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  1. Yep, they don’t deserve any support. Release a shoddy licensed game they knew would sell and then drop it.
  2. That would be good but a bit of hassle 😀. Other than having to reboot them every now and again they seem to work ok with Sky Q etc. so it’s not too much of an issue. They’re slower than my wi-if but fast enough for 4K streaming/download and avoids clashes with SONOS.
  3. Must be something to do with the TPLink adapters then, they seem to work for a bit but often I’d find the download had stopped after a bit in rest mode.
  4. Updates, including for GT7, pop for me as soon as I turn the PS5 on. I tend not to use rest mode though, only occasionally to finish an update. One thing I have noticed is the TPLink power line adapters I have (pretty old ones) don’t work with rest mode, PS5 needs to be on Wi-Fi. Not sure if that’s standard with PS5 and Ethernet or whether it’s the adapters.
  5. Picked this up on PS Plus for PS5, so far I think it’s great. Started with the M3 which is a good drifter with 3 separate boosts which I prefer over the hold to boost of other cars at the moment, managing to win on medium as long as I don’t make too many mistakes. The feeling of speed is sensational at times 😀. Haptics are good with the different surfaces but I turned the triggers to low as they just felt odd initially. Track design seems good at the moment, just started to see some alternate routes. Not sure whether I’ll get bored of it as the locations don’t seem to play much part, (basement and garage so far) as they do in something like micro machines but as a freebie on PS Plus it’s excellent. Having areas of the map visible but not obviously (unless I’ve missed something) behind DLC is a bit naff though.
  6. I’m playing fewer games but finishing more these days, partly due to increased prices but mostly due to the realisation that I already have too many games. I’m making a concerted effort to finish off PS4 games, picking those that have had a decent PS5 upgrade, so far this year, Ghost of Tsushima DC, Horizon ZD, Last of Us2, Uncharted4 and UC Lost Legacy. I also have Guardians of the Galaxy sitting around 85%, so need to get back to that. However, the last 6 months have been dominated by F1 and FIFA, games that I’ve fallen in love with again with the most recent versions but neither of which you can really finish.
  7. I worry that I’m getting tired of racing games, Wreckfest being the one exception of late. I feel like I’ve played everything else before. I really really hope this is good.
  8. Yep, it doesn’t gel very well to me but maybe it’ll be better when playing it. I’ll certainly download the 10hr trial.
  9. The co-driver sounds awful, like something from an old arcade game.
  10. It got good reviews/word of mouth but I think the difficulty was a bit off going between easy/medium.
  11. I came straight off playing EG on PS4 and initially I was a little disappointed, had similar thoughts about it feeling more like a mobile game. However, it has grown on me as I’ve played it today, I have 1 mini golfer left to get rid of and I’m onto Tour 3.
  12. The other option might be to try a factory reset but with the obvious pain and won’t make a difference if it’s hardware.
  13. Are you using the front USB port? Just for info in case you have one lying around, I often use a Switch Pro Controller cable.
  14. Ah, so is it not by Bugbear then, I didn’t pay any attention to that lol.
  15. Aerial tracks remind me of Trackmania, all looks a bit odd and not particularly Wreckfest.
  16. I’ve not played it much so far but the haptics on PS5 are disappointing, there’s very little sense of contact between the tyres and road and therefore the cars feel like they’re turning on a central pivot. It’s a bit different with the Story mode though so I’ll give it a chance.
  17. I use https://gameye.app, it works with https://thegamesdb.net so if something is missing you can add it to that. I mainly use tags to track things e.g. if there is something on EA Play or PS Plus that I want to play or to track games I have a Platinum Trophy on etc.
  18. Grid Legends has been added to EA Play and therefore GPU. I don’t expect much but will give it a go on PS5.
  19. I worry it might need more than a tweak! Tyre compounds are so fundamental that they must’ve known about this issue for some time. Just another Publisher/Developer (no doubt bound by contracts in this case) that expects you to preorder and wait for a patch.
  20. Cheers, hopefully it’ll be patched swiftly.
  21. Do different tyre compounds (S/M/H) have an impact on pace? Seems to have been a bug but was it fixed in day 1 patch? Close to buying this but tyres are pretty fundamental to strategy and therefore the game.
  22. How’s menu navigation with a controller? Any option on PS5 to use a gyro/motion pointer?
  23. I don’t think it’s an EA game.
  24. Yep, my only point is that if you’re new to Plus you now have to pay more (subscription wise) to access the games than previously. I guess it’s cheaper to licence games for the higher tiers, as access is temporary whereas on the lowest tier you retain access as long as you’re subscribed.
  25. The Yakuza games have been on Plus before, now they’ve only come back on the top two tiers rather than the basic tier. Why not make them available on the lowest tier again too?
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