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  1. Ah right! Too late for that.
  2. Wait....why does my name have "Xbox, not Wii." under it?
  3. It looks like a high budget cgi cartoon movie. Stunning. Really looking forward to it but it's another game I will wait 6-12 months after release, because... Ye know.
  4. Still not got my code. Hopefully it arrives tomorrow.
  5. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Does JC4 have a 60fps mode?
  6. Just finished. Absolutely brilliant game. I'm annoyed at myself for missing some collectibles though (I rarely replay single player games) Going to pump in a few hours into mercanaries and that's me done, then wait patiently for RE4 Remake. In my top 5 favourite RE games and easily my GOTY so far and it will take some beating. That post credits scene...
  7. I only go for head shots and most baddies go down in 2-5 hits. I have an abaundance of ammo and not having any difficulties tbh. (I'm playing on standard)
  8. My most wanted film. Feel like it's been about 5 years since it was first announced. Probably the first film I see back at the cinema. (unless it reviews badly)
  9. Hunters. Only watched as it has Al Pacino. Its a weird one. Very inconsistent. Tone all over the place. But watchable.
  10. A few brilliant films A handful of great ones A bunch of good A whole slab of mediocre A lot that are pish A trio that are total shite.
  11. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    They have. I do click a button and it's all done for me. Been using it about 9 months now. I wouldn't bother with rewards unless I used this.
  12. Yeah. I'm pretty sure you get the 1000g just for finishing them. There are 4 or 5 games in total.
  13. Finished the House section. Took me 3 sittings. The most tense and scary section I have expericed in a computer game. Had to eventually play without headphones to get through it.
  14. I think it's been leaked that it's near future.
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