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  1. I'm absolutely loving this. I'm managing to top 10 pretty regularly now, even though I still feel like I'm shit at Tetris.
  2. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    Flashback Luiz? He's always been shit, though.
  3. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    I'm going full Steely tonight - I just tried to do it now on the app but couldn't see how to do it. I've already blown all my coins on packs and vowed to leave it well alone, but I still find I'm thinking about it. Going nuclear is the only way to draw a line under the whole thing and be done with it for good.
  4. Can anyone link to some basic Tetris strategy? I'm seeing things like 4 wide start and just scratching my head - bear in mind that I've barely played Tetris at all since the Game Boy (and even then, only fleetingly).
  5. I'm using it to mean setting up to clear lines when junk is being sent your way to get rid of that, rather than going on the attack and sending junk on to others. It's a very basic strategy that I've had some success with. Edit: what @Yiggy said much better than I did.
  6. It's on PSP? I didn't realise they still made PSP games.
  7. 2nd! I'm feeling a weird mixture of elation and rage right now! I still don't feel like I have any idea what I'm doing, though. Think I'll end up buying Puyo Puyo Tetris in order to practice for this.
  8. Just managed fifth! Thanks for the T-spin advice guys - I haven't done one yet though, just running off pure talent.
  9. Two 18th place finishes are my best so far. I had a look at the Reddit guide, but it lost me at T-spin - what's a T-spin?
  10. Keiths_Dad

    Astral Chain - police may cry (more hilarious puns inside!)

  11. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    It does. I'm currently in division 6, having smashed most games by 3+ goals. People are more likely to quit out when a game's gone as well, so you can get through 4 or 5 in one go no problem.
  12. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    Felt like that with my Dutch team, they just get walked over. I've since started playing Seasons instead of FUT and I'm enjoying it much more.
  13. Keiths_Dad

    Gaming Myths

    Essentially rewrote history to exclude him, as the WWE did with Benoit, rather than what Benoit himself did.
  14. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    I got fed up of the grind, so I followed Mardigan's example and built a pet project - mine being a Dutch/Eredivisie team. Scrapping my old team was easy enough - only twatty orange Marquinhos and Aguero were tradeable, which left me with about 250k. I did the Huntelaar challenge, then set about building this team. Primes - Flashback Huntelaar - IF Lozano De Jong - Wijnaldum - CL Gutierrez CL Live Tagliafico - SIF Blind - SIF Van Dijk - Veltman MOTM Cillessen Played my first game, and got pumped 4-1 by some team full of cunts like flashback Ibrahimovic - basically the same team every other cunt is playing with. Having 77 and 78 rated players at CM is a fucking disaster, but I'll try tweaking the tactics and keep at it. From this week's Marquee Matchups, I packed the orange Ziyech, who I'll quite happily put in for Lozano, and Sanchez, who'll get me about 35k to invest. I need to do something about midfield really, but I'm not sure what options I have.

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