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  1. It was a sunny summer's day. I was six years old and playing the garden. My father burst out of the house, 'I did it, I did it, I blew up the Deathstar!' 'Wow!' I said, 'What happened?' 'Fireballs came out of it and destroyed my ship.' he replied, his voice laced with indignation. It was then I realised that blowing up the Deathstar was just the beginning.
  2. I didn't get a chance to have a go at the last challenge but I'm pleased with second place overall, it would probably have been third if Pearl Jam had been playing from the beginning! Anyway, it's been great fun so definitely up for doing another one -- thanks to Minion for organising. Couldn't agree more, Driveclub is a fantastic game and I'm sure if it had been released in the state it ended up in it would have been far more successful.
  3. I struggle to get in a groove on them. As far as I could tell Pearl Jam managed to drive the whole thing as well as he does a normal track, which is bloody fast!
  4. I finally won one despite a bit of a crappy final sector: Luckily Spatular didn't pip me at the end! I know this track pretty well so doubt I spent much more than three hours in total. Generally I find it's best to spend about 45mins having a go and then do something else. It's also worth watching your replays to get an idea of where you can do better.
  5. A 38 is definitely possible but the darn weather is too nice!
  6. Had a quick go as this week's challenge last night. The M4 really likes to get its ass out and has loads of torque so it's pretty fun around Skjolden, which is one of the best tracks in the game imo. Having said that, just like last week's challenge, there is a fucking annoying chicane in the final sector were getting a corner penalty or crashing is a million times more likely than actually being quick!
  7. I really need to dip into the 36s before I go away for the weekend!
  8. Well that last challenge was great. I played it a shitload a today (good thing to do between World Cup matches) but couldn't quite get top thanks to a bloody quick time by Pearl Jam. There were some bits where you had to be really aggressive and then parts where you had to be really smooth, definitely an interesting car/track combo.
  9. It looks to me as though the motherbase idea from mgsv is integrated into the openworld. So you go about collecting stuff to improve your base which improves your abilities which means you can attempt harder story missions and advance the plot. Quite possibly, dying a lot is part of the game a la Dark Souls. Not losing too much of your progress is probably reliant on heaving stuff back to base.
  10. Watched the trailer, I'm sure it'll be good, but felt it's trying a bit too much to channel the 'shocking' HBO vibe. I know it's a video game, but the presentation is so hard hitting and visceral it just seems a bit silly that a teenage girl can take a load of bullets and still kill an entire skinhead death squad. When you played as Ellie in the original game there was a vulnerability that made it cool -- it was a nice twist on the classic late game 'lose all your weapons and abilities' dynamic. Maybe I won't care once the pad's in my hands but it seemed a little off from the video.
  11. Rian Johnson's lucky I never studied film!
  12. I don't like bad writing. There are some well written films that I don't like because they are not my cup of tea. Star Wars is my cup of tea but not when it is badly written. When you create a film that has an inconsistent world which spoils immersion, characters whose motivations don't make sense, a heroine who doesn't have to struggle to overcome adversity, and a set of antagonists who are not remotely threatening, it's fair to say that the people who made it didn't 'know what they were doing'. It's like, I dunno, they were bad writers or something! Maybe that's unf
  13. Holdo withholding information from Poe for no reason is bad writing. The whole running out of fuel thing is lame and bad writing. The bit when Rose and Fin work out how the Last Order are tracking them is laughably bad writing -- not even an episode of Star Trek TNG would have such a lazy and contrived eureka moment as that. The almost needless gambling planet subplot is bad writing. Having Leia magically fly through space is bad writing. The battle on the white salt planet is dull and hackneyed because of bad writing. The way most of the First Order are just play
  14. Exactly, same with the Admiral Holdo versus Poe stuff, it was just poorly written. Some people seem to think this was the result of a politically correct agenda and decided to go on a weird alt-right social media campaign. Those people are sad. They may be right that there was a politically correct agenda but they are still sad. It's also sad that TLJ was, overall, a really badly conceived film. The force user stuff was good (apart from Rey being completely invincible and thus rather boring) but everything else was an illogical mess that shouldn't have made it any further than the first d
  15. A sub 18 is possible but damn it's tricky with the rain coming and going. It really ramps up the pressure when the rack is dry because you know there's only a lap or two at best before it starts pissing down again.
  16. You've put the honour of rllmuk at stake!
  17. In the third season we did before there were two really quick guys, SirBazofSurrey and Refago -- I couldn't get near those two. I use manual gears and pad. Anyway, just went top but could have been faster if I hadn't thrown away three tenths on those tricky tight corners at the end.
  18. Sure, it'll be a good reason to fire up the greatest driving game ever made! PSN: labarte
  19. Well I'm not sure I'd go as far as you, but clicking down L3 and R3 to push some guy's eyes back into his skull is a gaming moment I'll never forget. The fact that you carried the guy's head around with you for the rest of the game to use as a torch was pretty cool too. I hope there are still a few sick puppy moments in this reboot.
  20. Crikey, was expecting this to be a fun slash 'em up to play through at some point, not 'the game of the decade'.
  21. They are at different levels, the weakest is around 20 I think. If you are at a higher level than them it's pretty easy. Killing ones 2-3 levels above you is possible but don't take them on in a straight fight because they can kill you in seconds.
  22. I finished The Hidden Ones last night. I really enjoyed it, particularly the mission where you had to assassinate the chap on the big ship surrounded by smaller ones. I don't seem to be getting bored of this game, the world is just so extraordinary. I just played the intro mission to Curse of the Pharaohs and though it was pretty cool. Can anyone who has played the DLC tell me what it is like? Is it just loads of zombie fighting or are there still plenty of forts to infiltrate and missions where stealth is an option?
  23. No films is better than more like TLJ.
  24. Must be bad for your neck though...
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