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  1. Think I'll be going PC this year - it's cheaper, and I've all but abandoned the Xbox now. Has anyone played the PC versions recently? I know everything costs more coins on there, but as long as it plays the same I'm happy.
  2. Mignolet must be kicking himself - or, at least he would be if he were still a Liverpool player. Seems we're cursed.
  3. 60 points for me, just below average. No goals from my strikers (Moise Kean didn't even start), but Alisson getting injured hurt the most. Not only have I had to replace him - McCarthy on the cheap, I'll use Heaton for now as Villa look to have a fairly good run of fixtures - but I reckon he'd have saved Pukki's goal, which would have got me clean sheet bonuses for him and Robinson. On the plus side, Salah as captain netted me a decent return, and De Bruyne looked good again on Saturday. I'm tempted to use my wildcard and swap the whole team about, but surely it's best to wait until the international break at least.
  4. It was an interesting game first half, but it's dead now. Fully expect City to win 5 or 6 nil now. Edit: that was before the offside call. I've already turned it off now though, still expecting procession.
  5. I've just gone to join, but turns out I'm already in. I lost interest not long after Christmas last time, I'll try a bit harder this time. I've gone with Salah and De Bruyne in midfield, so I've had to speculate up top - Jiminez is a fairly safe choice, and Kean at 7.0 looks a bargain. Joelinton at 6.0 probably isn't worth a punt, particularly after checking his scoring record on Wikipedia, but I've had to scrimp somewhere, and an opening day match against Luiz and Mustafi might be worth a couple of goals.
  6. As good as he is, I agree with @Adrock. Great player, but he wouldn't fit into the first team without upsetting the balance, and he'd fuck up our wage structure entirely. Personally, with Gomez back and challenging for the first team again, I don't think we need much coming in - maybe just another winger for depth.
  7. It's not really a grudge, more an observation, but all PlayStation controllers are just the worst, and anyone who disagrees is wrong and should feel bad for not buying a Dreamcast. Wait, maybe it is a grudge. PlayStation pads are shit, though.
  8. Just a quick heads up for anyone that bought the season pass thing on NowTV last year - they set it to auto renew on a monthly basis, and I've been stung for £34. My missus will be ringing up and screaming bloody murder so hopefully we'll get it back.
  9. I built a gaming PC about a month ago and the processor came with a key for The Division 2. I fired it up for an hour or so, and I came to the conclusion that it's Ok, nothing special, and certainly not deserving of the time I'd need to invest learning all it's systems and min-maxing all the stats. I think that's AAA gaming in a nutshell right now, the gameplay loops are nothing new or exciting, yet the games are designed in such a way as to sink their teeth and not let go due to some sort of sunken cost fallacy. I've been suckered in before by Magic the Gathering, which I still play through Arena, but it's not worth the cost or the stress to keep up with the evolving metagame - as such I'm wary of anything that looks like it requires huge amounts of time or money to get any satisfaction. I'm much happier sticking Smash Bros or Rocket League on for an hour or so every now and then.
  10. Are we still doing the puns? Kawaii 5-0.
  11. I'd rather we boycotted it, given the human rights abuses that are happening to get Qatar World Cup ready. I won't be watching it, either way.
  12. We weren't adventurous or exciting tonight, but after the two league games against them this season where we nearly let it slip, we just needed to kill the game when we took the lead, and they did it magnificently. They couldn't find any pockets of space in or around the box, and that's largely due to our defensive organisation rather than their lack of ability. People will say we were lucky tonight, but we thoroughly fucking deserved that! We've won it 6 times!
  13. Breaking Bad was superb - it was the characters driving the plot the whole way, rather than the other way around as we're seeing with GOT now. Most sitcom endings are shit - everyone gets their dream job/girl/whatever, and floats off into happy land. Seinfeld went a different direction, but missed because it was so contrived - Peep Show nailed it though, in the end they're still the same pathetic wankers sat about their front room as they were in the beginning, only they're much older now and all hope has been beaten out of them. To single out one as the worst, I'll say Friends. It had been getting steadily worse for years anyway, but by the end the characters didn't resemble themselves as they started in any form, and the perfect ending for each of them was just fucking stupid.
  14. I've had an email from Zavvi saying I've won an all expenses paid trip to the final. My sister works for them so I asked her if it was legit - they've sent the same email to 5,000 customers by mistake. Had the same email? Sorry to burst your bubble, you're not going.
  15. To do that against anybody would be special. But we've just done it against a team widely considered the best in the world, who have specifically targeted this competition, and have the single greatest player of all time (who also happens to be enjoying one of the best seasons of his life). And we did it without 2 of our best players. Barca turned up already thinking about the final - beautifully encapsulated by Suarez declaring he wouldn't celebrate any goals tonight - despite the fact they were outplayed for most of the game last week. They've been punished for it in tremendous fashion, and I already can't wait to see how they get dumped out of the cup next year - along with Madrid and PSG, they're amongst the shittiest clubs in the world, so to do them like that is fantastic.
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