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  1. I’m really surprised how bad this seems to be, a Criterion game hmmm, hopefully it improves once you start to unlock cars. I quite like the graphical style of the characters, they still work with the cars but the graphical effects around the cars are just messy, way over the top and out of place.
  2. One switch please to Hide (or preferably uninstall) Vision GT cars. I’m surprised Ferrari signed-off on that monstrosity.
  3. Ah, didn’t realise the weather was random as the 2 races I did must have been pretty much identical. Can you only win the money once on these anniversary races?
  4. Might be time to return to GT7, sounds like a good update.
  5. I hope they haven’t made it too unforgiving and difficult, what I really liked about WRC 9 was it never felt frustrating in the way I found DR could be. In DR if you looked at a rock the wrong way you’d crash!
  6. I keep forgetting I’ll probably be able to trial it on PS5 via EA Play for 10hrs and unless it’s fantastic will probably just wait for it to arrive on there in 6 months or so as you say.
  7. Yep, I’ll certainly wait on reviews but just worry it’s basically going to be another reskin of a driving game I’ve played before. Will it bring anything new gameplay wise?
  8. Funny, although not realistic, I was thinking last night that pace notes would be a nice option rather than a driving line. Can I borrow your Dad .
  9. I’ve asked Santa for Sonic Frontiers , wouldn’t it be cool if they drooped a Sonic Christmas Frontiers update, I miss the old days (and old Sega)
  10. With both @CrichStand and @spatular on board Team Rallymuk will fly up the leagues .
  11. It really is. Runs really nice on PS5, super smooth, I’ve noticed a tiny bit of pop in (Airport track so very long straight) but negligible really and it runs super smooth. Just had a quick race round a Loch in the Irish Championship, the DriveClub vibes are strong in this . I bought it just to race the TT Course but many of the other tracks are really good too.
  12. Wow, this is great. I’ve only just taken the racing line off after a couple of hours but the satisfaction of racing a course without it is huge.
  13. Just picked up TT2 for £6.99 in the sale, don’t think I’ve played a Motorbike game since DriveClub Bikes so looking forward to this.
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