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  1. On 05/11/2019 at 13:13, Pete said:

    New series is incredible, why aren't more people watching this? My housemate eve enjoyed it without knowing what was going on at all. It's become a very sharp satire on social media as well.


    Because people is a fucking idiot. 


  2. 3 hours ago, sandman said:

    I turned this off about 15 minutes in. It was like a lame comedy, i thought it was supposed to be a female Bond?

    She's a spy but she's more John Wick than Bond. I think the guy who choreographed it also done the first John Wick. No one in the whole film can shoot straight everything boils down to a knock down drag out brawl. 


    Story should have just been a vehicle for the action; they tried to do too much with it imo, and the choreography is a bit hit and miss but the hits are pretty great. It's also got a very distinctive late 80's aesthetic that I enjoyed despite it being laid on a bit thick in places. Biggest gripe would be the run time. Was thirty minutes too long for what it is.


    Not a classic by any stretch but certainly worth a watch. 



  3. The Cooler 3/5


    Stupid story. Hacky dialogue. Some seriously ropey acting from the supporting cast. Horrible and horribly overused saxaphone music constantly setting the mood, interspersed here and there with equally grating Sinatra songs that all sound exactly the same.


    And yet, watchable enough thanks to William H. Macy.





    1. Grizzly Man

    2. Batman Begins

    3. The 40 year old virgin


    Tough cuts Sin City. Bit of a shit year for me. Grizzly Man a worthy winner for any year though. 



    1. Pan's Labrynth

    2. The lives of others

    3. The Departed


    Lotta brutally hard cuts this year: children of men, the wind that shakes the barley, apocalypto, Borat.




    1. The Orphanage

    2. Charlie Wilson's War

    3. Juno


    Wow, no there will be Blood. I'm as surprised at this as anyone. But that's my picks. Other tough cuts persepolis, no country for old men, American gangster, superbad. 



    1. Step Brothers

    2. Tropic Thunder

    3. In Bruges


    What a year for silly comedies that was. Tough cuts: hunger, The Wrestler, Iron Man, the dark Knight, and Wall E... If Wall E had ended at the halfway point it probably would have been number one. Edit note: I had somehow forgot about in Bruges it's in at three in place of Pineapple Express. 



    1. Mary and Max

    2. Up

    3. Moon


    Edit note I had somehow forgot about all the good films this year. fixed now. Tough cuts watchmen, the road. 



  5. On 24/10/2019 at 10:28, Monkeyboy said:

    The oldy times language is what makes it great though.


    ”Wouldst thou like the taste of butter?”

    I actually thought that was sweet. Woudst thou wish to live deliciously? 


    It was more for the minute to minute dialogue I thought it was a bit much. Says at the end of it though that a lot of the dialogue was taken directly from diaries and official reports of witchcraft trials and whatnot. So I suppose it's authentic. 

  6. You were never really here - 4/5


    Good. Feel like I need to watch it again.


    Might have been the mumbliest film I've ever seen. For every three lines of dialogue spoken I understood maybe one of them.


    Bad Lieutenant (the 90s one) - 4/5


    First time seeing it in years. Bit hackier than I remember. The scene where he has a wank onto those two motorists is still gold though.


    The Wrestler - 4/5


    I didn't get all the fuss about this at the time. Upon second viewing I think I get it a bit more now. Good show. 



  7. The VVitch 


    Pretty good film overall. Bit shit as a horror though. Just wasn't scary, the last five minutes got a bit better in this regard though. Admittedly I'm not a big horror fan precisely because most scary films just don't scare me at all.


    Thought it was a pretty good as a straight historical film though. All the paranormal shit I just put down to being the perspective of people who were either inadvertently tripping or had a bad fever. And combining that with their freaky ideology. If their crop had been rye instead of corn it would have been better in this regard.


    The whole time I was watching it I was just thinking, man, I'm glad I'm not alive in the 1600s. 


    Finchy was great in it. That guy has the best voice ever for this sort of shit. 


    Think it would have been a bigger hit if they had toned down some of the old times language a bit. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Boothjan said:

    The Wicker Man (1973)


    Count Dooku suffers from bed hair in this total rip off of Hot Fuzz




    You silly sausage it isn't a rip off of Hot Fuzz. Wicker Man (2006) is a rip off of Hot Fuzz. The 73 version is a (shoddy imo) remake of that classic rip off of Hot Fuzz. 

  9. 5 hours ago, gone fishin' said:

    King of Comedy. Underrated Martin Scorcese/Robert De Niro flick (although nowhere near as underrated as New York, New York). Still "stands up" well today, De Niro gives a brilliant performance of someone who on the surface seems like a lightweight Travis Bickle, but underneath is definitely more of a psychopath. However, Sandra Bernhard really gives a standout performance. It's a shame her talent was only used in Hudson Hawk.


    I'll give it 5 bags of popcorn out of 5, plus a little moustache that Robert De Niro has.


    Think it was a big inspiration for Joker. Also think de Niro's character in Joker is basically Rupert Pupkin that made it. 

  10. The Master - 2/5


    A rewatch definitely in order here. So that score is very provisional. But fuck was I let down by this. Few great performances, no doubt about that. But the story. You never find out what exactly happened to him in the war, the lack of any coherent middle to the story (what is he getting from all this, what does he hope to get?  Where is it all going? Has he actually stopped drinking or not? Why exactly did he leave? ) And the shitty ambiguous ending.  


    Seems like they had the makings of a good film there and just forgot to actually add a decent middle and end to the story.

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