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  1. Pretty good evening on FIFA, I finally got Mendy after what seemed like forever, and I've got 91 Fernandes sorted, so in go their old cards, along with Larsson and a bunch of other untradeable shite, into the icon pack - Hugo Sanchez, I'm happy with that. I think this is the game now, grind out summer heat objectives and recycle the detritus on the search for King Kenny.
  2. Think I've found a new favourite striker - Franck Kessie. I've converted his 94 card to a CF to bring off the bench while I'm doing the Bruno objectives so I can double up on Zlatans objectives, and he's been fantastic. 8 goals in 3 games so far. Whilst I'm doing player reviews, prime moments Rush is shite, he just never seemed to be in the right position. Got rinsed for about 50k trying him out, because I was stupid enough to buy him before weekend league last week.
  3. Messi is near perfect in everything you would want him to be, he doesn't need full chem. If you prefer Trent to Ramos, play with Trent. I tried Carvajal, and he wasn't great.
  4. Just punted a load of high rated untradeables into the prime icon pack. Fucking Larsson.
  5. On the flip side, I hadn't played for months, and the new content from TOTSSF on has sucked me right back in. It's probably sold me a copy of FIFA 21 as well, which I was going to dodge as I'm not buying either a PS5 or whatever the new Xbox is called. Fernandes looks like a great card, and given that he's a forward it should be easier to do all the challenges than Mendy has been. Just need the assists from his 89 now, and I've had enough of playing a left back at CAM.
  6. Better than mine, winter Herrera.
  7. Can everyone vote for Firmino in the player picks please? It would be nice to have a version of him that should have been his base card.
  8. I had Ben Yedder and Griezmann at CAM I think, and it registered fine.
  9. Pretty dead in here, but for anyone playing Arena, I stumbled upon a bunch of codes to get free packs at https://cardgamebase.com/mtg-arena-codes/, hopefully they'll be of use to someone here.
  10. I packed an 86 Pizzi earlier, and I don't need 85 Mendy any more, so I thought what the hell and chucked a load of untradeables at the Moments SBC. Robin Quaison, very nice. I had room in my team for a striker, so I was looking at Vela to use from the bench, but Quaison will do that job nicely looking at his stats.
  11. I've got Kessie now, just need to do the stuff with 89 Mendy now. I sold my Liga NOS team so I could fuck about with these objectives, just gone to buy back Rafa, Taarabt and Pizzi, and some miserable cunt has done a buy out on Pizzi. I'm stuck now for a front 3, I'm thinking maybe Del Piero, Salah and Nedved, but I don't think they compare to the TOTS cards at all.
  12. I got my crosses done too, the last one was a shite cross to Griezmann outside the box, who scuffed his shot into the floor, which then hit a defender and looped over the keeper. Not pretty, but they all count. I've got Kessie pretty much wrapped up too, just need to score twice from outside the box against some duffers in squad battles. He looks like a great super sub, his stats should mean I can play him in any position I like.
  13. 5 games it's taken to get my first assist from a cross, but I think I've set my team up well to do it now. 442, full width, players in box set to max, Mendy as the left striker set to get in behind and drift wide, everyone else set to follow into the box for a cross. Thank fuck you don't have to win as well.
  14. 94 pace is slow? I'm not looking forward to that one, but more because headers are near useless on this game.
  15. I've lived the dream tonight - I've bought both Ronaldo and Messi. I haven't played much FIFA at this stage of the season before, so I haven't been able to afford them before now. Ronaldo was fine, he got me to 10 Serie A goals for the Kessie objectives quickly enough, but he was underwhelming - he's nothing compared to TOTS Vinicius from the Portuguese league, a player I've never heard of and is available for a third of the price. Also, in case you're tempted by his stats, don't bother with Luis Alberto, he's almost as shite as he was for Liverpool. Messi next then, as I go about getting Mendy. The best affordable 4 star/5 star Frenchies are Ben Yedder and Lemar, which is why they're in the team, and I've got Griezmann and Ben Yedder as CM to help with one of Kessie's objectives. I'm really enjoying the game right now, and I think not having enough points to play the weekend league has contributed massively to that. Before I chuck a load of coins at it, how is Ndombele? I already have Kante to line up next to him, and with Mendy hopefully being done soon, it shouldn't be an issue fitting him in.
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