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  1. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was just about to buy control. How much longer is the big sale? I may hang off and see whats coming on December 1st before I buy anything else.
  2. I would love to see an Eggheads vs Chasers show. No Kevin allowed though, he mcould beat every chaser with ease.
  3. Ry

    The Boxing Thread

    Anybody excited for a night (early morning) of boxing? Personally I was so excited to see Mike again and had major plans to watch it. Now, nah. I'm a grandad and can't stay up till 5 in the morning to watch, my xbox can't take the possibility of more piss. Far more excited for the Dubois Joyce fight. Fully expect Daniel to destroy him within 5 rounds. But ya never know...
  4. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have it on good authority that Football Manager for console will be on Game pass Day 1 on 1st December. That's all I can say. Next gen has arrived!
  5. Red Heat - 4/5 My love for Arnold is hard to hide, but I love this film, the chemistry is there man. James Belushi was great when I was a teen and still enjoyed him here. Films like this remind me of a glory day of action cinema and make me nostalgic for films of old rather than just fucking marvel movies. Bring back the silliness. The film has one of my favourite one liners (one worders?) of all time, that reminds me of happier times when me and my brother would reenact the film.... "cocaineum?" Raw deal is next.... That's an 11/5
  6. You could still play it the Assassin style if you bumped the difficulty right up. Im not. Im a vicious bad bastard viking and i dont use stealth whatsoever. I think thats why im enjoying it so much.
  7. Yeah, i noticed that part as well. Just wait till you get to the part im talking about. Its jarring as hell. Terrible writing on Ubisofts part.
  8. Series X and PS5. PS5 is gone now though. Although I will buy another when Sony sort their shit out. And for all the praise for the controller, its still a piece of shit compared to Switch Pro and xbox controllers in regards to comfort.
  9. Wheres the monthly PS5 game? Am i missing something?
  10. There was a very off putting tone in this game (shit writing) in regards to the main story earlier on in this. Before Sigurd left with Basim for a while everything was great, we were all pals and chummy and brothers and Avoir was fine with this as they were going off to build bonds. I see them again and Avior is now acting like a bit of cunt as soon as he sees them towards them for no reason whatsoever and nothing has happened in the games story for his view to drastically change.
  11. The PS5 had two games at launch I was interested it. Astro and Spiderman. The Series X has a bunch I was interested in and hadn't played yet and they were on game pass(and was always going to be my third party machine due to the power and controller) : Yakuza Like a Dragon Tetris Effect Connected (GP) Gears Tactics (Gp) Planet Coaster(GP) Ass Valhalla Plus I have around 20 games from gamepass that I wanted and had not played now installed plus a bunch of games upgraded I love. The fact I had finished the two PS5 games I wa
  12. Is quick resume not working whatsoever for anyone? Is there a fix? It was fine on launch day (and amazing) for me across about 4 different games but now it doesn't work at all.
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