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  1. PS4 and you’d assume PS5 in the near future are downloadable on PS Now.
  2. Lol, this is about money, that’s all and to be honest the amounts are obscene.
  3. They are muppets sometimes, the PS5 version is still priced at £69.99, I wonder if they’ll refund £10 on launch to those unfortunate enough to buy the PS5 version without realising.
  4. Do you have an external HDD connected, might be worth disconnecting that if so? I’ve also seen mention of clearing the cache in safe mode mentioned online, although not sure what that does.
  5. One of mine is certainly looser/lighter than the other (might have always been like that) but the only game I’ve felt might break it was Dirt 5 where I turned the feedback down to 50% in the game and I’ve played a lot of Dirt 5, WRC9 and Wreckfest. I think it’s just as impressive when done subtly, bit of feedback when losing grip under braking, out of corners etc. so hopefully GT7 will be more along those lines with a bit more resistance to convey damage.
  6. The DualSense makes every racing game feel better (if you’re not using a wheel setup) so I just hope they’ve nailed that along with the 3D Sound.
  7. I don’t know anything about the relative architectures of PS5 vs PC but it seems a bit of a missed opportunity not to port these back to PS5, would it be that difficult?
  8. Nice for GP folks, hopefully H3 will come to PS+ too as per H1 & H2. There’s so much content though, anyone going into the trilogy for the first time might feel a bit overwhelmed .
  9. It does look amazing. Hopefully the 3D Audio through headphones will be a real step forward, if it’s anywhere near as good as ACC I’ll be very happy.
  10. It’s only been briefly on small sections but enough that it’s thrown me off a bit. I take it there’s no quality vs performance mode?
  11. I’m a bit disappointed with the slowdown on PS5, Norwegian tracks so far when there are a few trees about it seems. I guess they’re not supporting it too well as I’d have hoped for a patch.
  12. What MS games over the last few years have put them significantly ahead?
  13. I grew to enjoy it more as I played it, once I’d decided it was a game to play in short bursts, a few races here and there. It was quite a straightforward Platinum and I’ll buy the dlc at some point when it’s cheap.
  14. You can alter your course and thread a needle during a drift, there’s no lack of precision.
  15. It is to the extent it made me finally buy the game on PS5, I think it just made the cogs in my brain align and think I get the passion that has gone into making this game now. Really enjoying it so far, I’ve only done the initial free roam (found everything bar the vehicle, I think, as it looks greyed out) and the first couple of group 2 rallies in the Escort. The DualSense makes all the difference too, compared with the 360 controller I’ve used on PC with my GP trial. Anyone playing on PS4/5, send me your PSN ID for some time-trialling.
  16. Nice video on the cars in the game/real cars.
  17. They’re getting better each time lol
  18. I thought the racing in Dirt 5 was great, with some interesting events. Where it fell flat was too many crap 4x4s and a lack of structure, it just felt like one long list of events.
  19. I get the message about repairing the external drive if I switch the power off at the wall by mistake when it’s in rest mode. I’ve not had the one about the system software error or the second USB error though.
  20. It might be worth searching about your HDD, I seem to remember some having issues due to their sleep modes. I’ve never had any issues with rest mode on the PS5, whereas with the PS4 it was hit and miss.
  21. Seems a bit harsh, menus are a bit cumbersome but I mainly chose events on the mountains so never had an issue. I think it’s a great game in a fantastic setting.
  22. I’d recommend doing the story, I did it on the normal/middle difficulty and really enjoyed it. This is a decent method to set difficulty. The AI are really fast at Monaco, so probably worth lowering 10+ points when you get there.
  23. I wasn’t sure about this for the first 3 or 4 chapters, seemed like a lot of not so subtle corridors but I’m warming to it now that the story is developing, I’m opening up weapons and abilities and getting used to the combat.
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