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    The Boxing Thread

    Some people just have no clue. Which is fine, they can learn. But talking absolute nonsense deserves nothing by laughter.
  2. Yeah. Tried and bought multiple different items. Nothing happens
  3. I'm stuck on a quest and cant proceed any further. It's the one where you get the hammer for the Smith and he can then imbue items. Says he will imbue any item but when I try to drag and drip any item nothing happens. Bought multiple items also to test it and cant do anything.
  4. Dizzy. Mre specifically Fantasy World Dizzy
  5. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Are you drunk? Or just oblivious? I love Parker but Joshua beat him fair and square. Out boxed him for 9 rounds. Joshua fucking demolished and schooled Ruiz in the rematch in every round. How that makes Ruiz a better fighter than AJ makes no fucking sense.
  6. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Genuine question but please tell me the 5 heavyweights above him.
  7. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Totally agree on the Fury comment. There are fans who automatically think Fury schools AJ. AJ would give fury some serious problems. People forget AJ is a technically great fighter. Fury ain't Invincible like some like to believe, he's fantastic but I still think his resume pales next to what AJ has achieved.
  8. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Absolute boxing masterclass. And a performance that should go down in history. Watched with some ex boxer pals who though AJ would blow him out within 6. Managed to take some money off them and the bookies. Now that Hatton fight, fucking travesty. Getting these big undercard fights because of his name alone. Then he gets soundly beat for 6 rounds and gets the decision. Not the first time this has happened with him. There needs to be an enquiry Into that fight and looking at social media with fighters commenting, I'm not alone. That Castillo KO was worrying as hell. Obviously sky had to cut away and not show the replay as it could have essentially been a snuff movie. The delay and medics in the ring had me thinking the worst and its been a while since I was that worried for a fighter. Glad to hear he is responsive and recovering in hospital.
  9. The Matrix : Kids Edition (Free Guy) - 2.5/5 Stupid and silly green screen action. Couple of amusing scenes. Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds like Ryan Reynolds does in every Ryan Reynolds film. Kids probably love it. I thought it was OK. The Grand Budapest Hotel - 5/5 Maybe my 4th viewing and I think this might now be my favourite Wes Anderson film, overtaking The Royal Tenenbaums. Its just so wonderful to look at, sweet, sad, wonderly written and bloody hilarious. Ralph Fiennes is just amazing in it.
  10. I have seen photos where a guy had every single Yakuza game on quick resume. Most i have had is 7 but i rarely play more than 3 games at a time. Having Hades on quick resume is the best thing thats happened to this gen though.
  11. I always thought the ending was an obvious "Fuck you" to JK Simmons. I love the ending.
  12. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    It's the only thing i have been excited for this year and can't wait. Joshua should win but I think it's going to be an interesting fight. Usyk needs to be on the ball 100% and I still think his technical ability could shock Joshua and Joshua will get caught. But people forget how good technically AJ is also. Should be great.
  13. Been meaning to watch this again for years. Is it on amazon or netflix?
  14. Agreed, first 2 episodes were OK but it's a steaming pile of shite after that. It's just so stupid and badly written I can't take it seriously. Im also not a fan of Suranne Jones. Her acting style consists of making 3 faces.
  15. I'm currently playing the advance games on my Rg351v but Im buying this.
  16. Fantasy World Dizzy as a Metroidvania
  17. I have not even unlocked a single weapon hidden aspect yet. Or a companion. I have put in about 60 hours so far as well! I wanted to just play naturally but I think I'm going to have to Google some shit. Going to have to post some photos later and get your answers because there's a few things that are baffling me. Also, do I need to get the heat 32 challenge from Skelly to get something? I had done the previous 2 but 32 is a tall ask.
  18. I bounced off this back in the day. Decided to pick it back up and its just so much better at 4k/60fps on SX. I just can't play at 30fps for action games anymore.
  19. Yeah, been doing all that. I'm missing the odd one or two in certain prophicies so I'm just imagining they are rare or linked to Duos.
  20. I'm never going to see the true epilogue. Have over 30 clears including 8 in a row. Still not unlocked the companions or anything though, might need to Google how to get them. I have just been playing the game naturally. Im struggling to fill the prophecies, nothing new seems to be available when picking uogrades/boons.
  21. Ninja Baseball Batman (Great game BTW) Yikes...
  22. This made me laugh. Especially the part ripping the piss out of "Masterpiece"
  23. Damn, scathing! I honestly think its one of the best films in the last decade and in the top 5 of sports movies (and I have no love or knowledge of baseball). I'm not alone either
  24. Even if its shit (which it won't be) I paid £5 for it. Really looking forward to it.
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