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  1. If Flanagan can do it in the league, I'm sure Baines can. I don't see how it's particularly hard. Italy likely won't use proper wingers, Uruguay I dont know and Costa Rica are Costa Rica. So it's good for the group stage. Even if he played against Ronaldo, playing on the opposite side will help defend against him when he cuts inside. And still, the options are play Johnson or either of two centre backs at right back. I'll take Baines every time.
  2. I reckon we can just play Baines at right back. Shaw at left back.
  3. was it a United and Everton arnt a big club joke? gr8 1
  4. Yeah not it's not like he'd pick anyone from that small club Everton is it? He's just a shit manager.
  5. Have to question why'd you'd leave Barry and Carrick out and then use Henderson in the role they are made for.
  6. How can he bring goals and assists from the bench? And who gives a toss about how happy his family is "I don't want to put a figure on how many but I would rather have one or two absolute top players than seven that might not help us."
  7. Angel Di Maria: "It hurts when you’re always doing your best for your club and then you hear you might be going to Tottenham." Also right, I thought all the Liverpool fans were on about signing two or three top quality players. And they've signed the hippo.
  8. Home win/Draw/Away win notation i think
  9. No other club/fans would accommodate his laziness
  10. Hamilton's comments to Jennie Gow are laughable, he's such a berk sometimes.
  11. He just wants more money from City, he's not actually pissed off.
  12. Giggs has retired as a player.
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