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  1. I'm going to stay in a cabin next week which comes with a couple of wood-burning stoves. These ones, to be precise: https://sweetgrass.jp/stoves/st1010 https://sweetgrass.jp/stoves/st1006 Does anybody have any suggestions for what to cook on it? Bonus points for recipes that don't require any refridgerised ingredients because the cabin has no refridgeriser and we'll be there for three days. We were thinking of making some pizza bases and freezing them at home and bringing them plus toppings in an ice-box for the first night's dinner. I was thinking of some sort of combination of bread/eggs/cheese for breakfasts. And maybe a dutch oven roast at some point. Any other pointers for recipes or just general advice about these things?
  2. Smashing to see Mike brown dropped. Much as it would be better to have him on the pitch so his ridiculous douchebaggery would benefit England's opponents its glorious to see him dropped specifically for being such a prick. Also just picked up some tickets for England USA in Kobe. Had been hoping there would still be some available for Ireland Japan but obviously not so gonna take a trip out to Kobe via the yamanashi wine cave while my folks are over. EXCITING.
  3. World cup looking increasingly hard to call!
  4. Yeah, I'm sure it will strike a chord with a lot of people. Just didn't for me. I think it got a great write-up in The Guardian or somewhere too, so I was looking forward to it. It seemed to occupy a very similar space to Legion for me, but I thought Legion did a better job in a lot of different ways.
  5. Really enjoyed both seasons of this (although the opening of the second season felt a bit like I was watching something that might have been aired on CITV back in the 90s). But I'm super disappointed that it shows no sign of wrapping up. I've got no interest in watching yet another series just tail off into boring plotlines that are eked out just to keep a series alive for as long as possible.
  6. Thanks, I tried this but did not get on with it. Thought the first episode was really interesting, but every subsequent episode just didn't seem to go anywhere except for down deliberately kooky culs-de-sac.
  7. I think I thought the same when I bought fire in the lake but ended up paying shipping fees to Japan. I think they ended up about 20-30 bucks or something. I can check but you might be better off checking boardgamegeek which I think has a thread about European shipping...
  8. I think it seems increasingly apparent that golden bell are actual con artists. Can you not try to get a refund from your credit card company and/or make a formal complaint with Kickstarter? Like, if they used the proceeds from Kickstarter to fund the manufacture of retail versions without getting rewards to backers surely that is a breach of Kickstarter's terms of service?
  9. And yet they've shipped it to retail! Honestly, they are just out and out crooks. And Kickstarter doesn't seem to care. What a mess.
  10. Oh man, Golden Bell's trolling just gets more elaborate: https://www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/cjfhak/more_golden_bell_douchery_unbroken/ My favourite bit is not actually the main post, but this bit: For anybody who wants to avoid getting burned in future: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/259248/golden-bell-affiliated-projects-and-companies
  11. Right. Doing a month free trial. Starting with Dark. What else do I need to watch on Netflix? Thanks in advance.
  12. Has anybody been following the crazy antics of golden bell across Kickstarter? It seems their modus operandi involves holding Kickstarter backers to ransom to try to gouge more money; getting naive designers to sign away all their rights; and doxing backers. Truly we live in amazing times.
  13. Ugh, ugh. Again, so, so stupid. Just had a mission which had a listed objective of placing a bomb on a particular square. Took a good 10 minutes to get to the square, place the bomb. Oh, wait. The actual objective is to place a bomb on a particular square AND THEN WAIT FOR A TURN. If I'd have known that I'd have tried to protect my guy you shit-for-brain game designers. There are so, so many crucial pieces of information that are just not made clear throughout the game, and no undo button. Again, if it weren't for the underlying boardgame mechanics this would be beyond awful. As it is it is just plain awful, and super frustrating (weirdly, because when you're not fighting the shitty design elements the game itself is actually super easy...).
  14. Shit man, even I like Tangled. And Frozen, ish.
  15. Guys, remember to enter those boardgame geek competitions - just won my second!
  16. I think the only JP only games I have are not soloable - 枯山水 and 文絵のために - but there are a bunch of small box games over here that I would love to try if I thought I could smuggle them past my wife.
  17. It's expensive, hard to find, and, in my opinion, vastly overrated. I would struggle to recommend it. I'd be tempted to offer you mine (or my replacement cards) but I'm based in Japan and shipping it would be prohibitive.
  18. Ugh, the UI/UX in this is beyond awful. Absolutely no way of finding out crucial information; absolutely no effort made to provide any sort of rules or tutorial. If it weren't for the fact that the underlying rules are half-decent I would want to burn this with a heavy flamer.
  19. Is anybody playing this? I picked it up at a reduced price on Steam yesterday and while it's decent enough there is no manual and the in-game tips are awful. Anybody got any tips?
  20. Yeah, I am unlikely to shout that at anyone. I'm just surprised that anybody can think Masvidal isn't a colossal douchebag.
  21. I was pointing out that Masvidal is a much bigger douchebag than Askren, and your account doesn't change my opinion - and sucker punching someone because they say something that upsets you is the very definition of randomly starting on someone in my book.
  22. Maybe - that is not what it looked like when I saw it though; it looked like the two of them were exchanging words and then out of nowhere Masvidal just lamped the guy with what looked like a sucker punch (at work so can't look for the video now).
  23. Did you see the footage of the incident with Leon Edwards? It didn't look at all like Leon Edwards walked up to him in the footage that I saw. He was miles away.
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