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  1. I'm never going to see the true epilogue. Have over 30 clears including 8 in a row. Still not unlocked the companions or anything though, might need to Google how to get them. I have just been playing the game naturally. Im struggling to fill the prophecies, nothing new seems to be available when picking uogrades/boons.
  2. Ninja Baseball Batman (Great game BTW) Yikes...
  3. This made me laugh. Especially the part ripping the piss out of "Masterpiece"
  4. Damn, scathing! I honestly think its one of the best films in the last decade and in the top 5 of sports movies (and I have no love or knowledge of baseball). I'm not alone either
  5. Even if its shit (which it won't be) I paid £5 for it. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Dunno if I mentioned it already but does anyone in Glasgow/Central belt remember the top floor of Debenhams on Argyll Street ghad a massive games section and Arcade? It's where I first seen Virtua Fighter and a host of brand new machines yet there isn't a single photo or piece of info mentioning it anywhere online. I often think about it and would love to see some pics.
  7. Played a few games a wee while ago. It's CoD all right. Solid enough but BF is my go to MP shooter and always will be. Would also rather play Hell Let Loose and Insurgency over this.
  8. Before my time but I remember him for his broadcasting and he always came across as a nice, funny man. His goalscoring record is remarkable and on another level. I also remember playing this as a kid.
  9. My Son - 2.5/5 As average a film as I have seen in some time. There was nothing wrong with it but nothing really new. Decent performance from James Mccavoy as always.
  10. Decided to give up on this. Got to the mail room level and I have just had enough. I love the world and imagination but the platforming, general gameplay and controls are frankly dogshit. Shame because I fucking loved the first game.
  11. I have a massive backlog but I'm really looking forward to and definitely getting: Forza Horizon 5 Battlefield Super Monkey ball Back 4 Blood Halo Sable Hell Let Loose And whatever surprises hit Gamepass. Pretty stacked end of the year for me. And to think I have not paid a penny for the games not coming to Gamepass (and nearly all the ones I mentioned are) . God bless Microsoft rewards.
  12. Chaos Walking is one of the worst things I have seen this year. Shame because I was excited for it and the trailers looked great and I fucking love Mads Mikkelson.
  13. Yeah, I didn't like that monologue either. Too on the nose.
  14. If you are on series X put it to Framerate mode. Feels like a solid 60fps I turned off cross play and I had my first game earlier in about 2 years and it was brilliant. Far better than it used to be. Came second as well! Going to start playing it again regularly.
  15. Malignant - 4 Its really hard to talk about without spoiling but after about 15 mins I was like "ah.... I see what they are doing here!" Loved that the trailer and marketing made it out to be another dime a dozen, to be taken seriously horror film like Conjuring. I expect younger people's and general movie watchers to not "get it"
  16. Some might not classify it as a film but its a 2 hour 1 part drama so I think it qualifies... Help - 4/5 Channel 4 drama about the covid pandemic in a care home. Depressing, upsetting and superbly realised. Brilliant performances from Jodie Cormer and Stephen Graham. I honestly think Stephen Graham is the best actor working today. He's bloody exceptional.
  17. Yeah, that's too far. Even for me.
  18. As much as I love all these books.... American Psycho film is better than the book. There's moments in that book that were never going to be committed to film. Fight Club is superior to the book in every conceivable way. Helps when you have Fincher directing. Trainspotting again I think is much better in film form. Jurassic Park. Film honestly pisses all over the book. I could name countless others but that's enough. Someday I hope to see Blood Meridian brought to film but I think it may be unfilmable. Would take an auteur to translate it. The only directors I think could make it work are perhaps The Coen Brothers or David Fincher
  19. Legend and a massive part of my childhood. Thank you.
  20. He went from eating a tin of tuna a day and being skeletal in The Machinist to bulking up big time for Begins. His body must have been in shock for long periods.
  21. It will end up being a PG shit show.
  22. Certain games I just won't play at 30fps now. I have had Mafia remake on my shelf for months in the off chance it might get an FPS boost.
  23. Grosse Point Blank - 4.5/5 Still brilliant 23 years later. Sharply written, great performances, darkly funny, sweet, with a brilliant soundtrack. Also has one of the greatest one on one fight scenes committed to film.
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