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  1. A brilliant game to play, especially on a PS5 at Christmas, the new abilities worked well and RT 60 was perfect. A very small criticism is that they cut back on the crimes just had a little too much as I found myself repeating them, all in all a much better paced game though. I’ll come back to it in a few months to NG+/Platinum it.
  2. Have they said how the PSVR version will work on PS5, do you need both PS4 and PS5 H3 installed?
  3. Ownership of the account doesn’t transfer to the hacker just because they can log in. I think the real GDPR issue is @gooner4life details were disclosed not that some probable random address was left on the account, if it was actually the hacker’s or 3rd party who purchased it more fool them, they’ll need to take it up with Sony lol.
  4. That’s very cool and is a good incentive to buy H3 even though I’ve just start H1 (via H2 Starter Pack). Which probably means buying H2 in the sale too. These guys know what they’re doing to make people part with cash .
  5. So with the PS5 version, will the H1 and H2 levels be upgraded to PS5/H3 quality?
  6. It’s just ridiculous that 2FA can be switched off by a bot. I don’t quite get what then happened, because at that point they’d still need to reset the password wouldn’t they? If they changed the email to NTL they wouldn’t have received the pwd reset email would they as it doesn’t exist? Guess we also need to delete any old PSN emails now!
  7. I’d be surprised if they backtracked again and launched on Plus after the Destruction All Stars mess. I do think they should backtrack on the price though. Curry’s are doing Demon’s Souls for £49.99 (with code) at the moment so I’d expect this to be similar not long after release (if they sell it).
  8. I think it’s a wait and see re price vs reviews, I thought the same about Demon’s Souls but having received it for Xmas and now appreciating the quality of it I think it was worth it (or at least around the £59.99 you could get it for). I should probably finish DS first too, which will probably take me a long time having never really played a From game before!
  9. Yes you can do that using the free Hitman 2 Starter Pack, which is how I’m playing it on PS. Wondering about upgrading to full H2 release as it’s £12.09 in the sale at the moment.
  10. You were playing the H1 levels though weren’t you in H2, so you must already have H1 digitally on your XBOX account? When I look on my PSN account/library I don’t see any reference to H1 but I know I have it as I found the original confirmation email from when it was part of PS Plus. You definitely haven’t bought it before? Thank You For Your Purchase HITMAN™ - Legacy Pack (Full Game) £0.00 It is very confusing.
  11. I’m a bit concerned about your credit card use . Anyway, I hope @gooner4life gets access back to his account soon.
  12. I don’t follow, placing a credit card on your account won’t affect whether your PSN account is hacked or not.
  13. I suspect buying credit from a third party site leaves you more open to fraud than storing you CC details on PSN these days, it’s all a matter of perception though. I do the same btw. People are the weakest link, it’s probably worse now with many working from home and under less oversight than if in a Contact Centre even.
  14. I think you probably have the HM1 levels because it was part of PS Plus previously. I’ve just downloaded the free HM2 Starter Pack (Hawke’s Bay level inc.) on PS5 and it downloaded the HM1 levels as part of that.
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