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    Prince - 20ten

    This album is a joy.
  2. biglime

    Lady GaGa

    Logging in purely to apologise for my idiotic first post - a fine example of how much crap I talked on this forum. She's amazing.
  3. Channel 4 have just said they're sacking the show after next year's one.
  4. Season 5 is probably my favourite after Season 2, which is the GOD OF ALL SEASONS OF ANYTHING. You Wire fans have nothing to fear. It's all sweet.
  5. Are you out of your mind? The new dynamic poses are amazing. Look at that one crawling on a wall! Amazing.
  6. Yeah, I mean...that film probably created some Buellers. Some Reaganite, horrible, sexist, bullying Buellers.
  7. That's beautiful. Beautiful. I've always kind of...horrible to say, but when someone tells me they love Ferris Bueller I've always taken them to be an arsehole. Obviously not the case since good people here like it. The character's just an upper-middle class materialist snob. It's a slice of the dark side of the 80s. It's not particularly funny, and it's damagingly aspirational. A total misfire. Ferris' friend is the only Hughesy character in there, really. Surely you're not meant to like Ferris? He's a monster. I don't know. I hate it. All Hughes' other stuff, though? Championing the average guy and girl, being human, heart everywhere? Beautiful.
  8. Yeah, I do. Ferris Bueller is an atrocity. But everything else the guy did is beautiful, pretty much. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a behemoth of humanity disguised as a fluffy comedy. A masterpiece.
  9. Yeah, I do. Ferris Bueller is an atrocity. But everything else the guy did is beautiful, pretty much. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a behemoth of humanity disguised as a fluffy comedy. A masterpiece.
  10. Impossible to dislike this. Impossible. More older men being silly on telly please.
  11. Terrible song? I give up. ON YOU.
  12. Now that's what I'm talking about.
  13. Nah, you don't get me. I'm saying that even a nomination in one of these things would be enough to let you know that the thing you're killing yourself making (the third series of videoGaiden was exhausting, a ridiculous task to take on in retrospect) is at least registering on the radar. You're saying about "celebrating the buzz around gaming" and I agree with that. Finding out you're not part of the buzz despite being on the third series of the only terrestrially broadcast games telly show is a downer. Like I said, we weren't gutted or anything, but there's no point pretending we didn't care. And telly producers care about things like awards - it didn't look great for us them seeing a guy's guest slots on Radio 1 nominated and us not registering even a blip on the radar. If you're not saying "What? they made the list and we didn't?" then you're either a liar or you don't think as much of your show as you should. Or something. I hope this all doesn't sound like whining or sour grapes. It wasn't a big deal really. MOTHERFUCKERS! Anyway, I'm playing games for fun again now. I doff my cap to those still talking about them.
  14. I think it's kinda a nice thing. I know that when Gerry of videoGaiden series 3 got nominated for his Channel M games show he was pretty happy. It's nice to be recognised for what you're doing, even if you think it's all a bit silly. His show got beaten by a guy who was invited onto Radio 1 to occasionally talk about games, if I recall, which highlights the silliness of the awards themselves. Oh, and OneLifeLeft got beaten by an xleague.tv effort. Christ almighty. Like I said, silly. I remember it being a bit of a kick in the balls when the nominations for 2008 went out and videoGaiden wasn't there anywhere. We were almost through a run of 18 online episodes, three telly specials, and hours of extra online content - and there was stuff like a Gamespot podcast on the list and no us. We weren't heartbroken or anything, but it was one of the first times we sort of thought "oh what's the point?" It's not that we wanted recognition or anything, it was more a realisation that despite knackering ourselves and no sleep and all the politics and the chasing guest stars and chasing games and all of that, no-one had really noticed what we were doing. So, yeah. I think it's kinda a nice thing.
  15. Space Hulk is a premium swapsy. I wouldn't part with mine unless you killed me first. You would literally have to kill me.
  16. But everyone needs to own the Internal Correspondence 1989 Gaming Flop of the Year. Me and Ryan saw Mid-Life Crisis in a shop last week.
  17. I wouldn't swap Shogun for anything. It's brilliant and is worth a good few quid. I hope youse are all still visiting my site. Stuck up a Tannhauser review today. I've also got my entire collection on there, for your nosy noses. DO CLICKY
  18. Yep. Can't get in. Bunch of fucking Jeremy Beetles.
  19. Probably the last games review by KG for a long time. So, y'know. Relish it.
  20. If this isn't an incredible cinema spectacle that leaves us unable to believe our eyes, it's failed. The ring should give FX men a license to go CRAZY.
  21. The game is strangely relaxing. Jump on, sniper rifle, find a quiet spot, sit, headshot headshot headshot while having a coffee. It's adorable.
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