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  1. Looked like he was past the keeper, and he was only a few mm onside from the other defender. They take too long doing it, but it needed checking.
  2. The wind is doing a good job of ruining this game.
  3. I bought a Koulibaly at 114k as an investment earlier in the week. Messi saw his price drop to about 90k, and this bullshit POTY team dropped it even further to less than 70k. Fuck you EA.
  4. I got TOTT Inter striker (can't remember his name) in my rewards, so I'm happy with that. I might get to do some weekend league for the first time in ages this week, can't wait for my shitty red players next Thursday!
  5. Yeah, with Thursday rewards I'd still expect them to rise. Thought I was going to be rich though, so rich I could buy my own Messi.
  6. Balls. Just bought one each of Pique, Courtois, Kroos, Casemiro and Benzema without bothering to look at price trends.
  7. Think I might invest in some high rated La Liga players for this bullshit. They'll shoot up in price, I reckon.
  8. Tried Benzema, he's fine, but not a patch on Griezmann. I'm not sure where to look at upgrading next, maybe De Bruyne in for Paulinho. Has anyone tried him out? Worth a try?
  9. I just did him, going to see how he is compared to Griezmann. Packs were good too, Handanovic in the first and then team of the group stage Tolisso in the second. He's more than paid for himself.
  10. I've tried the 4222, but found that my CAMs were always out wide, they might as well have been wingers. I was having problems getting Hazard and Salah to have enough influence on games from out wide, so I switch to a 41212 in game now, with both of them playing centrally. It's working much better now.
  11. Nah, I love him now. He's pretty filthy really, there's no way I can go back to Militao.
  12. @Pants McSkill, that Varane you made me buy is worth 25k more than I paid for it. It's not true what they say, you're alright really. I had been toying with the idea of buying mid Ian Rush, but it would completely wipe out my coin reserves, and I'm plenty happy with Griezmann right now. Think I'll take a punt on some 85s and see what tomorrow brings.
  13. Going pack to best pulls, your mum was pretty epic.
  14. I finally got around to unlocking Keane, that's how my team looks in game now. Everyone is on 10 in my starting formation, except Paulinho on 8. I've only played 2 games with it, but I'm impressed with Keane, he's a monster at CDM. The more I play with Paulinho the less I'm convinced by him, but he's pretty solid and I'm stuck with him, so I'm happy enough with him right now. Moving forward, I'll probably just stick with this until Icon Swaps 2 gets revealed and I have an idea of who I'll be getting from that.
  15. Van Basten has been pulled from the game for being a Nazi. If you happen to have one, get him sold for all the coins.
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