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  1. I agree (especially while limited by being cross-gen) but I’ll probably bite with cheap credit making it around £62, although I won’t be preordering. Disk copies will be cheaper still but I gameshare with my son and it’s a game I’d rather have digitally anyway. Having recently picked up an as new copy of R&C Rift Apart off eBay for under £28 (and will probably be able to do the same for Returnal by the time I get round to that), there’s probably only this and maybe Horizon Forbidden West that I’ll consider buying on release.
  2. I’m sure that’s just a general but of blurb to cover themselves, I wouldn’t expect any issues with drives of the correct spec.
  3. Agreed, that one simple change would make such a difference.
  4. I think the challenges are the worst part of the game, all a bit pointless, I just tend to ignore them now.
  5. I love the arcade racers this is being compared to but I just don’t see that sort of quality in this. I’ll be interested to hear how people get on with it and I hope I’m wrong.
  6. You’ll definitely need 2TB
  7. Maybe the start of a biome or something would be a natural break. I know what you mean though, when you’re in the zone it’s hard to pick it up again sometimes.
  8. Any news on whether a mid-game save is to be patched in?
  9. I’ve got both of those and a 360 too, good times .
  10. I loved Forza 3 & 4 but since then the games have hardly made a ripple, can’t say I’ve heard/read much about F7 other than didn’t have a bit of a difficult launch on PC? I’m interested to see what F8 is like, on Series S especially.
  11. I’d forgotten about this, I enjoyed the bike bits in the beta but not sure the rest was as good as Steep. Definitely one to pick up when cheaper but not sure on release.
  12. I don’t like the Switch store tbh but then I generally just search for a game and find it quite easily on either. On PS5 you can use voice search too which is nice.
  13. I find it adequate but it won’t win any awards.
  14. I like the PS5, PS4 etc. indication on a game, small but nice QOL upgrade.
  15. It’s not irrelevant though as runs can take a few hours so you’ll end up needing to use rest mode. It’s obviously the way they designed it (and probably why they haven’t patched it) but unfortunately it doesn’t fit with how I use my PS5. Shame as I really want to play it. I don’t have a XBOX but it feels like it needs something similar to quick resume so you can at least switch the PS5 off or play something else.
  16. I’ve just grabbed R&C Rift Apart off eBay and will pick up Returnal if they ever add the ability to save, still can’t believe they haven’t patched that in yet. I’m currently playing GoT DC, F1 2021/PCars 3/Wreckfest and HZD with plenty PS4 games in the backlog. Christmas gaming will be Miles Morales NG+ and HZD Frozen Wilds, perhaps supplemented with Metroid and Super Monkey Ball.
  17. Read the Metro review which is not as glowing or buy from Curry’s for £42.49 (seems like a good price?) if you still can’t resist (offer ends today) .
  18. I read that new tracks are introduced when you start a new season in career mode.
  19. I wonder if it’s all to do with the Champions League i.e. BT have TV rights and PlayStation sponsoring.
  20. Metro GameCentral 7, not an overly positive review and possibly a few spoilers re weapons etc.
  21. I took the 2TB drive out my PS4 (and put 500GB back) so that I could use it as an external drive to get the PS4 games, primarily GTS, off my PS5 SSD. My PS4 is now being dedicated to PSVR.
  22. Really, it’s very subtle and when they’re fighting back you need to modulate the throttle, or at least I do. I thought Dirt 5 was over the top and turned the triggers down straightaway on that as I thought that was a potential controller breaker but don’t sense anything like that in F1. Maybe you’ve just had bad luck with a dodgy controller.
  23. The DualSense triggers in this are great, the way they fight against your fingers as your tyres struggle for traction coming out a corner feels really nice.
  24. It never does but PC is the way to go with FM anyway.
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