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  1. scoobysi

    F1 22

    It’s fine but there is a mid-session save too if you need a break. The Adaptive Triggers in this are not the workout that they are in something like Dirt 5.
  2. scoobysi

    F1 22

    The DualSense really is fantastic for racing games, currently practicing Austria and the subtle kick back on the triggers as you exit Turn 3 and the tyres struggle for grip is lovely.
  3. I’d prefer, PS Plus Basic (Cloud Saves and MP) at a much lower cost and PS Plus Premium which is everything else.
  4. scoobysi

    F1 22

    You can download setups from the leaderboards too which is nice and also set anyone as a rival to race their ghost.
  5. scoobysi

    F1 22

    I’m on PS5 with a DualSense rather than wheel and must say I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I’m running with no assists and actually finding it very predictable. Perhaps it’s a bit more forgiving with a pad, although you still need to be careful putting the power down. Racing the AI Is also very satisfying, at the moment I’m against level 79 which is the top of hard difficulty and qualified 2nd in the Ferrari at Silverstone. I’m going to run my Driver Career in parallel with the real season, 50% races, replacing Sainz and will do a My Team season from the beginning, maybe with 25% races. @Thor the track limits in TT are very strict, you get used to them but they are much more forgiving in Career, there are a couple of levels, I chose the less strict.
  6. It’s a game I’ve wanted for a long time but I have so many games in my backlog that I’m making a conscious effort to clear those first, many of which are PS Plus games e.g. God of War, Control Ultimate, Sniper 4 etc. so no need to upgrade PS Plus at the moment either. The only real exceptions is Racing games e.g. GT7 and F1 22.
  7. I picked up a copy on eBay last year for £28 so you don’t have to pay anywhere near full price. It must be a dead cert for PS Plus though. The only thing I’m really interested in is Returnal, that seems to be going for under £30 now so I’ll probably wait a few months to see what they add and then either upgrade to Extra or just buy it if the price drops further, which I think it’s bound to now.
  8. I installed PS5 F1 22, it’s 45GB and I had 62GB free, so it’s a bit odd what is happening with you.
  9. scoobysi

    F1 22

    Downloaded, not long now 😀.
  10. You really should stick with it, it’s a brilliant game if you can just get past that section, I don’t think that’s too representative of the whole game.
  11. Looks like it’s one of the few incompatible titles, it gives a warning of unexpected behaviour on PS5, started first time when I tried it second time it hung. Moved it back to external USB and it has started again but who knows for how long.
  12. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate is on PS4 if that’s of any use. It has been given away on Plus before, I think, but I guess you don’t have it.
  13. Finishing a game to find I’ve only completed 3% of Trophies, I don’t give a f**k about Trophies but it hacks me off. I’ve completed more than 3% of the f**king game.
  14. @kiroquaior is your Now Subscription stacked beyond April 2023? Although I thought they were taking latest date, not at all confusing.
  15. That just look like speculation, they maybe just need to get new cards out to retail to make it clear what tier you’re getting, so could just be that. Would seem odd otherwise, as I expect they’re popular as gifts. You would’ve thought a digital switch would be relatively quick though.
  16. I hope you’re not paying £50, generally around Black Friday the subs go for £30 on places like ShopTo and are also discounted on PSN where you could then also use cheap credit. Or perhaps you mean ShopTo would then sell for £20 or something, which would be nice 😀. I doubt it though.
  17. I wouldn’t call PS5 Astrobot a demo, a short game yes but not a demo.
  18. Maybe as a % of players GT Sport MP is low but I always thought it was one of the more popular MP racing games, I never struggled to find populated races but I also haven’t played it seriously for a few years. Also, I expect the MP/SP ratio tailed off during the life of the game, as it went into sales etc. and those people picking it up cheap didn’t play it much and we’re mostly interested in the SP. Anybody interested in the MP probably bought it close to release as it gained a very good reputation quickly. Who knows what they’re doing with GT7 but I wouldn’t read much into the state of it as the whole game was a bit half baked and they’re just playing catch-up.
  19. 1. F1 22 (Jun 2022) It’s F1 and basically the next game I’m buying, preordered. 2. God of War Ragnarok (2022) Still to play the original but this is bound to be one of the best games of the next 18mths. 3. Test Drive Solar Crown (2023) FH5 left me cold so I’m betting on this for my open world driving fix. 4. F1 Manager 22 (Aug 2022) More F1 but looking surprisingly great. 5. FIFA 23 (Sep 2022) It’s World Cup Year, so have to. It’ll be Tournament time with my son, which he always wins lol. 6. Forza Motorsport (2023) I suspect it’ll be more of the same but I just hope they bring something refreshing to the racing genre. If so I might sub to GPU on PC for a few months. There are a few others but I suspect they’re more than 18mths out Spider-Man 2 IO James Bond game Wolverine I hope Sony and Nintendo have some surprises in store, if not my backlog including God of War, Control, Days Gone, Hollow Knight, Sniper 4 and Jedi Fallen Order will keep me going.
  20. scoobysi

    F1 22

    I’m thoroughly enjoying F1 21, primarily due to the DualSense and I’ve pre-ordered 22. I enjoy racing the AI much more than most other racers, having some really good to and fro battles. In theory I like VR, PSVR has some cool games but these days I’d rather just lounge on the couch. It probably also helps that I haven’t played an F1 game seriously since the 360 days, maybe 2013 being the last and only dabbling since. Really looking forward to the launch of 22.
  21. I stopped both Last of Us 2 and Uncharted 4 about half way through a number of years back. I’ve recently finished both and enjoyed them much more this time. It also helps when games I haven’t finished get a PS5 update, it tweaks my interest again. I’m making a concerted effort to finish games on my backlog now, though I’m not sure I’ll manage it with Elden Ring, I really enjoy it while playing but oddly it doesn’t pull me back, I think it’s partly because I find the bosses quite difficult, I know they’re meant to be and you learn etc. but I’m just not sure it’s my thing. I’ll probably chip away at it for years though.
  22. Finished this last night, really enjoyed it. Not sure why it didn’t click the first time I played it, perhaps it was just bad timing vs something else I’d recently played, I remember it feeling like a bit of a slog. The PS5 upgrade is lovely too, so that probably helped. I want UC5 now ☹️, at least I still have The Lost Legacy to play.
  23. I agree re cuts, probably by about 1/3rd but I’d take a chunk out of Seattle, I found it a bit repetitive in the end which caused me to put it down for about a year. Ended up feeling like LOU2 Part 1 and LOU2 Part 2 for me. I think LOU is about the perfect length, I’ve played through it multiple times but doubt I’ll do that with LOU2.
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