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  1. @GottersI’m sure you’d sell that setup no probs to someone with a PC, I’m still using my old CSR with ACC and it’s great so an Elite with pedals and stand would be great for someone who’s maybe not sure on buying an expensive setup straight away.
  2. You’ve probably checked 0 vs o but the only letter in my serial number is the first one.
  3. So if it’s on PS Now it shouldn’t come to Plus, that would be a bit shit too.
  4. Potentially more sales, depends on numbers manufactured, sold out doesn’t mean much on its own. If it wasn’t for Game Pass & BC I’m sure it would’ve been a lot less though.
  5. It’s a shame they couldn’t just stick it in the box but I guess there’d be too many wasted but posting it to everyone doesn’t seem too efficient either.
  6. Reminds me of Robot Wars when one of the wheels gets knocked off and they drive round in circles.
  7. Seems perfect for Racing games, should make a real difference in Dirt 5 if they make good use of it. Sony exclusives will hopefully make the most of it.
  8. It’s more like Xbox has no games that I want to play that are not available on PS. Forza/Forza Horizon are the reason I bought a 360 but Forza is dead, well beaten by GT Sport and Horizon just doesn’t seem to move on much other than a new location. The PS exclusives, VR, PS Plus and the new PS Collection easily counter the draw of GamePass for me. However, I’m not getting a PS5 at the moment either, I will have access to one over Xmas though so I’ll see if that changes my mind.
  9. I think it’s pretty cool that the two different strategies had us virtually side by side on track after your stop, so not sure I’d want to change it. In hindsight I took it too easy when I had a 12 sec lead, I should have known fuel was playing a part and pushed instead of trying to maintain the gap and that lead to a mistake where I nearly spun and lost 5 secs. The Aston was quick on the straight too, I thought I had you down hanger straight on that first lap after your pit but you just came back. Those laps where I was chasing you made the race for me, trying to get past while wa
  10. A great race, definitely got it handed to me by @Count Buffalos strategist. So glad you could get the win. Sorry for the confusion at the end @SharkyOB and that I pushed it onto an extra lap. Really sorry @Count Buffalos, we were having a great battle, I nearly made it past!
  11. If it rains I’m going for an ice cream.
  12. To be honest I think my lap is an outlier, I either just got in the zone or the track temp was spot on for my setup. Our pace is probably very close. I might hook up a lap again but there’s no chance that I’ll be doing 30 of them, I’ll be very happy with top 4 in Quali. I had an interesting 40 minute Silverstone race last night (first I’ve done other than rllmuk for a long time), I guessed at my fuel load and overfilled by about 15L (it turned out) but had qualified 2nd. For the first half of the race I followed a Porsche, I’d lose about a second in sector 3 and pull back about 0.5
  13. I don’t think so, as long as your brakes aren’t overheating. Kunos mention 3 to 4 kmh on a long straight at Paul Ricard (due to increased drag I guess). I might try 1 on rear as they seem cold. They also mention track temp affects front brakes more and lower setting is better for wet but never 0 which is closed.
  14. Sure, there’s nothing too clever with my setup, Aggressive, Tyres F 28 R 27.8 Brake Pads 1 Brake Ducts 2 and Rear Ride Height + 2 clicks. The change to the right height was key for me to make the front end more pointy.
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