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  1. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    Will that entail frantically tapping the screen like some kind of impatient lunatic? Probably not one to play in public.
  2. Yeah see...that doesn't sound good. If you/someone had been tinkering and THEN it didn't boot it could be a short (something touching something else that it shouldn't be touching!). If it's just randomly happened then this sounds terminal to be honest. A chip has probably popped. If it was just a fuse it would likely have been in the PSU but you've swapped that out and still no dice which makes me think this is more sinister. Of course, I could be completely wrong!
  3. I agree with Jei that initially it sounds like a short but be interesting to trace the fault back to when it first occured. You've probably told me before @Camel but my memory is shot! How did it very first happen? Just went to play it one day and it was faulty?
  4. Yeah I could sort this @wev if need be.
  5. I think you are right actually as the only place I could fine a matching controller was via a seller in the US
  6. I've got the Sega Sports version...which seems to be identical to this but with different stickers? Have put GDEMU and UK PSU in mine.
  7. But what about Dreamcast/Saturn/PS2 etc. If I could feel comfortable emulation would supply my fix for these consoles then I'd seriously consider just getting a pc with a flip off massive hard drive....I'd still keep my OG Xbox. Seeing as nothing can emulate the damn thing anyway.
  8. Haha!! I do LOVE a CRT. And I do love just looking at the consoles and occasionally stroking them...sometimes I even have time to PLAY them can you believe?
  9. Great thread, Treble. Now, here's a question...at what point is PC gaming going to satisfy a retro gamer enough to ditch all his/her old consoles? Retro-wise, right now I genuinely have all of these setup: Super Fami Jr with RGB mod + SD2SNES JAP Gamecube, GBA player with Xeno chip Original Xbox with Alladin chip and 500gb HD (Coin-ops etc) JAP White Sega Saturn with modchip JAP Megadrive 1 with Mega Everdrive JAP Dreamcast with GDEMU PS2 slim with Matrix 4 chip PSOne with modchip Wii with HB Channel etc + 1 million handhelds including official Nintendo/Sega stuff and PC/Android type stuff (GPDWin etc). My wife would love me to sell it. Convince me I could...and, say, just have a PC for 'sit down' gaming and keep my GPDWin for 'on the go' gaming.
  10. They are cute. I don't blame you! I've managed to make myself a proper backlit GB colour (GBA AGS 101 screen mod) so that gets nearly all the Gameboy action these days!
  11. Yeah it struggles. Need to use high power rechargeable batteries. If you run the pocket with backlight and a flash cart it doesn't cope that well to be honest!!
  12. Hello! Should be able to give you a few pointers here. First one...if it's your first GB mod I would advise against the pocket. It's actually a horrible mod to do. The screen is super fragile and you will ruin the connection between the ribbon and screen when trying to remove the film. Try an original DMG Secondly If you insist on the pocket you don't need the bivert mod. The contrast was much better on the pocket. Just backlight kit. Third...Get it (and any other GB kit) from deadpan robot. Great site and quality products. Hope that helps man. Drop me a PM if you have any other queries.
  13. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    It makes Ikaruga look piss easy. However, it probably lends itself to progression better than something like ikaruga as it's a quick reload and retry type setup...note; it is easy to lose hours playing it due to that fact!
  14. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    I've never been able to get more than 5 minutes into a Pokémon title...but if you tell me its a proper game then I trust you. It's not just walking round collecting stuff?
  15. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    Cuphead is great but hard as nails!
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