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  1. For me the least successful part of Driveclub are the online multiplayer races so far, primarily because there are no private lobbies. Most online races with randoms inevitably ends up in carnage at the first corner, it's the same with Forza, FH (less so due to open spaces), GT etc. The strength of Driveclub is the normal tour events which I've enjoyed so far but more so the Time-Trialling, race repeat to shave tenths off your time. The Average Speed and Corner challenges are a great addition (Drift ones are ok if you've already ruined your lap, otherwise I just ignore), they really focus the mind on a lap and invariably improve your lap time. I think those who've grown up on SEGA racers and Ridge Racer will love Driveclub the most. I never had the same desire to shave tenths off my time in FH1, once the event was beat I'd just move onto the next one. Even when prompted with a friends time at the end of a race I'd usually skip and move on to the next event on the map unless it was a particular friend or enjoyable event. Part of the issue in FH1 was the Fast Travel which should have been opened up for any completed event straight away. I think Fast Travel Anywhere was behind a pay wall too if I remember correctly, which was complete bollocks. Hopefully changed in FH2. The games are being compared due to being big name games on each machine, released at the same time and due to the obvious issues DC has plus the general fanboy 'mine is better than yours' trolling, when in reality they're completely different styles of game. I actually feel a closer link to Forza due to the shave tenths off your lap mentality than with FH.
  2. Yep fair enough, I'm going to stick to posting about the game, much more enjoyable.
  3. Er the launch was a point in time, in the past, we're now post launch, if you want to be pedantic.
  4. Really, I thought it was a reasonable response to 'most have moved on', point being it's not like everyone has just traded in their copy and moved on. The launch was a disaster but it's not an unrecoverable position especially if the underlying game is good. @PC Master Race, I don't mind people talking about the game, the game is a bit dull without the online but it's changing now for the better. Evolution messed up but I'd rather they survived and Driveclub is a success rather than another racing game Dev go out of business. Maybe give it a try again when it's fully functional (if you've still got a copy) you might be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Why don't people just give it a rest now and leave this thread to people who are actually interested in the game. With the number of digital sales that were made I suspect there's an eager base of people waiting to play the game.
  6. 3 ghosts which I think are, you best time, perhaps nearest club/friend and top time. Sometimes it took a lap or two for ghosts to appear but once there they hung around even during the odd disconnect (which generally reconnected again). Biggest improvement for a while. The game is a completely different beast once the online stuff works.
  7. I've just had an awesome afternoon playing time trials with leaderboards, ghosts and face-offs working, brilliant. Took down Joe McSpeed including corner and average speed face-offs on one of the Canadian tracks in a Ferrari California to go No 1. In the world, I'll take it while I can The issues are well documented but once this is fully working it will be fantastic, especially for time-trialling.
  8. So do you think Driverclub's problems are down to a) PSN or b) Evolution's servers.
  9. I've been playing this over the last few nights since it went to Release candidate 1, mostly multi-player in Ferrari 458 GTs and McLaren MP4Cs around Spa and Nurburgring GP. It still has a few rough edges, the interface is a bit meh but the driving/handling is brilliant. Having mostly played Gran Turismo and Froza previously, this is my first PC Sim and it's a significant step on in terms of handling, force feedback and immersion. It's also much more difficult which generally means I get completely absorbed in it as I'm having to concentrate much more.
  10. @MattyP, I hope you enjoy the Bone and Forza. They may be great with a pad (I think ok) but driving games (sim focused) go to another level when played with a wheel. Both Microsoft and Sony have let us down in this respect.
  11. @rafaqat I was also responding to the Bone is the only choice for driving games. Right now it's debatable unless you have no patience, plenty of money or must play Forza(s). PS4 is likely to have best multi-plats and it's own exclusives mid to long term.
  12. Ha ha got to laugh at those EDGE scores. At least it confirms that those playing FH2 can't be enjoying it as much as they think they are and those playing Driveclub are enjoying it more than they think they are. ^^^^^^^ Joke.
  13. Obviously at the moment no one is going to make such a recommendation without a load of caveats. However, once the server issues are sorted I'd have no hesitation recommending Driveclub. Neither the Bone nor the PS4 is a great place to be if you're a console racing fan and you want to use a wheel as you're going to have to buy a whole new set-up. The link posted by PC Master Race gives some hope (unlikely as it may be) that Fanatec et al last gen wheels could one day be supported on PS4, as far as I understand there's zero chance of that ever happing on the Bone. Some people are still enjoying Driveclub even with the current issues, many have finished the single player tour and mentioned how much they enjoyed it. It's not quite the utterly broken mess it's held up to be by many, often by those that haven't played it. I've decided to hold off playing it much more until the server issues are fixed, not ideal and I'm annoyed I paid money for a game that has these issues but it's not the PS4 Apocalypse either. People should buy a Bone because they want to play FH2 and whatever other games but shouldn't buy a Bone as a knee jerk reaction to Driveclub not working as they'll probably regret it.
  14. Hey, if they want to buy a Bone it's up to them! Can't be long until Microsoft release FH2 on PC anyway.
  15. It's possible some of the changes they've done to restrict traffic have inadvertently broken the leaderboards as they used to work. Also, I think a fair few people are still playing it, multi-player lobbies are full and people are still playing the tour. An unacceptable situation but I'm still hoping that a few code tweaks and bringing more servers online will sort it out.
  16. Nope, there's not a chance in hell (if they've got any sense) they'll announce the PS+ edition until the server issues are sorted (and scalable). If they release the PS+ edition and bring down their servers again then I think the internet will explode due to all the pics that will be posted from FH2 to prove it's much sunnier there.
  17. So what does a Club of up to 1000 give you in FH2 over just being able to compare times etc. with your Friend's list? I didn't think clubs were that big a deal in FH1, are they any different in 2? Also, I wonder if there's any technical reason that Driveclub couldn't just patch in bigger clubs. I remember them saying it was a specific design decision. Without the servers fully functional it's difficult to say how good a decision that was, 6 seems small though but it's probably to do with club vs club racing.
  18. @footie the aim must be to get the server issues fixed and PS Plus edition out before Xmas, if they can do that then it's bound to lead to a large number of sales from those with a PS4 under the tree. Miss Xmas with the PS Plus edition and I think it's game over for Driveclub.
  19. For me it's PC for Sim racing, very disappointed that neither the PS4 nor ONE support last gen wheels.
  20. Devs mentioned on twitter about Drift scores appearing as speed challenges.
  21. Apart from the other 20,000 above you that haven't been able to post a time either
  22. Sorely tempted but there's nothing else on the system that interests me, for me Forza 5 is a non-starter without a wheel. I hope they don't buy in haste and repent at leisure!
  23. Online's ok but time trials aren't saving times, used to but not now.
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