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  1. Agreed but probably not in the way Ubisoft hoped.
  2. Agreed, isn’t it Bing Maps? However it is basically just flying over some streaming maps with some very advanced AI that places trees in the middle of roads/bridges and on top of buildings.
  3. Hmm so I thought they might have improved the haptics on the PS5 since the beta to give more of a feeling of contact with the surface but nope, still feels like a PS4 game in a PS5 box. Also hats off to whoever thought using L2 for brake when on the ground but for tricks when ever so slightly off the ground was a good idea in first person mode ffs.
  4. I meant to see if you liked the style of game first, which you don’t seem to, not instead of the PS5 game.
  5. I don’t know how you could be bored of R&C with only 14% played but everyone’s different. I bought it not too long ago for £28, CEX are offering £18 cash or £26 voucher. I’m 75% through and loving every minute of it. You should’ve tried the free PS4 game first as that would’ve given you a good idea of the gameplay. £70 is definitely a mistake by Sony though, there are very very few games where I’ll be day 1 now. GP is excellent, unfortunately it’s missing most of the best games .
  6. There are lots of ways to game very cheaply. Using MS rewards in that way sounds like one of the worst.
  7. Buy it in a sale or 2nd hand, unless you have to have the latest release you’ll save a lot of money with a bit of patience too. MS certainly likes to dictate what you play and when with GP and Rewards.
  8. With reviews, YouTube, rllmuk etc. it’s very rarely I buy a dud but I probably don’t consume as many games as many on here, which is why a subscription service is not really of interest to me. I also have far too many of those already for other things, if anything I want to cut back on monthly out-goings with the cost of living only going up for the foreseeable. I do wonder how that will impact GP and other subscription services over the next few years and whether retention rates will drop significantly. MS are not daft though, by allowing the upgrade trick they protect their numbers a bit.
  9. Looks to be a 3.3GB update on PS5 if you still have the Beta installed. I really enjoyed the bikes in the Beta but actually felt the snow bits didn’t feel as good as Steep. I’ve still got Japan to do in Steep so I’ll probably go back to that but this is tempting. The characters were a bit annoying in this though.
  10. I thought Takedown was brilliant at the time, I need to plug in the PS2 and give it a spin sometime.
  11. Some of my best gaming memories are 8 player sessions in BP on PS3, I thought it was amazing tearing across the city, taking different routes to see who could get there first but then all meeting up for the challenge and helping each other through it. Single player was great too, Big Surf Island was fantastic, very compact but loads to do. There’s definitely a split of those who prefer traditional Burnout and those who prefer Paradise, Paradise all the way for me but I love the other games too and recently re-bought B2 on the Cube.
  12. You need to buy an M2 SSD to expand the PS5 storage.
  13. I wish they’d hurry up and get this out on PS4/5.
  14. I’m enjoying the F1 game a lot more this year and I put that down to the DualSense, the sense of grip coming out of a corner in particular is brilliant. I hope they do something similar with GT7, if so it’ll be brilliant.
  15. There’s plenty of other games to buy and if for whatever reason the Publisher/Developer has chosen to do a deal with GP and not PSN, rather than pay significantly more for that game just because I happen to have a different console, I’ll just wait. So yes I suppose I now put a lower value on those games.
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