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  1. Hang on - you don't get all of them? Fuck that noise!
  2. Don't know about you boys, but I'm fucking going for it. Those 5 in the same team would be pretty bonkers.
  3. With my team settled until any TOTW improvements arise for it, I've gone for a couple of low key investments - Sabitzer TOTW for 30k, and Barkley TOTW for 25k. I'm hoping to flip them for 15k profit at the weekend, which I'm basing on little more than Neto's price fluctuation last week. Not much, but this is my trading method going forward, and will obviously give greater returns the more funds I can pump in.
  4. I've hit 14 wins with 3 games left. In theory I could get the next rank, but I've had enough now. I'm just going to do a couple of squad battles to make sure I get the swap player, then I'm done for this week.
  5. I've changed my team again this morning, I was 3 from 8 in weekend league and something had to give. Gone for a Brazil/Serie A hybrid and gone back to 433, and I've gone 6 from 7 this morning. Tallisca is great has others have said, but my god, Firmino. I wasn't expecting much, but he's my favourite player (yes, I'm a child and I have a favourite player) so I spunked 90k on him and built the team to suit. He got 3 goals in his first 4, which is fine, but I switched my tactics to a fast build up and he just clicked. 8 goals in the next 3 games, one of which was a rage quit at 40 minutes, and assisted all the other goals I scored in those matches. Absolute monster.
  6. It just ticks up without resetting I think, at the very least once you hit 2000 you can redeem them whenever.
  7. I wasn't keen on normal Icardi, but other than that it seems pretty filthy. Could you use Hulk at striker, and use either Casemiro or Fabinho in the middle?
  8. I'd go with Pants' mantra of selling into the hype. You might make more hanging on, as a high value card like Reus might require a TOTW card, but on the other hand it could blow up in your face if it doesn't. One thing I would say though is don't sell early in the morning if you're looking to maximise profits - there isn't a huge fluctuation, but prices tend to be higher when more people are on. Division rewards are out, I took the packs again. Got Promes and Laporte, which makes up most of the coins I passed on, and filled my club with SBC fodder so I'm quite happy with that.
  9. Yeah, feel free to kick him in the cunt next time you see him.
  10. I was 4 wins from 11 in weekend league, and realised I wasn't getting much out of my wingers, and my money was better used on players that will actually win games than protecting my coins in special players. With this in mind, and a bunch of Serie A loan players in hand, I scrapped my team and switched to 41212. I've now won 4 on the bounce, and whilst unattainable Ronaldo has had something to do with this, the shape of the team suits me much better. I'll end up with Hamsik in for Dybala, and Immobile in for Ronaldo, but the rest of the team will likely remain as is.
  11. I misread the reward for the Gelson SBC, thought I was getting a rare players pack instead of just a premium. Opened fuck all, of course, and now I'm committed to do the daddy one and get my shitty player.
  12. I can't wait to get home and get fucking pumped in the weekend league. First time I've ever qualified, purely because they've made it so that anyone get in.
  13. I'm quite glad of that, nothing worse than having some muppet run around for a minute celebrating like mad, before having to watch his tap in from two yards out three fucking times.
  14. And in my tradeable Champions League Pack, I got Benficas RB. Guess I have to balance that with the 4 TOTW players I've opened so far.
  15. I've just tallied up my squad value, currently at about 360k. However, I'm trying to invest in special players where possible as about half my squad value is tied up in players that will start to depreciate. I've had to ditch Lucas Moura as well, he was fine but I didn't get on with either Alli or Dembele. I've switched from 433 to 424, as Ben Yedder was a little isolated - I've only played 3 games but the support from Angel seems to be paying off. As for my next purchases, I'm looking at the Spanish right back in the current TOTW, before saving for Modric. If anyone is looking at TOTW players, I tracked the price on Ben Yedder for most of last week, and he was cheapest at Monday day time - he seemed to bottom out at 55k before rising again to around 65k, and is now hovering at 71k. Even if you don't want them in your team, there's money to be made there.

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