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  1. True. England are weird though. In the last few games they have been pretty poor in the first half then far better the second. In this game they were shit for 40 mins then got the two goals. Rightly stepped off the gas. Will need to up their game for France though. I'm really looking forward to it. If England can beat France then I think you can win the whole thing. (Boak!) Edit: I retract that last sentence in fact. What was I thinking?
  2. Im here. That scoreline was flattering. Job done though. France game will be interesting.
  3. England have been shit in the first half in quite a few games then great in the second. I have a feeling they will just be shit..... Oh wait. Goal.
  4. This gets tedious as hell the more it goes on. Having to drive miles to events or to go to garage to adjust/change car is so bloody annoying. Not to mention you just want to race and as you drive to an event you end up near the event location and it's covered in cops and you spend what feels like an age to lose 5 cops and a chopper before you can actually do the event. And by that time you have had to drive miles away from the event you wanted to do. So make that drive back but oh wait....there's cops everywhere. It makes the game unbearable.
  5. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Fury showing his class against Uysk there. Total dick. I really really hope Uysk can outbox him.
  6. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    That finish. Goddamn.
  7. 3000 years of Longing - 4/5 Remember this getting mixed reviews at release but I really enjoyed it. The stories were engrossing and Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton were great.
  8. Loving this Ghana game. Fuck Uruguay.
  9. Some of the reviews make it sound like total shit. Some are ok.
  10. This is growing on me a bit. I got a chance to drive a much faster car and it felt great. Then it was back to my price of shit and it felt shit. Don't see my buying it though. Happy to wait 6-9 months until it's on GP/EA Play
  11. Here we go. Iran to go mental.
  12. I'm fully expecting Iran to lose their shit soon. Fight!
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