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  1. Hey man, I've posted a thing in the trading folder
  2. Custom colours I'll need to stick an extra fiver on for the price of the case (and the extra faffing around)
  3. Yeah sorry, this has kind of snowballed! I'll sort that out later today.
  4. I can do you a spice orange one?? Got a few cases knocking about and a backlit screen.
  5. To explain roughly; Gameboy cheaper parts but more labour intensive to do. GBA expensive parts but less labour intensive. SP cheap parts but recasing is fiddly and time consuming!
  6. For starters I have these two little beauts ready to go. Currently on ebay but will pull them if anyone's interested. Backlit Gameboy Backlit GBA Refurbished GBA SP with spangly new spice orange case (normal front lit AGS001)
  7. Cool, thanks chaps. I'll figure out prices and maybe start a thread in trading? Not sure of the best approach really.
  8. Pockets can be backlight modded although have never done one. I plan to though, more or less the same process. Colours I'm pretty sure can only be front light modded but could do some more research.
  9. Hey Vimster, Yeah the GB's I would be able to do for sure. Recasing and all. You can buy the plastic screen protector separately, don't need to get the whole case...unless of course you want a minty new case. Had a quick look into the GBC prosound. Never done it before but looks fairly straightforward.
  10. Sorry, to be clear this is for original GBAs. The SP's, bizarrely, you can't switch out for a backlit screen. They require drastic mainboard modifications and still hit and miss. You are better off grabbing an AGS101 from eBay if you want an SP.
  11. Hello you lot, I haven't really been gaming and subsequently haven't been on here for years due to having kids and trying to be a grown up...but the old gaming itch has crept back in! I've been playing with modding consoles etc in the evenings and just wondered; if I started a bit of a Gameboy modding service would there be any appetite? It would be backlight mods mainly for GBA consoles and original DMG Gameboy consoles. I could provide the whole thing or people could send me their consoles and I could mod and return. It's just an idea and will depend on the interest. Obviously there could already be someone offering a perfectly good service already in which case I'll leave it be, of course.
  12. This is Hip-Hop.

    Oddisee is an incredible artist. I've got tickets to see him live at Jazz Cafe in September
  13. This is Hip-Hop.

    I dunno man, I just have this crazy idea of them all being suspended in some huge glass display unit in a museum somewhere.
  14. This is Hip-Hop.

    Fuck...this is horrible http://pitchfork.com/news/46313-j-dillas-record-collection-for-sale-at-royal-oak-record-store/

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