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  1. Quite possibly but I’m not sure you can guarantee the source of the codes in the same way you can with e.g. ShopTo.
  2. Eneba’s just a marketplace of sellers isn’t it? Codes could come from anywhere.
  3. Sounds like a 3rd part seller on Amazon.
  4. I’ve just started this and I’m loving it too. It reminds me a lot of Nights with the world to run around in and then the (cyberspace) levels to perfect and achieve an S Rank on.
  5. Yep I’ve had access to Fallen Order through EA Play on PS for a while now but it’ll be nice to add it to the PS Plus Library as I still haven’t got round to it. Was the same with Mass Effect previously. Pretty good months recently.
  6. Good luck trying to determine that here!
  7. I received Horizon FW yesterday, it’s so good to be back in the world, what a beautiful game, the way they capture the natural characteristics of the animals is a lot of what makes these games for me. Great characters and story too.
  8. Yep but with the cheap ShopTo credit I have, that comes in around £35 which is more like it. I’ll probably wait until the New Year anyway, see what Santa brings first 😀.
  9. £21.99 with £26 PS Plus Points, FU Microsoft, 😂. Is the base game in a sale on the XBOX? Would be nice if that got a 40% discount too.
  10. It is, Palace Edition is now £47.99 on PSN (40% off) until 6 Jan. Unfortunately the Standard edition hasn’t been reduced.
  11. Space was probably pre-allocated and then freed up when they installed (or you removed them from the queue). Probably made worse if there were multiple PS4 games in the queue.
  12. Yeah I get that, it just such a naff scheme. Reward people for what they do (buying stuff, loyalty etc.) not for some random shit you want to make them do.
  13. What’s 50 points worth, it’ll probably consume more electricity than it’s worth downloading the thing?
  14. I think Spidey games are greater on higher difficulties, especially on subsequent play throughs, I think it makes you use more use of your gadgets etc. Think I’ll reinstall MM for Xmas.
  15. I’m playing NFS:HP Remastered at the moment and finding that I’m wishing I was playing this (trial finished), so it must be doing something right. The drifting in HP is perfection though and Unbound feels a little clunky in comparison, until you get used to it.
  16. Value is much more subjective though. It’s not the £70 price per se that bothers me (that’s more dependent on the game) more the fact that a game will likely be in a sale or on a subscription service within a few months (if not a launch). It completely undermines the value games in my mind.
  17. Lol 10hrs is quite generous I guess. I’m gradually chipping away at Grid Legends on EA Play but it didn’t really grab me.
  18. I didn’t realise their trials were content limited, I thought it was the full game for 10hrs. Bit rubbish.
  19. I’ve just finished the 10hr trial and this game has grabbed me far more than FH5, Grid Legends and Hot Wheels ever did so it’s doing something right. I thought the world was quite cool, a bit grey perhaps, I discovered a few surprises and as usual the more you get to know the world the better. Some great sections to race on and shortcuts to be discovered too. It’s a solid and very surprising 8/10 for me, the online seemed a bit meh but I didn’t give it much time, I doubt anything will ever come close to Burnout Paradise for me in that respect. Price is too high for me though, might go back to Hot Pursuit while I wait for a Sale on this.
  20. Not every race results in cop chase afterwards but it is part of the gameplay I guess so if you don’t like it then it’s probably not for you. I quite like trying to outsmart them, just lost a 4 star pursuit by taking a last minute exit off the freeway through some barriers while the cops sailed on past, made me grin 😄.
  21. At least the increased price of games means I’m buying fewer but getting better value from those I do buy, by playing them longer/completing them. If I need to spend over £50 on a game then I’m probably not buying it on release.
  22. I certainly wouldn’t recommend spending £70 on this, or pretty much any game, but there’s some tactics to use with the cops. If you meet one coming straight at you then use nitrous to boost past and out of range before you’re spotted. Drive in oncoming lanes as much as possible to build up blue nitrous, so it’s ready when needed. If you come up behind one then slow and follow it until it turns off, it won’t spot you even if you’re on its bumper or alternatively, if it’s a patrol/4WD rather than high pursuit just boost past it. Use the mini-map, often you can just drive round them, using off-ramps and on-ramps on the motorways etc. but sometimes you do just end up boxed in. If you end up in a chase Normal patrol cars can be rammed and destroyed or just outrun High Pursuit cars don’t like off-road Helicopters run out of fuel quite quickly or use below street level roads in the city or drain pipes etc. to lose them. Keep using yellow nitrous built up from drafting etc. as it’s use it or lose it. I’m also playing on the difficulty one level below the top where the cops are a bit less aggressive. The difficulty can be changed whenever you’re in your garage/safe-house but seems ok for me at the moment as I’m not winning every race. If you don’t like open world racers/collectibles then you won’t like this but I much prefer this over FH5. I think primarily because each day is focused on 3 or 4 events and therefore has a bit of structure whereas I felt a bit overwhelmed by FH5 from the start. I think I have 52mins of my trial left and doubt I’ll get to the end of week one which is a shame. Has any one done the event at the end of the week, do you win another car at that point?
  23. I try and avoid the cops mostly, which is not too bad if you use the radar. If you pass one use your nitrous and often you’ll be out of range while they’re still spotting. I agree it’s annoying at times though, there are just too many of them floating round the map. I generally use the drive to meets to pickup a few collectibles on the way, so don’t mind that, and will often get distracted, which is probably why I won’t get to the end of week 1 during the trial.
  24. Doh, why didn’t I realise this, cheers. I’m still in week 1 so your slow A car is my fast car 😁. *** probably as I haven’t bought another car either as didn’t think I’d be able to use them both.
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