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  1. Thanks. I bought it, and managed to patch it by tethering my Switch to my phone.
  2. I'm thinking of picking this up today, however I'm without internet right now. Is there a day one patch for it, or would I be good to go out of the box?
  3. Whereas 'doing a Full Ham' sounds like the kind of thing David Cameron gets up to in his shed.
  4. I was there yesterday, first time I'd been in over seven years. The pressing looked really good to start with, but very quickly the whole right side of the pitch went to shit. Trent was getting sucked into the press too often, leaving gaps in behind him, but Salah wasn't providing any defensive pressure on that side as he kept drifting into the middle. I'd struggle to suggest either were at fault for their decision making though, it looks like a deliberate tactic from higher up, particularly as none of the other players were giving them grief for it. Something odd that I noticed was the way the team was setting up on their goal kicks in the first half. Rather than setting up in a 433, Trent was pushed right up in line with Carvalho on the other side to make it a 334. It suggests to me that it's deliberate from Klopp, in some sort of ploy to get Trent to work further up the pitch than usual, playing as more of a centre mid in transition rather than a right back. It'd explain why the team are struggling right now anyway if they are trying something new there, I don't think losing Mane is sufficient to explain the drop off from last season.
  5. I nearly cried when that was headed off the line.
  6. We live in a world where you can get arrested for holding a piece of paper, yet somehow that wasn't a foul on Salah from Bassey.
  7. Been good so far, but for some worldie goalkeeping we'd be well ahead. A bit shaky around the goal, mind, but the way they rallied again is encouraging.
  8. Great ball in from Jota for that.
  9. We're going to get the blame for booing the national anthem, aren't we?
  10. I think it's much more clear now - the results weren't great at the end of last season, but we still came unbelievably close to winning everything and the same system worked impeccably up until that point. Personally, I thought the summer break was all that was needed for a recharge and we'd go again. Even when we didn't, there was the injury crisis masking what's actually going wrong, but it's obvious now we need a new system to lift us out of this. I think Klopp's weakness is that he's not been pragmatic enough to change things up - even when plan A isn't working, there's never been a plan B to revert to. I agree it's a bit late coming, but I'm at least glad Klopp has acknowledged the need for change publicly.
  11. He was absent on the first half, but Diaz is the only one to come out of this with any credit with the way he's responded. Saying that, Thiago looks tidy since he's come on as well.
  12. This is woeful. The game's beyond us now, we should be looking at trying a new system in the second half because right now, the players we have available are struggling in this set up. It isn't just one or two players, it's the whole team not performing.
  13. Fucking hell. Can we just call time on this season now?
  14. Fuck me, Milner's just a liability now. I'd rather see Bobby tried in midfield than have him in there.
  15. They'll start time-wasting from about 20 minutes, we'll take the lead on 80 minutes, quickly followed by a second, with Alisson getting the biggest cheer of the game by doing his piss taking impression of Pickford falling on the ball again.
  16. I can't think that I've ever seen him play, but if my Football Manager save from a few years ago is accurate, then by now he is the best midfielder in the world and he will absolutely dominate the Premier League. In reality, it seems like a sensible move assuming we're going in for Bellingham next year and we just need someone short term to plug the gap. I'd rather have someone in permanently however, given that Keita, Milner and the Ox are all due to leave next summer and we could feasibly be looking short again this time next year.
  17. Absolutely nuts. The golden boot has been won with 18 goals before now, and Haaland has got half that in just 5 games. I thought City would need to adjust to playing with a proper centre forward, but they've hit the ground running.
  18. I wish they wouldn't pull players for interviews so soon after the game, let the lad enjoy himself.
  19. Fuck you, you cramped up time-wasting cunts!
  20. It's not just our games, every match I've watched this season has been plagued by this shit, with the referee letting everything slide. It's not right, and I don't like it, but it's not as if it's a problem exclusive to is, and we need to wake up to it fast.
  21. Fucking dogshit. Self inflicted again.
  22. Scott Parker has his cardigan on inside out, it's all going wrong for him today
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