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  1. Two recent additions from eBay, both in great condition, that for some reason I missed out on first time round.
  2. @SharkyOB thanks Teach, I’ve corrected my homework .
  3. There is but might as well not be https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/310316-assetto-corsa-competizione/&tab=comments#comment-12258686 I’ve really gone off Codemasters of late as they now have a habit of releasing unfinished games with minimal content and charging £74.99 for some Deluxe version that has the actual content. In addition in nearly every game the FFB needs to be patched which I think took months for this (and the reason I didn’t buy it). Appears the approach with Grid is the same. Perhaps the studio is financially more successful now but I think it’s lost its soul from the early F1 years and the original approach with Dirt Rally.
  4. It costs how much?: Virtua Racing I have an Arcade in my Living Room: Ridge Racer You can stick your Ridge Racer: Sega Rally Gaming just got cool: Wipeout It’s got real waves in it: Wave Race 64 Bullshit, SEGA have done what...: F-Zero GX Haven’t played Outrun? You haven’t lived: Outrun 2006 C2C Burnout 2 is great but not the best, that was: Burnout 3 Takedown Yeah that was just a tech demo, this is where it’s at: Motorstorm Pacific Rift I have an Arcade in my Living Room, again: Daytona Racing trucks is just boring and slow, right?: Excite Truck If Carlsberg did Season Passes: Driveclub Why is online always full of wreckers: Wreckfest
  5. scoobysi

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve been playing Gamecube Super Monkey Ball via the Wii recently, it holds ups surprisingly well graphically. Shame they didn’t remake all 3.
  6. Wreckfest is brilliant and more than satisfying my Arcade racing itch so will stick with that. I’ll see how the reviews go but I think this might be quantity over quality (racing).
  7. I agree, it’s there, it feels a bit of a shoddy way to release the game but I’m still enjoying it. In handheld mode I don’t even notice it. It doesn’t feel like it should be a taxing game though but then what do I know about game development.
  8. @Stanshall what format are you playing, digital installed to main memory/SD card or from cartridge? Is it possible that TV settings/modes are also impacting this as the issue seems far more pronounced for some rather than others? For me (playing from cartridge) I get some sluggishness every now and again e.g. when I come out of a house but nowhere near ever 10secs.
  9. Frame rate is definitely more sluggish/noticeable to me when playing docked, I don’t really notice it portable. Not too much of an issue but a bit of subpar effort by Nintendo. Playing off cartridge. Thoroughly enjoying it though.
  10. This is a cracking game, up there with Driveclub in terms of the enjoyment I’m getting from it. The tracks are brilliant, so well designed, quite a few oh shit moments as you realise cars are going both ways down the same bit of track or you suddenly come upon a crossover that you hadn’t noticed beforehand, usually resulting in utter carnage . Handling of the cars feels spot on and you can feel the change in surfaces e.g. when doing a mega powerslide round a gravel corner onto tarmac. Seems to be nice progression through the championships too with some of the stars being quite tricky to get while still winning the race especially as the AI are ruthless at times and will make a point of trying to take you out. Performance on the base PS4 is great too. Really surprised by this game, I thought it might be quite good and took a bit of a punt having not read much about it, but it’s brilliant.
  11. Only had a couple of hours with this but seems good fun, playing with realistic damage and max AI which is hard but I haven’t upgraded anything yet and still using initial car. In one of the 1v1 3 lap races I spun out on lap 2, instead of resetting I spun round and waited until opponent came back round, crashed into them head-on which wrecked them, I then limped round on 3 wheels for victory .
  12. Sorry I haven’t played much/any GTS for a long time since ACC came out and now F1 2019 too. I need to do a bit of practice and join a future session.
  13. scoobysi

    F1 2019

    My son bought this on PS4 and so far I’ve only done one Championship race round Red Bull Ring. I was quite impressed with the AI, it was great having to manage fuel and ERS to overtake Bottas on the last lap for a win as he’d come back at me a few times , graphics are perfectly adequate, I imagine much better on PC and perhaps PS4 Pro. Runs nice and smooth though. Sound is not that great but then it’s probably as much to do with the real life cars. The weekly events look quite cool so I’m looking forward to trying those. I’m using a Fanatec CSR and Elite pedals through a DriveHub in Fanatec mode mimicking a CSL Elite, FFB is fine but nothing to write home about (compared to ACC which I’ve solely played for months) but having not played an F1 game much since around 2015 I’d say it’s the best it’s been, I can at least us the same Fanatec profile that I use for ACC which is a first for a Codies game, perhaps the DriveHub helps. Grip feels fine, wheel weights up nicely, no dead zone in wheel. I turned off Understeer simulation or whatever they called it. One thing I don’t like is the feel of the brakes, probably because I’m used to ACC and the feedback that gives but in F1 only a very light touch is needed and there’s little to no feedback (no ABS rumble on CSR) until you lockup. What are the FFB issues you mention?
  14. Good to hear you’re enjoying it, they’re taking their time with any patch though which is a sad state of affairs considering it’s so important for a rally game imo. Makes you wonder wether they can fix it or it’s an inherent/insurmountable problem in the game engine which is incompatible with the surface changing stuff.
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