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  1. Just tried to watch this again, it seems much worse than it did in the cinema. I suppose on first viewing the various surprises were exciting but now they mostly seem stupid. So much of it, including the opening space battle, is chronically unconvincing. I switched it off after Leia magically flew through space. I will probably try and watch it again but at the moment I wouldn't even class it as a Star Wars film.
  2. I think getting levelled up and then attacking the main story is a good way to do it. The plot doesn't make a great deal of sense as it is, if you spend ages between story missions it's pretty easy to forget what is going on.
  3. Having spent a few incredibly tedious hours on HMRC's website recently, it was nice to load up Origins and get this mission!
  4. I stayed on my horse/camel for most of the fights. Fire bombs and arrows then some slashing on horseback. If they knock you off your horse use your special on them and get back on it asap.
  5. You get a pretty cool horse for doing all the chariot races.
  6. Finished the story last night, despite being quite interesting it is poorly expounded and I didn't really understand who a great deal of the characters were. The finale was pretty damn good though. The rest of the game is superb however, I have relished being consumed by it and stuck in about 50 hours. There are still areas that I haven't explored and a load of quests left to do so I shall definitely be dipping back into the world, which is surely the finest of its type. I'm playing on a boggo PS4 and there are times when it looks as good as anything Naughty Dog have done, which is
  7. Have you unlocked the skill where you can jump off something, aim, and get bullet time? That makes it a nine!
  8. It's worth getting on with the game if you want to upgrade because different parts of the map are abundant with different resources. For example, roaming around Giza slashing up packs of hyeenas while on horseback is a very fast way to gather soft leather and killing the bandits there is an easy way to gain cash. Raiding ships on the Nile is a fun way to get copper and iron, particularly when they are carrying caged beasts which you can release. The world is big and varied enough to make the grind acceptable, although I shudder to think how many Hippos I've killed to get hard leather -- probab
  9. I couldn't face another AC game after playing all of them up to and including Black Flag so haven't touched the series for a few years. I'm really glad I picked up Origins though because it's exceptionally good overall. The audio visual stuff is brilliant but then it usually is, the big breakthrough is that the combat is actually decent. Of course, lots of situations can be resolved with button mashing but there is some genuine depth there. With a bit of practice you can get quite good at it and it is actually possible to die if you fight badly, which makes this game rather more exciting
  10. Strange film because some bits are so good and others so bad. I enjoyed it overall, was transfixed in places, and preferred it to TFA (which I didn't rate much) but still think Rogue One is the best of the new ones. The original trilogy combined spectacle with good plotting and intelligence. This film had that for the force user scenes but everything else was way too dumb. Just as with TFA, too much stuff happens and so it lacks weight when it does. There just wasn't enough tension and some of the writing was lazy (too much mystery in some places, not enough in others). In fairness many of the
  11. There is some outstanding audio-visual texture in this but it's just so bad in places I don't see how it can be taken seriously. The bit when suddenly all the little boats appear out of nowhere, the music switches to Elgar, the sun comes out and Kenneth Branagh smiles, is actually funny, like something in an episode of South Park.
  12. Not really keen on the UC4 and LL approach to the story and dialogue of trying to be grown up and serious. Just ends up being bad soap-opera-level shite. All the stuff about Chloe's dad was just so tedious. There's developing a character and then there's a load of woefully-telegraphed hackneyed daddy issues. However the game is bloody good. The open world bit needs a bit of work to make it more fun instead of a map-checking hassle but otherwise it's basically better than UC4. I liked the introduction of the silenced pistol but it's tricky to use it well. I'm playing through again on
  13. With BF1 it was only the fighter squadron mode which made it relatively easy to level up because it wasn't dependent on upgrades to win. When I was at a decent level and unlocked enough star cards to be competitive the standard game modes became fun and I played them (it was hard to enjoy cargo much of you didn't have a bubble shield for example, while the DL-44 was pretty much essential on some maps). When I read that BF2 has loads of upgrades for the fighter modes it really puts me off. I can't see how losing because the other players have unlocked faster turn rates on their ships is ever go
  14. So physical sales are 60% down on BF1: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-20-star-wars-battlefront-2-physical-sales-down-60-per-cent-on-battlefront-1 Obviously online is becoming a bigger proportion of sales as time passes but it's pretty clear EA will have been hit where it hurts by all of this bad press. Good!
  15. That's good to hear, the world looks amazing but I was fearful of getting bogged down in too much RPG slog.
  16. So how much of a tedious destiny-style grind have they made this?
  17. The world looks great graphically and they have chosen a really interesting historical period, but I do have reservations about Sucker Punch's ability to produce a satisfying stealth action game. The combat is going to have to be much better than the Infamous games which relied on OTT super powers to be interesting.
  18. Haha, I remember doing that too: 'Heeeelp Meeeee!' Great movie; one of the ones that stays with you. Not least because bits of dialogue kept turning up in jungle music throughout the 90s: Rinsin'
  19. lol, I can't really imagine a Star Wars film sanctioned by Disney where Lando Calrissian is reffered to as 'the nigger'. On the other hand, maybe there is a sign outside Jabba's palace that says: 'frozen smuggler storage'.
  20. No not at all, I just think that if the game was larger and had more possibilities it would feel more like you are actually exploring and making discoveries.
  21. I think Uncharted could take on more open world elements in future to freshen it up. It would take a great deal of work to maintain the same quality but it could be done. It would be great if there were more ways of doing things, multiple paths, more choice about how you play the game. Something akin to the way MGSV reinvented Metal Gear would be ideal. Anyway, this sounds promising but I think I'll save it for the depths of winter. edit: I also really want ND to have a crack at the much rumoured sci-fi game.
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