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  1. That’s pretty fast compared to downloading .
  2. Thanks, so it doesn’t need to go in any sort of case?
  3. That’s a good price for a 2TB drive, it was briefly down to £124 but average seems to be £184. Can you recommend a caddy/adapter?
  4. Yep and probably 1TB to be semi affordable hmmm.
  5. I’m just going round in circles at the moment on whether to wait on PS5 certified drives. I agree 1TB is not huge and I’d prefer 2TB+ but that looks to be £250+. A 4TB normal drive is around £80 but I assume they’ll be a lot slower but maybe I can live with that for most PS4 games (they’re not all as bad as Wreckfest) but archiving of PS5 games is more of a concern.
  6. @Shimmyhill cheers for info on speeds. I’m thinking about buying an external drive for PS5, primarily for PS4 games. I’m looking at the Samsung 1TB T5 @ £106 or there is the T7 @ £142. Do those in the know about these things think I’d be better going for the T7 as twice as fast (but is it when used with PS5) and a bit more future proof or better to just save the money?
  7. I think that’s the same as XBOX isn’t it or can they download X games direct to USB? I suppose you have the option to archive another game first at least so you don’t have to always have free space, depends how quick it is to move the games. Does anyone (maybe with an XBOX) know how long it takes to move a 50GB game back and forth?
  8. Take out all the content and release as DLC packs?
  9. I suppose a similar deal is Netflix on Sky Q where you get the full UHD Netflix package for a hefty discount, under £5pm. That discount probably helps ensure people stay with Sky. My Netflix account registers that I’m subscribed and currently billed via Sky so they are tightly coupled. The upside for Netflix is I’m less likely to switch it off month to month as it’s more hassle to do so via Sky (of course lol). I think GP is a hard sell until the likes of Nintendo also have an equivalent for their games and could then perhaps have a subscribe to GP at a discount offer along the lin
  10. As Nintendo would you want to enable access to XBOX exclusive titles on Switch that could potentially eat into sales or even encourage the purchase of an XBOX denting future sales even further. I doubt it. Cloud based games such as Hitman 3 are different as that’s just another delivery method of a single game, not really any different to releasing a game on cartridge or digital download.
  11. lol but these are more like 8 lanes.
  12. Tracks seem awfully wide in comparison to cars.
  13. I assume you missed H1 GOTY when it was on PS Plus, just checking you don’t already have it and don’t realise?
  14. I have similar thoughts, I already feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of games on PS Plus and now The Collection and Play At Home, what I don’t really need is access to more games. Quality is much more important to me. But then I fit this demographic much more than a subscription model which was one of the reasons I chose the PS5 after considering a change to XBOX.
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