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  1. Unpopular opinion: I've never liked Dominic Armato as Guybrush. He sounds like he is just 'reading lines' - each has the same cadence. One line is simply Guybrush blowing a raspberry but Armato pronounces it "thblblblb". To be fair that's the director's job - they should have asked him to record it again. It was like no-one was paying attention. Very excited for the new game though. Happy for Gilbert to use whatever art-style he chooses!
  2. Morning peeps, quick question: My son is playing The Pit on PS5 and keeps getting added to the Game Channel chat room. We can't work out how to leave - have to mute microphone and turn down the speaker. Not ideal. Am I missing something?
  3. Af'noon all. Just a quick, delighted 'me too' on the RetroPie. My Pi3 couldn't hack running a Minecraft server so it was either this or the back of the cupboard. Impressed how crisply it looks and runs. Little exasperated at the file management required. I just want to give my sprogs a little 'classical' education: Top ten for each platform would be plenty and still result in 270 games. I downloaded a few collections from The Internet Archive and am immediately swamped! Nearly 10 000 games for the Spectrum? Nope. No way. Even with your excellent 'Recommended game lists' each single title has upwards of 15 versions. I randomly pick one that doesn't have 'JP' in the filename and so far they've worked. Could be smoother Anyway, great fun. Haven't had to modify anything. Worked straight out of the box. Lovely.
  4. Slight correction here - before anyone makes the mistake I just made: Whilst the PS4 edition is now bedrock, it does not support Realms. Despite much googling 'Minecraft PS4 crossplay' and reading the description on the PS Store before paying for it, this was not at all clear
  5. Tried to jump on tram. Pressed triangle to 'enter vehicle', pressed square to 'jump or climb'; got run over by tram.
  6. 15 hours in and I’m still pausing to read the button prompts. It’s like the longest Quick Time Event ever
  7. Chuck another video game podcast on the pile: Checkpoint Magazine Podcast. Two blokes chatting about games: RADICAL NEW FORMAT
  8. Similar: Sound of Cinema Video Game Music Special but not linked as recommended on Sounds as they clearly don't have their metadata in order
  9. I’m getting an expensive sinking feeling having forked out for this game… !! Anyone else - when playing this game - get a warm, happy feeling remembering playing the first one for months eight years ago; then notice the gameplay isn’t all that different, so decide to switch it off and reminisce instead of putting all those hours in again?
  10. Keep it held. Steer with the left stick, don't need to push forward. Tap X if you fall behind. Press and hold the touchpad (PS4) to enter cinema mode and it will do the steering and pacing for you but you still need to hold X.
  11. Wow! Cockpit cam in 2D games is like a washing machine. 17th second of that video hints there is auto-levelling, so the game remains playable around corners
  12. Been dipping into this every night for a bit of wind down waiting, running, waiting, gunning. Last night I spent two minutes with my crosshairs aimed at a door. Game of the year! Blew the dust off GTAV to play their version, Motor Wars. An hour of installing later and Motor Wars is a hyped up, rodeo, circus, monster truck rally of Battle Royale. Explosions, cars flipping, turrets firing and being repeatedly run over. Keep doing what you're doing, Rockstar!
  13. Bumping because I love this sort of discussion and some of the ideas on here are great. Look, Hollywood Valet has sort-of been made as No Brakes Valet! So here's one of mine, prompted by every game that uses the word 'evolve' incorrectly... ! SELECTION PRESSURE "A first-person shooter in which all the enemies evolve against you. Day and night cycles represent multi-generational evolutionary leaps, as surviving monsters cross-breed to mingle attributes. In the day cycle monsters jump, fly, swim and crawl over the landscape towards you: You blast them as best you can. In the night cycle the survivors interbreed, taking characteristics from each parent (and additional random mutations): the resultant generation attacking the next day. The new monsters may not be able to walk but will have huge teeth; they may fly right at you but be unable to inflict damage. The key factor is that their parents are the ones you allowed to live; the ones you couldn't kill. For example: If you aren't good at water sections and close-combat, the next generation will be sharp-clawed swimmers. Every game different. One player against an evolving horde."
  14. @TehStu What you are looking for just works: One person starts a world on iPhone, Android or Windows 10; everyone else on the same wi-fi sees it under 'Friends', joins in. You don't need Realms. You don't even need Live accounts. Enjoy!
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