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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, but if you are going to play Arena, there are always a few good budget decks that can be put together without using a large number of rare wildcards. There was a cycling deck that was good enough to get me to Mythic rank a few times whilst I filled out my collection, but that has just rotated - however, with the dawn of a new set, there's a load of budget options available at https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/thirty-casual-decks-under-20-for-magic-the-gathering-innistrad-midnight-hunt-standard. As with any free to play game, the economy in Arena is extremely predatory, but as a game, Magic itself is hard to beat.
  2. That was fun! Hopefully the rest of the games can live up to that.
  3. I'd sign up to a European Super League where only Liverpool and Milan were invited.
  4. You can only laugh. One of the most one sided games I've seen in years, and we're losing.
  5. Fucking hell. Battered them all half, and then that.
  6. Remember when we used to call Jon Flanagan the Scouse Cafu? We've moved on quite a bit since then.
  7. It was funny when Bayern smashed Barca 8-2, but tonight was a little bit sad. Yes, I know they brought it on themselves so fuck them, but starting with Luuk de Jong and finishing with about 5 teenagers shows just how far they've fallen. Bayern didn't break a sweat, and still Barca couldn't lay a glove on them.
  8. How's classic Ronaldo? I tried new Ronaldo, but despite Timmo's praise, I just can't get on with him, he doesn't have the close control of my gang of midgets and he loses the ball a lot.
  9. They just showed the tackle again there, he went in from behind and was off his feet. You can't fucking do that, and to see Redknapp try to defend it is disappointing.
  10. As if to further the point, a carbon copy on Mane goes unpunished. If this standard of refereeing goes much further, Elliott won't be the last.
  11. I think the red card is harsh there, but I can't help but feel this is a result of referees letting everything go. That it's a lad at the start of his career that's paying for it is sickening.
  12. He's broken his leg there, surely. Fucking awful.
  13. I've done Maradona, Messi and Pele now, and I've got this team. The only way I could improve this realistically is to chance on Firmino and Neymar from the SBC. I'm going to grind out Ronaldo for the bench, but I always do better with small forwards so I'll stick with that front 3.
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