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  1. Going to try and get back into this, sent FR to @Junker and @GT3Will.
  2. I think that’s it, if you’re buying games outside of the subscription service, especially ones with a lengthy game time, then is it worth having that subscription too. It’s not such an issue at the moment due to the good value but I doubt that will last.
  3. Nightmare, phone up Sony and hopefully they’ll refund it.
  4. The 2nd, available for a month in general, some occasionally longer such as Destruction All Stars but then you keep them as long as you’re subscribed.
  5. Since the latest patch on PS5 this is crashing regularly for me, never crashed previously, good job Codies.
  6. Or Triangle to take you to top menu and then across to profile.
  7. I buy less Indies now without a doubt, has to be something I really want or reviews very well e.g. Hot Shot Racing or Lonely Mountains Downhill. If I do I’ll probably get the Switch version as they’re often good portable games and if it then becomes available on PS+ it’s still a bit of a bonus. I probably won’t buy another Codemaster’s game (other than F1) after seeing Dirt 5 go onto GP so quick, not that I bought it as I’m playing via gameshare but it’s just too quick imo. Codemaster’s games are not what they once were anyway so little loss. Also in the future if a game
  8. Have you turned the difficulty up under Career Difficulty?
  9. smeared with Dirt unfortunately.
  10. Is that just a PS4 patch or is there now a PS5 version?
  11. @Meers cheers, I did expect to come back for the British GT pack but I just don’t seem to be in the mood for a regular practice/race schedule and I haven’t really touched ACC or any other Sim since I stopped racing here. At the moment I’m just enjoying gaming on the PS5, WRC9 is great, Wreckfest is a blast and I may get back into GT Sport, all with a pad which I’m finding more relaxing. Never say never though, I may get the DLC at some point as I love those tracks and join for some practice sessions at least. Good luck to all for new season .
  12. There’s quite a lot of single player content in terms of learning tracks for medals, challenges/missions, leagues (beginner, expert etc.) but it definitely shines most in multiplayer.
  13. They didn’t but GT Sport was/is brilliant and very well supported with free content. Anyone with a PS5 who hasn’t played GT Sport before should definitely pick it up, it’s often in a sale and offers a lot of content for your money now. I think I might go back to that while I wait on GT7.
  14. Not a surprise but a real shame, really looking forward to GT7.
  15. I did say that but find that the shorter races/tracks e.g. 3 laps don’t really give you that chance to catch-up, especially if you’ve taken a reasonable bump at the beginning. Is there a difficulty level in this, I can’t remember, maybe I need to knock it down a little?
  16. It’s probably the one main criticism I have of the game, in some races if you don’t get a good start (make up a few places going into first corner) you’ll never catch-up and might as well restart if you’re after the win. Don’t get too bogged down going for the win though, just get enough points to progress to begin with and come back to events as you improve. However, I think this does reduce as you get better at the game plus buying new cars, upgrading and tuning of the car all help. Make sure the suspension matches the track and adjust brakes/diff to give you better turn in. In t
  17. I notice no improvements to the framerate on PS5, it could be worse and I’ve turned off the adaptive triggers before it breaks my controller. I don’t know what they’re trying to simulate with them. I think the main issue is just coming back to this after a weekend of playing WRC 9.
  18. When you’re in the event, on the left there’s something like Online Leadboards, When you’re in the Leaderboard, top right there is a drop-down that you can change to My Ranking or Friends.
  19. Apart from damaging sales of other games, both Nintendo and their partners. I think while console hardware exists you won’t see many cross-platform GP deals. But if MS throw enough money around anything’s possible I suppose.
  20. Cheers, was good fun, hopefully go again in Mexico in a couple of weeks .
  21. I think more likely sales of those games on PlayStation will be damaged, at least on initial release. But the difference is not as much as the headline anyway if the game is then traded-in etc.
  22. Despite setting my best first stage of 3’06”104 I couldn’t improve my overall time. I made an error early on in the 2nd stage, on the downhill hard left and despite throwing caution to the wind and gunning it through the rest of the stage for probably my fastest time I eventually pushed my luck too far. Sweden (Torsby Reverse/Knon) Ranked 1. scoobysi 10’46”383 PS5 2. spatular 10’49”602 PS5 3. SharkyOB 11'10"139 PC 4. Uncle Mike 11’37”983 PS5 5. MNFRMTMRRW 12'16"571 Series X 6. deerokus 12'2
  23. I’d suggest working through some of the Challenges, especially the training ones, many are 30sec laps, once you start to find your line you can then increase your speed and because the laps are so short you get to try again quickly if you mess up.
  24. Yep it’s amazing what a clean run including not scrubbing time off in the vegetation will result in. Nice time. That’s a great 1st stage time, I seem to be stuck around 3’09. Sweden (Torsby Reverse/Knon) Ranked 1. scoobysi 10’46”383 PS5 2. spatular 10’49”602 PS5 3. SharkyOB 11'10"139 PC 4. Uncle Mike 11’37”983 PS5 5. MNFRMTMRRW 12'16"571 Series X 6. deerokus 12'26"651 Series X
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