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  1. Sorry to hijack this. But is there a guitar buyers guide thread for beginners? And a electric drum kit for the same? I couldn't find anything in the shit search bar.
  2. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just curious.... With the best boxing game game ever made being on game pass (Fight Night Champion) would any of you guys be interested in some kind of league/tourney to crown the King?
  3. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Announced a wee while ago.
  4. Nice. Will download FF7 and wait until the summer for the upgrade. Edit:- ah fuck.
  5. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Star Wars Squadrons coming in March. Oh and there are tons of EA games for you to play that I left out the list.
  6. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh, I forgot Tetris Effect. The most perfect video game ever made.
  7. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    I could have listed another 20-30 great games as well
  8. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yup. I think its 100% coming.
  9. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Apart from what you mentioned i think these are all great. Forza Horizon 4 Sunset Overdrive The two Ori Games Halo Master Chief Collection A Plague Tale (very underrated) Battletoad is a fun 4 hours Bloodstained Cities Skylines Desperados 3 Dirt 5 Donut County Doom Eternal Dragon Quest 11 Elite Dangerous Gears 5 (with the brilliant Hivebusters DLC) Gears Tactics Grounded Halo Wars 1 and 2 Hellblade Hotshot Racing Katana Zero Shadow of War Monster Hunter World Moving O
  10. I hear you. I started the game on PS4 and enjoyed it but the voiceover was fucking horrible and made me feel uneasy and irritated. . When i go back i will prob play with Japanese voice over or hopefully there is an option to turn the voice off altogether. I cant put up with all that grunting and creepy teenage girl giggling shite.
  11. Yasss. I wasnt last in race B, really should have tried a different car though! Monza can fuck off. Im really fast on it in F1 2019/20 but i just cant get on with it in GT
  12. Agreed. Apart from the weeb shit. I used to love JRPGs (FF7 is in my top 5 ever) but they just irritate the fuck out of me now and i find a lot of it creepy as fuck.
  13. No worries. What day/time are you thinking? I usually ave my granddaughter on Saturday into sunday but im available at night time (usually after 9:30)
  14. Im really busy this weekend but maybe have a couple hours on sunday or late tonight. Outbreak is Black Ops and not warzone isnt it?
  15. They are dropping boosted games every couple of weeks. Sea of Thieves got a massive boost. As did Forza Horizon 4, State of Decay 2 and a few other exclusives. Microsoft are doing far more for consumers and backwards compatibility boost than Sony. Dont just dismiss them.
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