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  1. I'm now thinking what games to preorder. Having a quick look at the PS5 launch games only Miles Morales tickled my fancy. Picked it up for £45. I like the look of Destruction All-stars but the cheapest it is is £65. Fuck that. I realise that I won't be buying any future playstation exclusives on launch day. They can fuck off.
  2. Every day is a struggle between keeping my PS5 and cancelling the pre order. 2 months of this. Aggghhh!!!
  3. Like a Dragon is a gamepass launch title.
  4. Seems the SSD expansion is £159. That's pretty good.
  5. I ended up having to pay with my bank card as argos card just didnt work. Some shenanigans there from them i think. Luckily they had Oculus Quest 2 available and i cancelled my order directly with oculus and was able to put that on the argos card fine.
  6. XBSX, PS5 Fatty an Oculus Quest 2.
  7. My other half managed to get one from argos paying by card but i couldnt get one with my argos card whatsoever. I think they might have been up to some shit.
  8. Looks like im not getting one on launch day and have to stick with a shitty PS5 lol
  9. Nope. Looks like im not getting one. Even thought i had one in my basket at 7:59. Argos wont let me checkout.
  10. I cant get finalise it on argos. Using my argos card
  11. How. Im trying on PC and APP and getting no where
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