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  1. Yeah that's the issue. With digital games you get 2 licenses - an offline license (tied to the buyer's 'home console' which any account can play on without the buyer being logged in) and an online license (tied to the buyer's account which must be logged in to play the game). There's no 'home console' setting to enable on the PC so you must use the online license.
  2. On Xbox it doesn't matter how the game is installed - it's all the same thing (so for example you can install from a disc you've borrowed if you have crap internet, then buy a digital license and you won't need the disc anymore and no need to delete/reinstall anything). It's just the license type that differs - digital (tied to the account) or disc (tied to the disc). A digital license can be shared and therefore used by the owner + 1 other account at the same time using the home console/family sharing feature, but this is limited on PC where only the account that purchased the game (or has an active game pass sub) can play the game on PC. You can still share the game , but the license owner must play on the PC. In your scenario as I understand it that's the issue, and there's no workaround that I'm aware of. Unfortunately you either settle with letting your son have the 4K TV or buy a digital license on his account so he can play on the PC. Or you play on his account and vice versa? Not ideal but saves buying another copy of the game.
  3. Unless they've specifically blocked Sea of Thieves it should work with the right setup. The profile/gamertag with Game Pass subscription needs to be the one logged in and playing on PC The same profile/gamertag must have the Xbox One set as their 'home console' how-to on Xbox.com Any other profile/gamertag should then be able to play game pass games on that console at the same time
  4. My Xbox One code redeemed and pre-loaded but I can't play it. It's got 'pre-order' over the tile/icon.
  5. kanedaa

    Mario Kart 8

    I'm the lurker that joined earlier and took a thrashing Good fun though and nice to play in a nearly full lobby.
  6. I have 'Finale' and 'The Lab' cards for Portal 2 I'll happily trade for Proteus if you still have it. My steam user id is kanedaa
  7. Hey folks. Anyone playing this on PC and wants to add me for autolog goodness? My Origin username is kanedaa2 Also curious if anyone else here is playing this on multiple formats? I'd read about how autolog in this supported cross-format scoring and was wondering if others had the same experience as me. That is - it tracks my SP across multiple formats and shows my friends from multiple formats in the Most Wanted scoreboard with their total SP, but the really cool stuff, speed cameras, event times etc, are limited by format (so my friends scores from the 360 aren't shown for those aspects on the PC version).
  8. Got one you can have. Played it on 360 and no desire to play it again. Decent game, but I reckon you'll hate it the way you hate all Dirt games
  9. kanedaa


    Played this with mr_woo and can pretty much echo his thoughts. Even going through it on easy we were both surprised at how quickly you can die, so when I replayed some checkpoints solo on normal/hard it was no surprise to find the boss fights can be really frustrating, with some really cheap deaths. Motto of the story - play it co-op, stick it on easy, enjoy the silliness and go crazy with the grav powers which are a lot of fun. Some additional gripes include the sheer number of cutscenes in the first few chapters, where it's literally 'walk ten paces' cutscene 'kill 5 guys' cutscene etc. I also found the controls a little but clunky, particularly later on where you can tell they want you to switch grav modes back and forth in battle, but with how easy you get cut down it just doesn't seem workable. Again, playing in co-op could help here if you're co-ordinated, as one could focus on low grav while the other uses high grav.
  10. Big thanks to dood for sorting out the Borderlands 2 multi-buy deal. For anyone who missed out, GMG (if they get it sorted*) are offering the PC DVD version for £19.99 from now until noon tomorrow. It's steamworks afaik, so providing they deliver on time (they state "delivered for release" even on the free 2nd class option) you should be playing the same day as those who get it through steam. http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/promo/borderland-2-deals/ *at the time of posting the promo price isn't showing but it's definitely a deal. They're doing PC DVD offers each day at the moment, to promote the new physical copy side of their shop.
  11. Hey, I'm new here - just signed up today but have been lurking for months. I'd really like to get in on this if possible, but I know it's a little rich me asking with no real presence here. I can say that mr_woo will vouch for me (or at least I hope he will!). I don't think I can even PM at the moment, and am limited to one post today, but you can email me using my username at o2 dot co dot uk Again, totally understand if you'd rather not and keep it to more established members. I can pay straight away by paypal. And my steam username is kanedaa_pc so you can find me on there.
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