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  1. I've been bouncing off the Maneater tonight, I've had some joy when I've two-handed the Meat Cleaver and managed to get one dead once, but I keep getting cornered or knocked off the bridge. I'll get them eventually, but given what a ball bag that whole level was, I've gone into 5 for the first time - and barring a fall down the pit almost immediately, I waltzed straight through and killed the leech boss. Feeling pretty good about myself again now. I posted upthread about how I've always bounced off Souls games before, but I'm loving this one. 25 hours in, and I'd guess I'm about ha
  2. Icon swaps are up, and... it's uninspiring. Momemts Baggio looks good, but for 17 tokens it'll be a slog. There's a 91+ prime icon pack that I might go for, and hope it's Dalglish or Gerrard.
  3. Alisson has been fine for me, much better than last year when he was dog shit. I've not really used anyone else though, I had Pope for a bit and he seemed fine, and I had an untradeable Rui Patricio that I used a few times and he was OK too. I get the impression that pretty much any keeper is workable, unlike last year where you were pretty much stuck with Ter Stegen.
  4. I've played a few games with Saka now, he's absurd. I typically struggle to get my wide players into the game, but he seems so much better at getting involved than Salah, and on the ball he's ridiculous. 3 goals in 4 weekend league games. In other news, Icon Swaps 2 starts tonight. I'm hoping for Dalglish and Gerrard to pop up.
  5. Where are you buying your cola cubes? You should be scalping them at that price.
  6. Even though he doesn't play for Liverpool, I think I have to use Saka - I've just looked at his stats, and he blows Salah away
  7. Couple more 81 upgrades done, Suarez in the first one, and then...
  8. I've used Very for an Oculus Rift, Quest 2 and the PS5 pad charging dock. They charge £3.99 for postage, but the service has been excellent, and having 12 months interest free is pretty handy. I wouldn't let the fact that it's from Very put anyone off.
  9. I've done a few more 81s - Immobile and Laporte are the highlights. I just need an icon SBC to throw them all at now.
  10. There's a double 81 upgrade SBC up, I just did one and was quite pleased to get TOTW Lingard. Then I saw Kante was hiding in there too. Can't wait to chuck them both into an SBC for a Liverpool player.
  11. I've played about 10 games with him now, he's good, but he's not worth 400k. I haven't tried Kante either, so I can't really compare them. I'd give it a miss, only idiots focusing solely on Liverpool players should bother themselves.
  12. And a shove on Mane outside the box in the lead up. This is fucking shite.
  13. Those black plates make it look very boring, and even more like a modem. The wanky write up is a bit cringe too. Think I'll pass.
  14. Jones fits in nicely. Skint now, though.
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