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  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    The way this was put together was complete fucking ass. The content wasn't terrible. But it was edited together by a fucking a moron for a moron audience. Cuts every three seconds, which isn't terrible during an action sequence but even in the conversational scenes: cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. At no stage did I get the impression I was watching two people just talking, it felt like two or more monologues that were spliced together into a conversation. 



  2. Just finished rewatching the first batch of this season. 


    Legitimately anxious about starting the last batch. I've loved this show so much over the last five years. The idea that it's gonna be over is too much. Was already in a bit if a depression anyway. Fuck. 


    Unless something goes horribly wrong this is my favourite tv show ever. Nothing comes close to touching it in terms of the emotions it has inspired. 



  3. Memento 


    I probably would have loved this in 2000. But having already seen most of Nolan's other films it's like watching a comedian you know too wel. Where you know exactly how they think and can see all the punchlines coming a mile off.  Admittedly though this was probably where he began with said formula. Which is fitting I suppose doing it pretty much in reverse. 


    Great director but as a writer he's over reliant on the one trick (convoluted and ambiguous = people telling themselves it's really clever when it isn't particularly). To be fair though structurally this was quite clever, I probably would have loved it when it first came out.




    Edge of Tomorrow 


    Really surprisingly great other than the non ending. I guess they were thinking it would be a set up for a quick sequel.



  4. On 13/01/2020 at 13:28, Pob said:

    Also Pegg slags off Game On so has gone down a touch in my estimation.


    I used to like Game On when it was on. I was a bit younger than the intended audience. It's one of those shows that just disappeared and was never repeated (not that I ever saw it anyway) and years passed. I spotted it somewhere online recently and tried watching it. Terrible. Has aged horribly. So twee and lame. I think what Edgar Wright said about it seems pretty spot on. 



  5. 1917 


    Perfect gammon fodder. Cinema was full of the cunts. One old boy stood up and saluted the credits. Gave me such a dirty look for laughing at him. Heard another two old boys discussing it as they were leaving, "we beat them in the first world war, and we beat them in the second world war and we're gonna beat them again."


    Was well made I suppose. The score was super fucking annoying though. Not bad just constantly about 40% louder than it should have been. 


    3 stiff upper lips out of 5. 

  6. I Love You Philip Morris - 3/5


    Just ok 


    A Cock and Bull Story - 2/5 


    I'm a total Stan for Coogan and Brydon but this was shit. Few laughs in it but taken as a whole it was an irredeemable jumble of overly meta shit. 


    Interstellar - 3/5


    Classic Nolan shit. Great suspense and drama, great production values and whatnot. Story was just fucking stupid. 


    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - 1/5


    Saw this in cex and thought it would be dopey trashy fun. Was only two of those things. 

  7. Honey Let's Shrink Ourselves   Downsizing


    Has to be one of the most poorly executed films ever. Being small was of zero significance other than a bit where the guy had a full sized flower and some businesses based on importing big stuff to make lots of small stuff. The story is a fucking mess. It kept introducing shit that could have been interesting setting it up and then just abandoning it and on to the next thing. It's a shame, I thought the core concept had potential and the main cast was great. 


    It was also far too fucking long. They should have downsized it by like an hour. 



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