters
  7. Couldn't see anything else about this, but I discovered it on Amazon Prime as a 6 part serial the other day and it was fucking great.
  8. Why in the fuck is mansizerooster getting negged for asking why I was getting negged for really liking a film?!?
  9. Interesting - do you know which is better?
  10. Some slightly longer thoughts, all in spoilers, just in case:
  11. Does anyone know if A Study In Emerald is available in a way that doesn't involve shelling out huge amounts of cash?
  12. I could write an essay on why I thought it was amazing. But I'm on my phone so I'll just say yeah I thought it was amazing. I thought there was only one duff moment but in my mind they got away with it. For context the previous Spiderman movie was my favourite marvel movie, and one of the things I loved about it was the mean girls vibe. Your mileage may vary.
  13. Just bunked off work to watch this. It's as close to perfect as any film I've seen. Up there with in the mood for love. The perfect distillation of 20-odd marvel movies and on a par with Tim Burton's Batman as the best ever superhero movie.
  14. So I also finished Voracious Goddess, finally. I am very underwhelmed. A few things specific to this curse that I thought were weak: In terms of more general issues I have with the game, I think a lot of them are very similar to my gripes with TIME Stories: I love the idea of an iterative, puzzley, choose-your-own-adventure type of experience; but it feels like the whole experience is padded out by an arbitrary and punishing level of difficulty; there is an element of iteration in the game, but never in a good way - instead of using knowledge acquired on one run to s
  15. Japan basically imported its football philosophy from Brazil a couple of decades ago, so the close control and technical skills in Japanese football are lovely; but they definitely lack directness a lot of the time when it is needed in front of goal. Shame Japan went out, but this is the weakest team since I've lived here (ie. the last decade). And on the handball rule, it is unfortunate, but unless they develop telepathic refs, I can't see any way of policing any sort of rule that has the word 'deliberate' in it, so a black and white rule seems to be the simplest way of deciding
  16. My favourite moment of genius is in the design of the Dreamcast version of Bangai-O: the way your offensive capabilities increase in proportion to threat, and the way that certain levels were designed around that, requiring you to just hurl yourself into a maelstrom of enemy bullets in order to power up your attack enough to get through it.
  17. If it helps I also have no friends. I have tried to assemble a collection that has enough single player stuff to keep me occupied but I also torture myself with games like Avalon and fury of Dracula (at least star wars rebellion and war of the ring have fan-made single player variants). I'm not a massive fan of viticulture but it has got a good single player bit which is relatively easy to set up and play. By contrast I still haven't been able to get fire in the lake to the table; not sure I will ever get anachrony out of the box after struggling to get it in the box after pressing
  18. I think most Ghibli movies are just ok, except for only yesterday which is up there with in the mood for love as my favourite ever movie ever ever.
  19. (just to be clear, I'm only half watching it because I've read the books, and I get that technically the different aspects of the protomolecule can be justified in universe; still, though, it feels cobbled together and contrived to me. But entertaining enough for me.)
  20. Yeah, confused me - I had to check I hadn't missed an episode and then checked Wikipedia's episode summaries to work out what was going on. I'm enjoying it enough while half-watching it, but the only thing that I have read/watched that has such a sense of just making shit up as they go along is GoT*; and like a few others on here, I can't quite get over the crappy acting of that UN woman (or her child-catcher plastic nose). *The thing that messes with my OCD the most is the way the writers just change the rules about the protomolecule as they go along to meet the dema
  21. Just got tickets for Olympics women's football second round and quarter-finals. (Should I have started a 2020/21 thread to announce that?)
  22. For anybody else who has the mind-blowing temerity to want to find out more about the case and doesn't want to get negged, here are some interesting links that I have been able to find: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/a27574472/when-they-see-us-central-park-5-false-confessions/ https://twitter.com/davidhth/status/1138441102422413314 https://qz.com/1641025/court-filing-shows-lack-of-evidence-in-central-park-five-case-2/ https://www.amny.com/news/central-park-five-1.32018864 https://www.villagevoice.com/2002/11/19/a-journey-through-the-tangled-case-of-the-central-
  23. Watched this today but the japanese dub because my daughter refuses to watch movies in English. I thought it was ok but my daughter (who is six) was bored out of her mind. After an hour she was desperate to leave. It also took me the whole movie to work out that it was The Orb's ever pulsating brain that the theme tune had ripped off.
  24. Well yeah I agree in general. But 'up to no good' and brutal assault (which seems to be among the allegations that were made) seem sufficiently different to me to support a more nuanced view. And certainly in terms of my own interest into what happened and why I don't think the wrongful conviction should eliminate any discussion of what they did in the park that evening. But as I say at the moment the internet is so polarised it seems to be impossible to find the actual evidence which is why I was asking here.
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