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  1. I hope its more like 4. 4 was just mad stupid fun.
  2. I prefer solo's. Although there is an issue with teaming I only ever play on my own anyway and when i play with randoms about 8 out of 10 games its just the team breaking up and them dying within a minute. So im essentially playing on my own against teams in most games. Which can be brilliant by the way, its essentially a stealth game . I regularly finish top 3 if on my own. Just from hiding and letting other teams go at it. Although, im back playing Titanfall 2 multiplayer. Which makes this look like shite.
  3. Cant wait for this, as a massive fan of all these guys this is a nostagia trip. Will need to find a cinema showing it. Also, over $200 million budget is fucking insane.

    PES 2020

    I dug out my old xbox to play PES 5 and its amazing how much better it is compared to modern football games. Its just so much more fun. (Im probably a bit biased though as old PES is the one game i was utterly obsessed with and actually competed in)
  5. I didnt know it was on switch. Might pick it up. Whats the price?
  6. Yeah its still fun and playable but not being 60fps is daft to me.
  7. I picked up Doom 2 and it doesnt feel right at all.
  8. I was ranked number 1 in the world for Worms Armageddon on the 360 up until i got bored and stopped playing. A good 9 months. Was ranked number between 1 and 5th on PES 6 for 360 for about a year. Won a gaming tournament and appeared on the radio on Clyde 1 (big Scottish radio station), then sold all the shit i won to a mate an hour later (I already owned a Dreamcast and all the games i won). I was asked what im going to do with the prize on Radio and i said that i would give the prize to my girlfriend. She was listening at her work with all her colleagues and was quite chuffed. Then i told her "nah, sold it" . Yeah that didnt go down well. I played and destroyed Daily Thompson and Dave Perry at Street fighter 2 at a Super Nintendo Challenger Event many years ago
  9. Want to pick this up. But not at £40. Was going to wait for a sale and then i realised its published by Nintendo. Prob be £40 for 4 years!
  10. Good question. Maybe Shadowrun on the SNES or I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.
  11. I tried Lego City Undercover last night. Always fancied it and a laid back fun time is what im after right now. Uninstalled after 15 mins. Looks like a straight port of the Wii U game by the looks of it, felt like less than 720p. Even on X. And then i realised open world games just annoy me these days.
  12. Brilliant actor. I hope he is kicking the shit out of Dennis Hopper in the afterlife! (look it up, Hopper was a complete piece of shit)
  13. Not a good increase to be fair. We have went from 3 to 6 to 3 to 7 depending on software.
  14. I must have missed this along with a bunch of other people.
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