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  1. Fuck me, what's the point of Peter Walton? He's a slimy cunt, all he ever does is side with the referee, he offers no actual insight.
  2. Yeah, bit lucky, but fuck it, we've pretty much qualified for the next round now.
  3. Midweek games don't tend to get taken into account for TOTW, so don't go investing based on European games if anyone's thinking about it.
  4. What? He absolutely did, he caught him full in the face, and he needed stitches around his eye. Ederson's face looked like a Picasso afterwards.
  5. That's unfortunate, it's a good game and their best player has been sent off for something with no malice. It was similar to Mane on Ederson a few years back, I'd rather it wasn't a red card offence where there's no intent, but no doubt many others would disagree.
  6. Looks good - be careful with Spinnazola, however. One thing I've noticed with this formation, and probably should have mentioned earlier, is that if you play a winger with the opposite dominant foot, they tend to go missing and wander into the middle, placing themselves between your centre mids, which leads to things getting congested in the middle with no out ball to your wing. Would you mind letting me know how it goes either way? I'm curious if this is just something that happens, or if it's something I've done with my instructions, as I do have both wings set to get into the box for a cross.
  7. The way I have it set up is both centre mids set to stay back and cover centre. I usually find I don't need my wingers to come back on defence, as the meta seems quite narrow right now anyway, but this is easily changed in game if you need to - something that I have done myself from time to time, either to stop someone who is repeatedly playing lofted through balls to wingers, or to see out a game and protect a tight lead. As for your team itself, I can't stress just how good Navas is in this formation - I will qualify this by saying that I'm using his TOTW card, but I can't imagine there being much difference between the two. If you were to start in a 532 with Navas instead of the RM, and then switch in game to a 352, you would get Hernandez on full chemistry, and a strong link to Kounde from Navas, pushing his chemistry up as well. Either way though, the team looks solid. Edit: I've just looked at how the 532 is set up, you wouldn't get any additional chemistry on Kounde - the rest still stands, however.
  8. To add to what Pants has already said, you could inject some width into your team with what you already have. If you were to switch to either a 352 or 3412 in game and drop Valverde to CB (I used him this way for over 100 games, and he was more than capable at it), both Hernandez and Navas are ideal to use as the wingers. This way, you'll also keep your triangle of CAM and 2 STs at the top, which is something I've found to be invaluable this year.
  9. I've just gotten into Division 1 - I scrapped my team as I couldn't get anywhere with it, and built an entirely La Liga one with a front 3 of SBC Fekir, TOTW Depay and TOTW Suarez, which has carried me straight through. If anyone's curious, Puyol was fine, and shifting him to centre back in game didn't seem to nerf his positioning.
  10. Thanks for the heads up - will that only apply if I actually pick him at CB though? I'll be putting him at RB in a 442 in the starting line up, but shifting to 352 in game.
  11. There's a 75+ player pick SBC up, I did one because why not and got Sergio Ramos. Untradeable of course, but I'm pretty pleased with that, and it's led to me selling the OTW Ramos I'd bought and shoved at RB (before switching to 3 CBs in game). I wasn't particularly happy with him only getting 7 chemistry there though, so I've put the money from his OTW towards my second icon, and bought base Puyol. He looks like an atrocious RB, but an absolute monster at CB, which is exactly what I need for my formation. Plus he's got big floppy hair like Sideshow Bob, which is nice.
  12. There seems to be no logic in the ebb and flow of TOTW player prices right now. What was a definite pattern of buying the weekend they are in packs and selling 2 weeks later at a higher price looks to have gone to shit - the Jonathan David and Foden cards I bought last week are at a significantly lower price a week later, and the Depay and Raphinha cards I bought on Saturday night have already fallen again. I'm starting to think my investment strategy has failed already. I'll stay the course with the cards I already have, and assess the damage when it comes time to sell them next Tuesday as per my original strategy, but I'm thinking that the only cards safe from dropping right now are elite gold cards and icons. In less negative news, I'm already qualified for weekend league again, so I'll at least get a couple more red cards from that.
  13. I've not used Ben Yedder, but having used Jonathan David who has similar stats and 5* weak foot, I'd give him a go if you can get him in. You'd need a French LW then though - Coman is very good if you can afford him.
  14. Courtois, I've used both and Courtois was much better. I only used Oblak pre-patch, however, so this might have changed.
  15. I've just gone back, it was @AlfromSleep. Go buy Lozano if you haven't, the price is trending up now.
  16. @carlospie, I think it was you who was after Lozano. Buy him now if you haven't, I've been tracking this week's TOTW players and he's starting to pick back up now.
  17. I've played 6 games with my new team, and although I wasn't too sure on Litmanen early on, he's got 6 goals and 6 assists, and I've grown to love him. He always seems to be in the right position. David next to him is absurd as well, it's harder to track his stats accurately because I'd used him off the bench 14 times and he will have scored 2 or 3 from that, but if you can fit him in, he comes highly recommended. The 5 star weak foot on him is very nice.
  18. I've just played as far as the bar bit - I was enjoying it just fine, but now I'm completely fucking sold. What a game!
  19. Weekend League done, I ended on 10 wins. I need to win 2 from my last 3 to get rank 2, but I lost the next 2 and so gifted the final game to my opponent. I've sold my team and reinvested my coins, hopefully to tie up value in special cards for when normal golds eventually plummet. I went for base Litmanen up top to play as a target man (which actually plays more like a false 9), I'm hoping he can do a job because he's about the only Icon I can reasonably afford right now. Once they all have loyalty, everyone will be at 10 chem in the starting formation, except Ramos who I've had to shove in at right back. I'm not expecting great things, if I'm honest, I just wanted to actually use Foden and Romero while I wait for their value to go up. I'm going to buy Raphinha and Depay either tonight or tomorrow morning, partly to use as super subs but mostly to round out my investment portfolio. I got Milinkovic-Savic and Lozano as my red picks this week, so when I get around to selling Foden, probably after next weekend, I'll likely use Serie A as my shell to jam more in form players in.
  20. Wow. That's better than the City goal. Ballon D'or, surely?
  21. Jesus, he's calling time on Ranieri's reign as Watford manager because they look poor against one of the best teams in the world. As bad as most commentary is these days, he's shockingly bad at it.
  22. I was just going to ask, why is this gobshite from The One Show commentating? 2-0 now.
  23. Salah's just incredible right now. I wasn't sure we'd ever see a player as good as Suarez in 13/14 playing for us again, but Salah is making an absolute mockery of that notion.
  24. I'm currently 5 from 11, it's no guarantee I'll get rank 3 this week. Plus, as Timmo says, a lot of people are really struggling just to get in, so the number of people getting all these TOTW players isn't really that high. Besides, so what if there is? The market will adapt to what's being put in. If TOTW players are undervalued, stuff like the RTTKS cards will be worth more.
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