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  1. I am. And I didn't burst out like the joker, I gave a laugh and said fucking hell. I was As anyone would do if they heard a person say "was that a true story?" That ok?
  2. Watching the weigh in, fury at 273. Jesus!
  3. Yeah, might sell Axiom Verge just to get some food money, seems it goes for £40-£80 for the multiverse edition I have.
  4. Will give you an add later. Been looking for a game with a few folk from here.
  5. May have to sell my switch due to financial issues, what do you think is an acceptable price for: Switch boxed like new with all cables and dock Screen protector on screen Spare screen protector SanDisk 128gb card Official carry case Starling boxed Axiom Verge Special edition NBA 2K17 Wondering if it's possible to sell the account linked to it as I have about 60 games downloaded as well, don't know if I could do that though.
  6. The music for PlayStation demo discs were amazing. Hard to find samples of the best ones though.
  7. If you guys have not heard of it then check out the Movies with Ron podcast Best podcast I have ever listened to. He does the film with impressions while his brother and sister chime in. He is mostly focused on some obscure 80s horror and camp stuff but has a ton of recent stuff as well. I have rediscovered some 80s gems I totally forgot about over the years: Enemy Mine Cat People Silver Bullet. Also does a ton of classics. His rendition of Labyrinth is one of the funniest things I have ever heard and his impressions are spot on.
  8. I got to talk to Ralph Macchio in Altspace on Saturday night. (Was a celebrity Q and A panel thing. Really nice fella.
  9. Has it been confirmed that the BR mode is free? I love BR in cod mobile but don't want to buy the game for a 3rd time just to play the new mode.
  10. I shouldn't drink...and post. Don't get all upset folks Val Kilmer suit still wins....
  11. Hey New batman films coming oot. Here's a teaser of a wank and in a suit. Val kilmer looked cool as fuck in the batsuit. Fuck all that though, let's all talk pish and judge something we know fuck all about. (This is resetera, right?)
  12. That's fine. It was a joke buddy. (Still, he has a bunch of stuff that's not readily available in Australia. To have such a massive collection and not try and get the massive budget computers of the 80s is a bit strange)
  13. Well Ned Flanders see's it as a form of gambling. Maybe the guy loves Ned Flanders.
  14. A Plague Tale is bloody brilliant. I knew it was more of a budget game but it doesn't come across that way (just the lip syncing that's a bit off). It's one of the best looking games I have played in some time. Only on chapter 3 but it's really good stuff. And the music, wow. Im hoping this pace lasts for most of the game.
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