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  1. Yeah but look what they did to Sean Bean in series one of GoT... WW would be bobbins without Hopkins though.
  2. labarte

    PS4 Pro

    That's total crap. we see lots of games with 900p frame buffers and variable res.
  3. labarte

    PS4 Pro

    I would classify the 1080p upgrade to pro graphics as annoyingly good. By that I mean it's obviously a fair bit better but not really £350 better. Looking at those Titanfall shots I bet if you played for a few hours on Pro and then went back to the launch console it would be quite jarring and you'd miss the Pro.
  4. Well I think this is great. Massive video game influence all round, why didn't they just call the company Abstergo? The Ed Harris character is a case in point: the guy who prestiged Westworld 10 times, love to see his gamerscore! I don't really understand how they're going to stretch out the obvious road to disaster in a way that keeps my interest and episode 4 showed some signs of fluff but I'm still keen to see where their take this psychologically astute reinterpretation of a classic film. My insight:
  5. So has anyone compared their VR times to their sad old two dimensional TV times? Is VR faster?
  6. I think it will be a long while before wireless works well, 1080p at 60 or 90 fps uncompressed is an awful lot of data then there is the latency issue...
  7. I'm really surprised at the lack of sports games. A version of Fifa where you could look up and down the pitch to see where you players are would be potentially amazing. A first person NFL quarterback game would be great too. These kind of experiences, done right, would bring in the mainstream dollar. There's too much abstract stuff that just won't appeal to Joe Bloggs.
  8. While I can well imagine the Move controllers not being very good I find it hard to believe that the headset tracking is as bad as it looked on the bit of Giant Bomb I just watched. I'm sure that people who get it at launch will be able to mess around with their room layout to get it working well. It does look like this will be something that isn't just plug and play and needs a fair bit of effort to get the best from, which isn't a great sign for something that is supposed to be bringing VR to the masses. I look forward to reading impressions on here when it comes out but am quite
  9. God Damnit U1, I'm on the verge of buying a headset after seeing this!
  10. The thing with VR is that instead of funding a small number of epic experiences in the hope that one will become a system seller, the industry has taken a scatter gun approach and produced umpteen ephemeral tech demos none of which really cut it as a videogame in the modern sense. I had hoped that Sony, high on the PS4's success, might have bucked this trend but it seems their hubris has manifested itself in the form of the PS4 Pro and not the VR software extravaganza that would fire widespread adoption.
  11. Some of the community ones are pretty good. I'm doing Kobago reverse in the Beetle GSR and Bandipur reverse in the Sesto Elemento at the mo.
  12. I liked the final challenge with the crazy boost and wild weather. Didn't really get the last bit of the lap right, there's a fine line between a bit of useful sliding and too much in the Wombat. Thanks for organising it all U1 and well done Spatular!
  13. labarte

    PS4 Pro

    Reading about all this stuff on Digital Foundry it sounds like you really need a 4k HDR OLED tv to get the most out of a Pro, which is gonna cost well over two grand.
  14. It's all a bit of a mess and the online frame rate claims are hilariously stupid. To be charitable, if I didn't already have a PS4 and I had to chose between a slim and a Pro I'd probably pay the extra for a Pro. But there is no way, as an existing PS4 owner, I'll get hyped and buy a Pro. Maybe Sony got a bit too excited about VR and felt they needed to do this? The overall impression I get from VR is that it is not there yet even on a super expensive PC rig.
  15. The Ghosts and splits won't work until someone beats the current top time.
  16. Watched the long version last night. I think the dark tone was great in places. I was intrigued by the attempt to show how our nasty corrupt black ops world and hollow politics could ensnare even great heroes. I liked the portayal of Wayne as weighed down by his past: washing pharms down with booze to sleep, and pissing away the family legacy. This quite logically leads to a more sadistic alter-ego who brands criminals and comes across as a bit of a neocon! It was refreshing compared to Downey Junior's sickeningly perfect Tony Stark, or previous East Coast Patrician Waynes. Luther wasn't too b
  17. So I don't quite get who the undead guy that helped Bran was...? Apart from that though, bloody amazing finale with the right balance between stuff I knew would happen, stuff I didn't think of, funny bits and disgusting bits. Evil Cersei is very fanciable.
  18. Did they miss the highly promising scene when Theon's sister admitted to being up for a lez-up with Daenerys?
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