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  1. Reading your OP again, seeing as you haven't played in a while, I'd suggest War of the Spark. Getting a Planeswalker in every pack is fun, and makes for a more unique experience.
  2. I don't know how easy it would be getting a box, but Khans of Tarkir was highly regarded for drafting, and has some value in the fetchlands so you might even get lucky and get your cash back. If you really want to push the boat out, the Masters sets were designed to be played in limited formats (much to the annoyance of most players as they were hoping for more staple constructed cards), and if you're all familiar with the rules, Unstable was supposed to be great fun. More recently, I've also enjoyed Guilds of Ravnica and War of the Spark on Arena, each of which you should be able to get for about £100 a box.
  3. Jesus Christ, even the keeper's diving. What a frustrating game this has been.
  4. It's not an actual cash profit though, that's assuming that they got their money's worth for the two years they've already had him, which they definitely haven't. It's still a huge cash loss.
  5. I had thought that the penultimate episode was the last one, and thought that that ending was perfect. So to see that there was another episode on there, I thought they'd have probably overdone it and ruined the whole thing.
  6. I won't mention games I've seen mentioned, but ISS 64 is a must for an N64 list. You also have 3 potential Star Wars games in Shadow of the Empire, Rogue Squadron and Pod Racer. On Dreamcast, you have Soul Calibur, PSO and MSR, and I'd make an argument for Ready to Rumble and Chu Chu Rocket. Maybe Quake 3 as well, even though it's a PC port as it was, to my mind, the first console FPS to take off online. Playstation, how has nobody said Tekken or Gran Turismo? ISS became Pro Evo on Playstation as well, but I'd probably use the PS2 to represent that series. Resident Evil would be best on a PS1 list too.
  7. Yes. I might not remember all of it's plot points clearly, but I can remember being thoroughly unimpressed with it. Anyway, I'm done getting Dirty Dancing wrong now.
  8. Sounds like I got this all wrong, I'm happy to admit that. I've clearly misremembered it. We should ban it though, it's rubbish.
  9. Is that right? Still a bit off, even if it is, and Swayze himself was in his 30s when they made it.
  10. I haven't seen it mentioned, but the plot of Dirty Dancing is essentially a man in his 30s grooming and then having sex with a 16 year old girl. I had the benefit of only watching it for the first time in 2011, but it baffles me how this was ever held up as a romantic classic.
  11. The time to buy these cards is at 0 wins, surely? Salah's price will already be hyped up with Liverpool on 2 right now, and given that we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen, they'll definitely get to 4 - but what if we drop points against West Ham? Stranger things have happened, and his price will plummet. And as Timmo has already pointed out, Messi is much better in game, and available for much less. Realistically, Salah won't be far off his ceiling, assuming he isn't there already, so there's not much to be gained even of his stats do go up ever so slightly. I wouldn't touch it as an investment.
  12. Reading the above, I must have done pretty well to beat Act 3 on my first ever run! Got this on Game Pass on Thursday night and loved it, lost my entire evening on Friday to it (without managing another successful run, definitely a case of beginner's luck), and bought it on Switch on Saturday morning. I've now managed wins with the opening 3 characters, going forward am I best going after Act 4 on the default before doing the ascensions? I managed to get to Act 4 with the Ironclad, but just got destroyed immediately with my completely glass cannon build - I think I ended with 2 upgraded Demon Forms and 2 upgraded Limit Breaks, but very little in the way of blocks.
  13. 87 rated right now. If he gets another IF he will go to 88. There probably isn't much to be made on it unless he gets 2 more IFs, but given how poor investments have panned out this year, I'll give this one a crack as it seems relatively low risk.
  14. Moreno is currently 28k, with the cheapest 88 player being above 30k. If he drops any lower, I'm investing in a few and holding on for another In Form.
  15. Not me, if I bother at all I'll get to 10 and have Koeman. Missing out on the first 6 really killed my enthusiasm for doing them.
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