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  1. Near the beginning I notice they straight up ripped off the score to a part of Total Recall. And it made sense, as the area had the same vibes from that scene in Total Recall. Clearly an homage. Keep your ears open. It's very short.
  2. One of the worst films I have seen this year. I was shocked how bad it was.
  3. It's a Wonderful Life is the only traditional Christmas film I ever watch. I hate the schmaltzy Christmas films. And I don't have young kids so can't even attempt to get in the spirit. I will be watching Gremlins, Die Hard, In Bruges and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as they are good films.
  4. Generations looks amazing after the upgrade. It's also great fun.
  5. Ry

    Battlefield 2042

    Very strange. Had the same issue today. On another note I just can't get to grips with aiming on this. It just feels weird. Tracking enemies is a nightmare. I have looked online at some recommended settings for sensitivity and the like and nothing feels like BF of old. I'm just missing so many shots and going all over the place. I was a pretty high level player in the past going by my stats in previous games but I'm just really struggling. I can jump into the new Halo or CoD and with limited experience I'm doing well but with this I'm just struggling. Doesn't help the game still has hit detection issues.
  6. I have the Xbox app and don't have anything like this. No idea where to find it.
  7. Ry

    Battlefield 2042

    I have crossplay turned off and it seems no one is playing portal on Xbox. I joined the BC2 Rush playlist. Total of 3 players of 4 games. Joined BF3 conquest. Maybe about 6 players in the two games I tried. Looked at the server browser and there was a were a grand total of 4 community made games. All this is last night at 8pm, peak time. There has to be an issue, I find it hard to believe that no one is playing BC2 in particular.
  8. That was an amazing piece of entertainment. When we actually got some racing it was edge of your seat stuff as it's such a fast and dangerous track. Christian Horner is a bit of a wank now though. Max is just a total prick. Cant wait for next week.
  9. This is mental. Best drama show all year!
  10. I don't have sky sports and can only watch highlights on CH4, it's going to be hard to avoid news until 10pm tomorrow.
  11. Ry

    Battlefield 2042

    Aye, but I'm reading that the Xbox one version gives you a free upgrade anyway. But never heard of.anyone doing it. If so then why are they selling a £63 series X version? Edit - reading more articles EA did confirm the last gen digital versions DID have a free upgrade. But IGN said they are not now.
  12. Ry

    Battlefield 2042

    Does the digital Xbox One give you access to the Xbox Series games? I originally bought the £63 series version but I read somewhere that supposedly the Xbox one version gives you an upgrade. It's all very confusing. Why even have the more expensive version?
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