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  1. It might be easier to kidnap Cersei and take her to see army of the dead than to bring one to Kings Landing! I also thought it was strange that the magnificent seven didn't make a big deal of tooling up with dragon glass. Surely they'll be needing some? The whole thing is a poorly thought-out plotline.
  2. I can imagine there are more engineers out there and they will not be very pleased with David's antics, perhaps hey will hunt him down? Like the idea about Walter: he does have healing capabilities so may not be kaput, there is a crashed Engineer ship that he could potentially repair and he knows where the colonists are headed. If these films are to tie-in with the original then at some point we need a crashed alien ship with loads of eggs onboard to be on a habitable planet. I would like a third film of these just to see where they go with it, just not if it's as bad as Covenant.
  3. White Walker controlled Ice Dragon also a possibility!
  4. You make some really good observations and inferences and I wouldn't disagree any of what you say but the treatment of the engineer/space jockey race seemed so throw-away in the film. You would think that David might have been a bit interested in them seeing as they created the human race, killed his 'father' and invented/discovered the mutating gloop he finds so fascinating. Now I suppose he may know lots about them from accessing files on their space ship or exploring the compound in the previous film, and the fact he decides to instantly destroy them does work to establish his brutally nihi
  5. I think this film deserves some credit for attempting to wrestle with some philosophically interesting themes. With most big budget sci-fi stuff getting dumber and dumber -- the recent Star Trek films have been basically about blowing things up -- it's good to have something attempt to be a bit more cerebral. Unfortunately this film is so shit in other ways it's just irredeemable. David basically gives everything away when he obviously lies about what happened to the Engineers and Shaw, then expresses interest in the fresh meat of 200 colonists. From that point onward Covenant is ent
  6. yup, I had to pause it after that because I really needed to dwell on how funny it was. Euron is becoming a great character, no doubt he will rack-up a few improbable Ramsey-esque victories before meeting a terrible end. Cersei was the consummate evil bitch: Best episode of the series so far:
  7. It does sound like they have got the weapon inventory stuff wrong. Not having access to a sniper rifle and a heavy machine gun or rocket launcher sounds pretty crap. As a bit of lightweight D1 player who got bored at lvl 28 I thought the game was too grindy and the elemental weapons made this even worse. If Bungie wanted to simplify things they should have just ditched elemental weapons not ruined what was basically a good system.
  8. Nothing particularly amazing in that episode. Solid start, but I do hope there are some twists to come because it all seems predictable thus far.
  9. Well I thought the TFA wasn't that great. It started off so well but the imperials are just weak in it and it didn't have enough weight because about two films worth of stuff was crammed into one. Rogue One on the other hand was really good, with nicely menacing imperials and the superb Vader bits. It's a bit rushed in places too but it's a much more interesting film. I hope they make another spin off film that shows lots of Darth Vader in his pomp, I could watch hours of him just going around the place bullying people.
  10. Ah OK, well that would definitely have helped persuade the execs to adapt it to a movie.
  11. This is a big part of it I think. Blockbusters are not being created solely for Anglo-Saxons and Europeans anymore. I read something once that said that a great deal of effort is put into creating scripts that will appease the Chinese censors. This was particularly apparent in a film like The Martian, where the Chinese save the day.
  12. I had this in my head as another 'good graphics weak gameplay' effort from Guerilla, seems like I was wrong. I don't have time for a 30 hour game at the moment but it'll be very interesting to read impressions on here when it's out.
  13. labarte

    Xbox One X

    It sounds disappointingly that there won't be much of a CPU bump with Scorpio. It'll be similar to the PS4 pro in this regard so we can expect more res and effects but frame rates will be stuck around 30fps. Indeed the frame rate scaling thing sounds like they are basically admitting the CPU won't be able to run games at 60fps but the GPU will. The lovely thing about 60 is the way it responds as much as how it looks so I don't think this sounds particularly promising (but maybe I don't understand it properly). If you consider the PS4 was a bit unbalanced in terms of CPU to GPU powe
  14. Thought the first two levels of campaign available from the weekend trial were really good, so much so I played through them again on veteran (not too hard apart from the time limited bit with the Ed209 thing). Going by this thread it sounds like the rest of the campaign is great too and the guns feel fantastic so I'll definitely be picking it up when it's cheap. Tried a bit of multi and couldn't get excited about it -- it all just seems like such a chore to level up. Good to see that you can do zombies in split screen even if you can't try it in the demo. I wish they'd bring back
  15. Well that video's pretty interesting. Kojima says they picked the engine because it was suitable for an open world game. So it's a fair bet Death Stranding will be open world, which is encouraging from a gameplay perspective.
  16. If anyone liked this and hasn't seen Ex Machina I'd recommend watching it, there are some similar themes and ideas.
  17. I imagine it will be third person action with stealth elements and a bit of survival horror thrown in. Given what a good game MGSV was to play I'm optimistic.
  18. That's good news about the engine, Guerrilla have great tech but tend to use it in an underwhelming way. Game looks brilliant, no doubt we'll be waiting years for it though.
  19. Bit disappointed about TLOU getting a sequel. I wanted them to leave it and do the rumoured space game.
  20. Well, blimey, watching the last eight hours of this nonsense is really worth it when you see an episode like that and you have to scrape your splattered brain off the TV screen at the end. At this rate next week's finale will probably lobotomise me.
  21. I can't remember early in the season that well but doesn't William meet Maeve in the whorehouse? if so, and we know that before Maeve was a madam she was a nice homemaker with a daughter who was killed by the man in black, doesn't that disprove the whole William is the man in black theory?
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