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  1. Looking at the Croatia front 3, it doesn't seem like they'll offer much width, and with Walker on one side who often plays as centre back for England anyway, the thinking might be that a right footed left back could be more adept at stopping their attackers from cutting inside.
  2. I was having a great run last night, got through biome 4 with loads of integrity upgrades, and ready to make a good run at 5 which I haven't beaten yet... Come back today and quick resume has failed. This game is near perfect, but honestly, not being able to save is fucking stupid. So deflated right now.
  3. I appreciate that stance, this manager and group of players are very likeable and generally a good bunch of lads - it was enough to carry me along during the World Cup. It's less to do with the football though, and more to do with my current lack of nationalistic identity, this latest incident has just underlined the contradiction between that and continuing to support the England national team. I'll still be able to enjoy the football, and that will likely still include watching the England games, I just won't have any emotional attachment to who wins.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-57382945 Nice to see the BBC both sides-ing fucking racism. Between these gobshite fans, the establishment justifying the behaviour, and the recent fucking shambles regarding Hillsborough, I've taken the decision that I don't want to support England in the Euros. I think I posted on here just after the EU referendum in relation to not supporting England in the previous Euros, but I struggle to identify as English any more, which is particularly sad given that it was England in Euro 96 that initially turned me on to football.
  5. Leicester showing Spurs who's the real Spurs.
  6. A shitload of games for Sky to cover, and Graeme Souness has been chosen as the pundit to be at Anfield today. Couldn't they have sent someone we have a bit more affection for, like El-Hadji Diouf or Boris fucking Johnson?
  7. Henderson back too, I can't imagine that being anything other than sentimentality though.
  8. Martin Tyler's sniffing his own farts right now, with Sky doing little to suggest that his commentary wasn't the most important part of Aguero's title winning goal. Fuck me this interview is cringe - he's just handed Aguero his notes from that game that he's inexplicably kept hold of and had them fucking framed. What an absolute bellend.
  9. Nat Phillips with more goal involvements than Thiago this season.
  10. Oh fuck, I vaguely recall having a sex suit for my Game Boy. If I remember right, it came in an accessory pack with one of them magnifying lenses and all the other tat that you couldn't actually attach to the Game Boy if you dressed it up. It also made the Game Boy unwieldy (even more so), so straight in the bin with that fucking thing. I can only think that whoever designed it did so for a bet - all it's missing is a couple of nipple tassles
  11. Send him up for every corner!
  12. Thiago aside, we've been pretty poor this half. And as I'm typing that, they get in again.
  13. Got away with that, he wasn't interfering with Alisson. Shocking decision.
  14. We're playing really well, but they get in again there due to really poor defending. I can't wait for Van Dijk to come back.
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