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  1. Yeah I'm loving it. At lvl 10 and now mixing and matching abilities between the forms. It's just so much fun. Rat ftw.
  2. Nobody Saves the World is really good. Like...fucking really really good.
  3. Personally I don't give a fuck either way. Sony, MS and Nintendo don't give a fuck about people. They are a business. Now for the consumer, Xbox is the way to go. The frankly amazing deal that is gamepass just got even better and you can get it for free via rewards or dirt cheap by conversion tactics. Sony put me off this gen by announcing first party games are £70. Now that's against consumers. The "this is bad for gaming" I'm seeing tossed around. What does this actually mean? Sony are buying studios also. So technically that's bad for gamers. Also, what's bad? If a game isn't out on a console you own then tough, deal with it. It's always been this bloody way. Everyone can't have every game unless they have plenty of time and are frankly, rich. Then I see "it means less competition". In what way? (This is also a genuine question btw) Sony are still going to release some absolutely magnificent and beautiful exclusives. Nintendo will always do their thing and produce some of the best games ever. Are Sony going to lose money by MS buying Zenamax/Bethesda and Activision Blizzard? Yes. But they are not going out of business. They will still make billions and continue to use slave labour to produce consoles. (Just like MS and Nintendo do) You could say it's for selfish reasons, but I love this hobby. But im frankly not well off and basically on minimum wage. I get to play a ton of games for cheap or free. And millions of other people can as well. That's what's important, as many people as possible having fun and varied experiences for as little money as possible. Rather than the old way of parents having to spend £60 for a game.
  4. I think the only reason they didn't buy Sega was because they know the current studios under sega are shite. They can't even do Monkeyball remaster right.
  5. I think you will be surprised how quickly they recoup it (I think 5 years) Mobile gaming fucking trounces traditional gaming in regards to revenue.
  6. 40-50 million by end of 2023. By that time CoD will be full exclusive (The deal closes on June 2023)
  7. This is a major hit for retailers. The amount of sales lost will put great strain on the likes of shopto, Game Collection etc.
  8. The amount it makes on PlayStation pales in comparison to what CoD mobile and Candy Crush make on mobile btw.
  9. June 2023. Official email from Bobby Kottick confirmed this. Yup. That's a long while away. So CoD will still be on PlayStation a while no doubt. Edit - I thought we were in 2021 lol. So a year and a half basically until the deal closes.
  10. There will be a lot of angry teenage fanboys over there.
  11. Watching CNBC stock channel. They are going insane. Activision stock just had a massive jump of 90%. Along with Take2 and EA stock which they are also talking about MS buying.
  12. EA will be next. Imagine that....it's bloody possible now. And they are valued at a much much lower price.
  13. There's going to be an insane amount of games added to Gamepass soon. This is fucking mental.
  14. I dont know anything about the character and wasn't really interested. Then I saw Ethan Hawke and all in.
  15. Windjammers 2 better have people playing online. I hope it's as good as the first and they have not fucked it up. Could be a GOTY contender for me.
  16. I started playing that Aground that's on games with gold this month. Before I knew it I had been playing for 5 hours without even realising. Not had that with a game in years.
  17. King Richard -4/5 Will Smith stars as Serena and Venue s Williams dad. Great performance by Smith and the rest of the cast and just a great film for a Sunday evening. Also, Jon Berenthal is in fucking EVERYTHING
  18. It's early access. I don't think they should release games as early as they have done with this. The developer said recently it's no where near finished and they have a major multi year plan going forward.
  19. Is it the Xbox app on actual PC? Or does it appear on the android Xbox app as well?
  20. I'm thinking of trying to save up as much as possible so I can buy the inevitable mid gen refresh of the Series X. Should hopefully have at least 400000 by then. Currently sitting on 41000. Although not using the points to buy games will be tough. For example I will have more than enough to buy Dying Light 2 on release.
  21. Watched this last night. Had very low expectations as everyone says its shite. I thought it was ok, i wasnt bored at any point like others have said. Certainly had a lot of interesting aspects and some cool action scenes but also some fucking baffling ones as well. And the inconsistencies with the groups powers had me shouting at the TV.
  22. I remember the Jag pad just melting into my hands. It felt really comfortable to hold for me. Maybe my memory is fucked. I thought the PS1 controller was fine at the time but ever other Playstation controller since i think is just ergonomically shite. Including the new one. Sticks need to be offset for me.
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