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  1. New team for me too, sold out all my in forms (43k each on my Verrattis, 77k for Ndidi and 71k for Immobile), and used the opportunity to both invest in in forms and build a solid team for the next couple of weeks. I don't expect to make huge amounts on any of them, but it looks like a great team all the same. Not had a chance to use it yet though, I'm still chasing swap tokens. Just 2 more Ligue 1 wins, then I need to focus on squad battles.
  2. McGinn in my player pick, looks like a decent enough card so I'm happy, especially as I only bothered with weekend league for the icon token. New TOTW, and tonight I'll be selling my current investments looking to start anew. Last week, I picked up 4 Verrattis, 3 at about 36k and 1 I sniped at 31k. Currently selling at about 42k a piece, I'm hoping that they get up to 45k once everyone is home from work. I also got Immobile for 65k and Ndidi the week before at 59k. Both are at around 74k on the market, I'm hoping both get closer to 80k. Not exactly earth shattering profits, but I'm probably looking at about 60k profit after tax - I'll update again once they've sold. Moving onto this week, I'll be ignoring Lewa and Kane because they don't fit the meta, and neither offer a major upgrade over their base cards - at their high prices, I don't think either will offer a large enough profit margin. Pjanic looks ok, it's a similar card to Verratti so I reckon the profit will likely be the same and at a similar price. Navas looks great, already the best keeper in Ligue 1 and now he's a little bit better. He's already as low as 48k, I'm hoping he'll drop below 40k before I snag a couple. My pick of the week though is Wijnaldum. The card looks fantastic, and being Liverpool he'll always be popular. Very price at 180k, but I'll be grabbing one at some point for my main squad and holding onto him a bit longer term.
  3. 300k for an 88 rated Schweinsteiger? No, fuck off. You can get an Icon for that sort of price.
  4. I've decided what I'm doing for my icon swaps. Whatever happens, I'll have Gerrard and Owen. If I can afford mid Gerrard at that point, I'll get prime Owen, if not I'll get Gerrard from the swaps and buy some version of Owen - I can already afford baby Owen, but I'd hope to get to at least mid. And then they'll both turn out to be shit. The correct choice as far as the meta goes is to get Ferdinand and Guardiola, at least according to some video I watched, unless you plan to buy prime Ferdinand at some point. Zanetti would be a good choice as well, which also let's you get Schmeichel.
  5. My team right now. I was going to sell Salah and Kane once the weekend league and BPL first owner icon tokens were done with, but I'm going to keep them, both have been great. I wasn't impressed with Pukki as a striker, but he works really well at CAM, and Lo Celso and Ndidi are both fine, if unspectacular. It's hard to say where I'll go with this squad - I have about 200k tied up in investments right now, which doesn't leave me much wiggle room, and the coins that I do have will need to be used to get the other league icon challenges done.
  6. Investment tip - go balls deep on Verratti, I reckon. I've done a little digging, and found that my previous assertion that Monday and Tuesday were the best time to buy was bollocks, and prices have been lowest on Saturday and Sunday for current TOTW players. Why Verratti? Well, he's an 87 card for about 37k right now, which isn't too bad, but the card itself doesn't look too bad either, despite the lack of pace. Ultimately though, the CM prospects in Ligue 1 are atrocious, and as such anyone looking to build a Ligue 1 team will be forced to at least consider him. I'll be looking to buy at least 5 this weekend, and hoping to flip them on either Thursday or Friday ready to reinvest next weekend.
  7. What Icons are people aiming for? Prime Owen for me, I think, although I'd be better served going for 2 from the middle.
  8. Just done the Spain Marquee Matchups and packed Salah! My best ever FUT pull!
  9. I went tradeable and got Werner - quick sold for 46k. I've also taken a huge risk, and sniped a couple of Adama Traore at 65k a pop. He's been extinct overnight, so the hope is that EA change his maximum sale value. However, it could also work out that the rewards packs lead to him being widely available and I lose a shitload of coins. We will see.
  10. Last day of TOTW 3 for anybody investing. Unfortunately, the Walcott SBC seems to have thrown a spanner in the works, as 84-rated players have seen a price increase that won't drop until after they are out of packs. At ~14k a pop, any investment represents a risk. However, I still think Blind is a solid buy if you can get him at 17k, and looking a bit higher, Ndidi is worth a look at about 60k - he's at 68k right now, but that should fluctuate through the day. I'm talking Xbox prices BTW, I imagine the players worth looking at won't change but the market rate will be different. Keep an eye on FUTbin if you are investing today.
  11. I had a shocker, started at 8-5 then lost 5 on the bounce. I figured that Gold was gone at that point, so I sold up to try a Serie A team that I'd been knocking around in my head, which saw an uptick in form, and left me on 11 wins with 6 left to play. My loan Icon for buying the twat edition (I'm weak) was Gullit, so I threw him in to get me over the line, but while he's great, I'm not, so I finished on 12 wins with 1 game remaining. I'm now left with a team I don't like and no idea what team I'd like to build. If I sell up, I'll have around 300k, so I'm thinking I might forget about weekend league for now, build a basic team to do objectives and grind some rivals rewards out, and focus on trading for the foreseeable. Ultimately, I'd love to build a team around the various Liverpool legends available, but I'll need a fuckton of coins to make that happen.
  12. You do, but packs are shite. Don't buy packs.
  13. Just in case anyone's tempted by either Sanchez or Mkhitaryan OTW - just don't do it. They're not good cards, and there's a very good chance that by the time they get some in forms, you'll have much better players in those positions. Save the 20k and buy some shitty in forms instead.
  14. I can't remember a game being this Spursy since... well, last night.
  15. Speaking of investments, I've got about 85k tied up in cheap in forms. It's a more long term investment than Marquee Matchups, but as a general rule of thumb, they rise in value once they're out of packs, and at some point TOTW players will be needed for SBCs, which can see them go bananas. The idea is to buy them at near discard value to minimise the risk - for example, if you buy an 81 rated player for 10k, his quick sell value is 9,882 coins, so even if you have to get rid immediately at some point to free up funds, you'll have lost next to fuck all. Prioritise top 5 leagues, particularly Premier League and Bundesliga due to POTM SBCs, and also look at 84 rated players at low prices (several can be had for less than 12k) as there were times last year that SBCs with high rated squads caused them to sell for insane amounts. Players I'm looking at closely this week are Oyarzabal, Cazorla and Blind for their ratings, and the Wolves RB might be a good buy. Ndidi looks like a great card as well, I'm thinking I'll buy one of him once his price drops - Monday and Tuesday are generally when they're at their lowest.
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