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  1. Mid 90s - 4/5 Was good. Story seemed sort of half baked though. On Netflix.
  2. Got a bottle of Rumbullion for my birthday. Saving it for Christmas.
  3. Ronin - 1998 I was watching this most of the way through thinking: Oh this isn't as good as I remember. I thought it was pretty good but it's just ok. It's like a shitty unofficial Heat sequel. And then when there was like half an hour to go the most epic car chase ever happened and I was like oh yeah. Pretty good status reconfirmed. That car chase was to car chases as the shootout in the middle of Heat was to shootouts. C'est magnifique. All late 90s European cars too which just hit my own personal aesthetic perfectly. 4/5. It's no Heat not even close but it's still a good show. And do you know what I'm gonna do now? By god, I'm putting Heat on. I have half a bottle of wine and as many cans of Guinness as I want for afters. Whoever invented the gods never imagined them living half as well as I am right now.
  4. Struve got fucked. The officiating in this sport is an absolute fucking joke.
  5. Another failing of the film in my opinion is that there was next to nothing in it about actual good union work. They said that Hoffa was beloved by the union members because he achieved a lot for them. But other than that all the union was doing was stealing shit and loaning money to the mob. You could almost make a case that it had an anti union bent to it. Which in the current zero hour contract climate is reprehensible. The more I think about the film the less I like it. And I liked it little enough to begin with.
  6. Gonna have to disagree with you. Sort of. I agree there was only really one scene that was completely terrible. I suppose it comes down to whether and to what degree you were distracted by the cgi. I couldn't not see it. And it completely undermined everything that might have been decent. "Here's the kid I was telling you about." But ten times worse than that.
  7. Getting an almost 80 year old man to perform such a physical scene in the first place. Finding a stunt double for DeNiro must have been impossible though given his octogenarian body.
  8. I can't believe Scorsese thought any of this was a good idea. I wonder if he was under a false impression about how good the post effects were gonna be until it was far too late to pull the plug.
  9. The Irishman. Technical shit just got in the way of everything else for me. As with most heavy digital effects. Just no. Don't. Is it fine and technically impressive? Yeah. But is it good enough to the point it isn't distracting? No. Their voices sound old. Their bodies look old. They move old. Their faces are straight out of the uncanny valley. DeNiro threw someone a beating about twenty minutes in and it was the dumbest looking shit ever. At that point I completely lost interest in it. Looking at my phone and glancing at it occasionally. There are good young actors. There was no need for this. They even had young cunts playing old cunts. Digital blood. Digital breaking glass. Just a big load of artificial shite obscuring what probably could have been a great film. And I think they very easily could have cut an hour out of it. More probably. Few too many celebrity cameos too. All in all I would say it just lacked in authenticity. It was anemic. Like the biggest longest cutscene ever. A generous 2/5 a massive disappointment.
  10. We need some sort of big-hard-cocks-in-films database.
  11. Aniara: 4/5 More interesting than enjoyable. But quite interesting. Sort of thought the fundamental aspect of the story was undercut somewhat by the set design and some of the story choices. Few annoying ambiguities in the story. There's a big hard cock right in the middle of it. First time I've seen that in a real film.
  12. Blades of Glory - zero laughs/5 So many great comedy performers in this. But they just had nothing to work with. Was a big dull dud.
  13. War is fucking great isn't it? And WW1 has to be the best one. They don't call it the great war for nothing. Trenches, Mustard gas, human wave attacks all that good shit. Wouldn't it be great to go back in a time machine to the Somme or Verdun for a few weeks. Back when men were men. All the countries should just agree to have an old-school world war. Would be a right laugh.
  14. A journey round in circles.
  15. No, that's what I programmed you to think. And that's why it was the worst episode to date.
  16. Dune I had never seen this and was really looking forward to it. But meh. I don't mind sff shit, as long as it isn't too sff. Something about a big load of entirely made up names of people places and things in too short a space of time just makes my brain tune out. Run time was excessive as fuck too. Few interesting funny weird Lynchian scenes though. 2/5 Mightgive give it a second chance at some point.
  17. Four Lions - 4 rubber dinghy rapids/5 Not as good as I remember it being when it first came out. Still funny as fuck though.
  18. An extended cut of a film that was already three and a half hours long. How long is it? And also why?
  19. I don't think it was transphobic. I think it was designed specifically to get shit for being transphobic without actually having done it. Bait. They were very clear Heather Swanson "isn't exactly your average trans athlete". I think they're just doing what they've always done, and trying to annoy literally everyone. And if they are trying to make a point it's probably a somewhat nuanced one.
  20. Gone Girl - 2/5 Think this was let down by the casting. Not that either of the two leads were bad necessarily.
  21. Chef 4/5 This would have been a very bog standard middle of the road comedy but it was elevated by how good a job it done of conveying the guy's passion for food. All the cooking in it was quality. Made me hungry as shit and want to cook. It's on Prime.
  22. Upon trying to chase up links to both stories it appears I've been mislead both times. One was a guy I heard mentioned on the JRE, Rogan said he broke the women's world record deadlift just by identifying as a woman, and that that was stupid and shouldn't be allowed. Which I would agree with. But upon further investigation the guy just posted a video of himself doing it and at the end said oh and I identify as a woman now. Wasn't in any competition and the record doesn't stand in any way. Literally just a stupid viral video. The other one was a cricket player who won female cricketer of the year my friend sent me a screenshot of an article and the guy in the picture was just a regular middle aged guy, but upon looking it up, the guy in the picture had fuck all to do with the story and the lady in question is just a regular trans woman.
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