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  1. Finally picked up Golf Story. (Was £9 i think in sale) This is one of the best games i have played on Switch. Also picked up Necrodancer, i suck at the game and cant get past zone 2 but its a lot of fun.
  2. Watched this a few days ago. I have no affinity for pokemon and have never played a game But.... yeah, it was shite.
  3. How much is the expansion on its own? Im looking to get back into Horizon 4 .
  4. Im playing the games and cant tell a difference between them and the games i played back in the day. And the wife wouldnt be happy if i had another lump of cheap plastic on the TV cabinet. (Counting down the days until my step daughter gets the fuck out and i can have my man cave for cheap plastic shit)
  5. Im seeing San Junipero being mentioned the most online. I want to see a really dark disturbing one that make me uncomfortable.
  6. Will try, but my time is limited.
  7. I have just strated watching Black Mirror after years of not bothering (which is daft as i love Brooker) Only watched 2 so far. The one with the death of the boyfriend and he becomes an android essentially and the one with The ratings out of 5 for population. Both were great but what others would you recommend? Seen some lists online but theres seems to be no general consensus for the top 10.
  8. Was tempted to put down a pre-order but just bought Mega Drive Classics for the switch for £12 instead, which has better games imo.
  9. Im suprised he goes into public bathrooms. The hand dryer has the potential to blow him against a wall.
  10. I saw it and thought "ha, big dick". Then i read a lot of angry comments and no one explaining why. I dont understand why people are angry. The game is set in the future and is about a society obsessed with changing your body. Maybe someone can explain?

    PES 2020

    And its still not a patch on the classic age.

    PES 2020

    I would kill for a version of 4 or 5 or 6 on current consoles Keep the gameplay identical and just up-res it or something. Everything after those has not been fun.
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