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  1. Sorry mate. Didn't see this and in bed now. Can sort it tomorrow. Oh and can you make it 2 red corners?
  2. Cool. Just send me a message when you are free.
  3. I'm going to have my gate open all night if anyone want to drop a beginner off some stuff. I really want a fence recipe! Dodo code is 86RHP
  4. I will take all that mate!
  5. I'm looking for the full boxing ring/wresting ring. I currently have the blue corner (I assume there's 3 other different coloured ring posts) Forum name: RYAN WHITELAW Friend code: 6514 2764 3701 Switch username: Ry AC Name: Big Ry AC Island: Scotland 2 Wanted 1: Ring corners Wanted 2: any other fitness equipment Wanted 3: a fence recipe.
  6. I still can't build fences and it's annoying the hell out of me. I think it's better if I stop for a few days. I have exhausted everything and I'm fed up catching the same 3 fish and bugs everyday because there's nothing else to do.
  7. Do you NEED to have the craftable item on your person to craft? I thought that maybe keeping wood and other things in storage would enable me to craft things at the table outside.
  8. Just found out I can dig up trees to make space. Pulled up about 3 and now it won't allow me to do any more Why is this?
  9. Adding you now mate. Will be on this all day anyway.
  10. Can anyone spare some iron nuggets? (And where do I get a ladder from? Also, how do I make my island available to visit?
  11. So they have not fixed the issues withe the X version then. That's disappointing. I will be waiting until it's down to below £20 or on game pass anyway. Loved 2 remake and never got round to the Jill capaign or B scenarios so might play that again. (Nemesis was my favourite Resident Evil game ever as well.)
  12. What's your code? Not sure how the online portion of this works.think I might need to wait until my first day is over. I have been shaking trees for the last hour just to get branches to sell. Think I'm done. Can't get any wood from them with axe anymore. Think I'm done. Grinding like hell.
  13. Yeah I'm online Code is SW 6514 2764 3701
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