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  1. The odd way in which Sony are going about things got me to thinking the other day that I wouldn't be too surprised if in the future we learn of an internal power struggle between Sony Japan and America about who and how the console should be marketed with Sony HQ in Japan winning out. I just can't see how the Sony that marketed PS4 is the same one in charge of PS5, a sort of like "Thanks for the PS4 success guys but we've got this one, see ya!"
  2. I see Astro Bots, hear all the familiar sound effects and get sad that it's not in VR Astro Bot Rescue Mission truly was a gaming revelation, up there with playing Mario 64 for the 1st time; Astro Bot belongs in VR!
  3. I expect as we get into October the Sony offensive will begin, all that we want to know is still a mystery and to a little extent frustrating when you see that Xbox fans are getting their info already and revelling in it. As someone with a PS5 pre-order I'm still excited and hyped to get the answers, we still have that to look forward to so I guess it's a case of letting Xbox have it's time in the spotlight and then for PS5 to have a go; they don't want to be competing for press coverage at the same time and risk getting over shadowed. The little things like saves not being compatible with
  4. It's fascinating to see so much negativity towards Sony; it flips flops from generation to generation, leader become the loser etc. Do you think it's just how people are? Like how the press will build up a celebrity just to tear them down and revel in it? It's a bizarre thing to witness over and over. Although I don't think it's just a pile on for the sake of it, Microsoft have done a lot to appeal to people, they've been open and honest because they had to be after Xbox One. It helps that they have someone who appears to care about games and gamers in charge. Just look at the official Xbox
  5. Did anyone manage to get one on All Access online via GAME or Smyths? What a mess that seems to have been; both sites buckled and still aren't working with Smyths telling people to go in store.
  6. I was able to get to checkout on Microsoft's site for a Series X, I'm not getting one I just wanted to see for a friend who was struggling earlier. They just created a massive DDoS attack with everyone on the sites at 8am; in that respect the randomness of PS5 kinda helped spread the load so sites stayed up a bit better.
  7. Also with all these RPG studios in hand the next Fable game might actually be good
  8. Microsoft really aren't taking any chances this time, $7.5 billion...mind blowing figure! I guess seeing how things turn out I might have to get an Xbox at some point
  9. I really do like how MS have designed the Series X, it's almost as if they had engineers and designers working together. Whereas Sony just laid it all out in a rectangle, saw it resembled Original XB One and slapped on some wings in a half arsed attempt to hide the similarity. It's really shocking how bad PS5 looks, they've been working on it for years and this is the best they could come up with? WTF! It better be fucking whisper quiet, there better be an awesome cooling system there as a pay off for this monstrosity.
  10. I'm so glad I got a pre-order in with Amazon this morning, I had my heart set on using SimplyGames because I like them and would rather give them my money than Amazon but I jumped at the first chance to get one. SimplyGames has crashed so bad after just opening up orders and they're only selling bundles it would seem; I'd be in such a panic right now if I had relied on them and the site wouldn't work.
  11. I like the PS 1st party titles more than I do Xbox; I feel the games on PS are more tuned to what I like; big single player story driven games; TLOU, God of War, Demons Soul, Spider-Man etc I like the trophy system and have built up a nice level with PS3 & 4 So I figure keep that going too. I'd be staying with PlayStation this gen so why not get in on launch day and experience the hype and excitement that brings with it
  12. I just thought of a benefit to the USA etc getting the console a week before us in Europe is that at least we'll know things such as; how loud the fans are, what kind of failure rate there is and someone will have done a tear down video. Giving us a heads up and enough time to cancel if things don't seem right or not what we wanted etc. I know for sure if it's as loud as a PS4 or Pro gets when playing games I'll be cancelling; there's no excuse for poor cooling when you're delivering a console that size.
  13. Not me but for those who do find themselves in that situation I'm sure they won't be lumbered with them, if there is a limited / no restock for Christmas it's gonna be a scalpers paradise on eBay
  14. Yeah, AO let's go! Not seen the ads on TV? I always thought of it as a catalogue company type thing, never used them though.
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