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  1. I would do the right thing over my career. I have experience of doing that exact thing. Lost a job after calling out a prick abusing manager and nearly throwing him out a window.
  2. Ah ok. So England are basically through. And Wales are out then and it's between Iran and USA? That should be a good game.
  3. My brain ain't working correctly and I'm really ill after getting my COVID and flu booster yesterday but England only need to not lose by 3 goals against Wales and they are through, right?
  4. Better team will punish England. This is dire. USA look more threatening when they go forward. And they are defending well for the most part.
  5. The Bibles and garlic are the best starter weapon in the game. Garlic is useless after 10-15 mins though so I don't want it. At the beginning I also pick the card that gives you a mini garlic free and a bunch of other buffs. This negates having garlic in the first place. Every single run I get the bibles first. Having them fully evolved and collecting a silver ring to increase base area means nearly everything can't get near you. I always make sure to collect the rings and the wee red things after I have maxed out my slots so I'm not wasting slots.
  6. Whats a fair price for selling a 256gb steam deck you think? Need money for christmas presents right now and a couple of other bills. Got a few must have extras 4k 60hz HDMI/memory card/USB hub, 512gb memory card, new boxed unfitted screen protector, silicone case and i would want rid of it all together.
  7. Been excited for this. The trailers for it have been great. But the actual gameplay videos lately really soured me on it. Saying that, theres not been much footage.
  8. On xbox you have been able to pick up the complete edition for less than a fiver for years now from places like CD keys and eneba.
  9. Kids these days think they are cool and fuck and can handle anything. Stick on Martyrs or Irreversible* *Im kidding obviously. Dont do that.
  10. Theres a lot of talk about the Katherine Ryan episode and who the well known sexual abuser in the comedy circuit is. Its awful it happened to her but she should be going to the police and naming the cunt rather than letting whoever it is live free and keep doing it.
  11. So this is good then? I haven't even gave it a look in due to the sheer amount of shite star wars related film and TV. (Mandalorian excluded).
  12. And full 1200/1200 gamerscore. Put far more time into the game in early access on steam and managed to 100% in about 20 hours on Xbox. Now time to move on from this addiction.
  13. Is that the worst world cup performance of all time?
  14. Genuinely looks amazing. If a bigger developer was making this then everyone would be talking about it.
  15. Totally broke the game earlier with my loadout. Was running at about half a frame per second, no enemies spawning and I could walk through the boundary in the library. Had to quit out. Never had a situation like that in the 80 hours input into it on Steam deck. I'm going for all the achievements and have 950 points so far but there's a couple of relics that should unlock but are not. No idea how to sort it.
  16. Don't know if it's been mentioned but the game pass cloud version has touch controls.
  17. I have tried a few (including this) and they just don't grab me the way VS does.
  18. We should really team up for some DMZ. It's a hoot.
  19. I just had one of the most Intense gaming moments in my life. I wish I had recorded it. Was like something from a film. Playing DMZ with a couple of randoms. Did a couple of contracts and stormed a stronghold. Stronghold was intense as hell (the AI dont fuck around) teammates going down. Revives for them. Decided we would Exfil. Time was right. Got to the Exfil site but I was sure I could see a real player ready to kill us. I sent up a bomb drone and took out the sniper watching the site. Then all hell broke lose. My teammates ran for the chopper. One was mowed down. Far too risky to revive. Other teammate was locked in a firefight so I made a run for a chopper. My second teammate was downed. But I was safe in the chopper and off to glory with tons of cash and keys. Then for some daft reason I decided to go prone at one of the open doors to see if I could kill one of the sneaky bastards that tried to kill us. I went prone and proceeded to fall out the helicopter. Fuck. Luckily I was high up so parachuted out the danger. But landed right into a hot zone. Tons of AI trying to kill me. I was lucky enough to get into a car and make a bee line for the next nearest Exfil site. It was ages away. I had no plates. No stims. Gonna be hard. I misjudged the time and can see the radiation is coming in fast. Fuck it, I will make it. I need to get to the Exfil just as the border of the radiation is coming in. All the while AI are running from the radiation and attacking me. I call in the chopper in what I thought was the nick of time. Nope. Pilot tells me it's too hot. Fuck. I realise the only other Exfil site is miles away and the clock is ticking. I manage to get back to my heavily damage car and drive like a madman to get to the final Exfil. It's tough. Its a long drive. AI are going berserk and what feels likes hundreds of them fleeing the radiation as I make it to my site. Then within 750m I get my tires blown out and crash. Car is fucked. Oh no... I manage to take out 6 or so guys who were shooting. But I realise the timer is at a minute and I need to leg it. I run like the wind. Most the the AI also running are ignoring me as they have the same idea I have "run". Time ticks down. Shots pinging over my head. I call in the chopper with seconds to spare. Get on. Don't go prone. I'm out. Wow. What an experience. My teammates who had sadly passed stayed and watched me play to end. Sent me a few messages saying that was insane and they were shocked I made it out. I doubt I will ever have a more intense gaming again in my life. My heart was racing.
  20. I have not been able to get into a game of Warzone for 2 nights now. Just searches forever. I can get in DMZ no issues though. And when you play with people talking and co-ordinate in that mode it's a blast.
  21. The Wonder -4/5 Was absolutely gripped watching this. Sets an unbelievable great and bleak/atmospheric tone and has an Oscar worthy performance from Florence Pugh. Beautiful and wonderfully shot, can see it getting Oscar nominations at least for cinematography. Just a great one off piece of fiction that strangely (and depressingly enough) feels like it may be based on a real story. Highly recommended. On Netflix now.
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