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  1. Spectacular episode, probably the best of the series, but...
  2. It started off well and had me thinking we were in for an old school Thrones experience where somehow psychological, political, tactical and strategic elements are plausibly blended into a fantastical medieval world. Needless to say, by the end of the episode I was disappointed.
  3. That makes sense. I don't think it was just the darkness that was the problem, it was also all the smoke and fog giving the compression algorithm a hard time -- very little common information between frames.
  4. The death I felt saddest about was that of my Plasma TV two years ago. A spectacular if slightly dumb episode, not a patch on the Battle of the Bastards but still good.
  5. I reckon Qyburn at King's Landing has something cooked up for the army of the dead. He's pretty clued up about that kind of stuff. So no immediate Winterfell fight but then Cersei doing better at King's Landing than expected.
  6. Got a feeling the army of the dead won't actually attack Winterfell but just contain everyone there while the NK goes off to do other things.
  7. You make it sound dangerous. Might it cause premature blindness, panic attacks, or even PTSD?
  8. From the videos I've seen it all looks like very standard open world gameplay. This doesn't mean RDR2 won't be a good game but it will be a very expensive and beautifully crafted iteration of the genre rather than anything revolutionary. Be interesting to see what everyone thinks of it.
  9. Depends how old they are and how mature. I saw a girl being taken out of the screening by her parents because it was too much for her. She can't have been much more than ten though so she shouldn't have been in there anyway. It's a very affecting film because the beginning establishes that the soldiers are very real relatable people and then when things get nasty and you see a load of dead bodies in the mud it's hard to take. You have to watch it yourself and decide bearing in mind what you know about the intended audience. I would think that 13 is the bare minimum but then I wouldn't be surprised if some adults find it too much.

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