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  1. 22 minutes ago, womblingfree said:

    The combat has had a complete bloody overhaul. You no longer have to fashion shivs to kill Clickers, in fact shivs seem to have disappeared completely. Melee combat is vastly improved and you can now also dodge. There are new weapons, more varied combat situations and a wider variety of enemies requiring different techniques to kill them. The bow and arrow has been improved as have the other weapons which makes combat more precise without removing completely the panicked difficulty in lining up a shot properly.


    The criticism about NPCs not being noticed by enemies has been addressed to an extent, although not eradicated totally. In twenty hours I’ve only had one situation where my buddy was just ignored completely, whereas in the first game it happened often. As for enemies not noticing when you stealth kill people nearby, I can only assume that is happening on lower levels of difficulty as I’m on Hard and constantly getting spotted unless I make a kill out of sight and a fair way away from their mates.


    Hard is challenging but still let’s you have great fun with the weapons. Anyone who’s tried even harder levels knows that the most effective weapons in the game are often the bottles and the bricks.





    Some of y'all haven't played the first game in years and are misremembering. Ellie had her knife in the first game, only Joel needed shivs, 


    As does Abby now. 

    "The combat has had a complete bloody overhaul" we're just gonna have to agree to disagree here, very lightly tweaked, fair enough but a complete bloody overhaul is laughable. New Weapons? One new weapon. The rest are ostensibly just reskins. New enemies? OK. I'll give you the stalkers. The shamblers are basically just bloaters, the wall enemies are completely fucking pointless beyond the first jump scare. And



    that interminable boss fight where it was just all the infected stuck together (LOL so creative) so was no different to fighting a combination of them save for that it took a lot more damage to kill the main part of it. 


    Fuck it, I'm downgrading it from really good to just good. 


    Also I played it on the hardest setting. Done the original on grounded mode a few weeks ago so this was a walk in the part comparatively. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, CarloOos said:

    @Raoull duke Must admit I agree with most your comments about the very ending, I felt it was forced, implausible and doubt it will leave the same cultural impression that the original did. I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game though.


    The writing was hit and miss before the ending too. Like Abby really went after Joel as though there wasn't another element of that whole story that was interesting. Yeah the one person in the world who is immune to this mad shit. Her group knew the story and none of them put it together who she was or even seemed interested in the concept of immunity. The fireflies just moved to California like yeah fuck it and forgot about her. Joel and Tommy meet a bunch of strangers with military insignia on their arms and just blurt out who they are like they haven't a care in the world despite Joel having made enemies from one end of the country to the other. 


    It's still way better writing than any other big budget game. But it really doesn't stack up well against the first. 


  3. 11 hours ago, Stanley said:

    Sure, once you’ve explained why you think it’s flawed in order for me to have something to go on. 


    2 hours ago, CarloOos said:


    Repeatedly saying 'all the flaws' isn't much to base a discussion off. Can you articulate your issues with either game?


    2 hours ago, Mystacon said:

    I’m assuming ‘all the flaws’ actually just means ‘I didn’t like the combat’, which is, of course very different.


    Most of the serious gameplay flaws revolve around the stealth mechanics. The stealth kills are incredibly loud and other enemies never notice. And while you're creeping around all stealthy friendly AI will sometimes walk right past or right into enemies. Now they obviously knew this was a problem and just had it so the friendly AI's can't fuck up your stealth attempts no matter how obvious it is they should be. This is much better than dopey AI getting you killed but it's still a real immersion killer when it happens. They have improved it very slightly, in that if you're crouched friendlies are crouched same with prone etc, but they still walk right into sight lines and sometimes literally just walk into enemies. And enemy AI is every bit as inconsistent as it was in the first game. 


    There are other flaws too. But those are the most serious.  


    I absolutely loved the first game despite these problems. I really like this too, I'm not saying it isn't good. Just that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I did the first, and it's very disappointing that they haven't ironed out these big obvious wrinkles. 


    Add that to the story being generally weaker, don't get me wrong the writing is still mostly fantastic, the characters and dialogue are really in a league of their own in terms of video game writing:




    the second half was jarring at first but like season 2 of The Wire in time I came to really appreciate it. But towards the end the attention to the quality of the writing seemed to take backseat to just shoehorning in ever more combat. Would Tommy really want Ellie to go off on her own seeking out a woman as dangerous to fuck with as Abby? It struck me as completely out of character. But whatever maybe getting shot in the head at close range (yeah I guess it was just kind of weird that he was even alive at that point) changed him.


    The way that whole scene played out was so fucking shit. Neither Ellie nor Dina made any of the relevant points that should have been made to counter his bullshit. 


    Would Abby really be in such a hurry to seek out and join another militaristic organization after what went down with the WLF? Would Ellie really insist on fighting to the death after cutting Abby down from being crucified and her only interested in caring for the kid. Was she also gonna kill the little Asian kid? Or just let him die on the boat? Or what nurse him back to health after killing Abby? Again it just doesn't seem right to me. Yeah she didn't go through with it, but even starting the fight was fucking stupid. 



    So all in all I've been disappointed by the game while also acknowledging that it's still really quite good. And cunts are crying about it like fuck because when gamers like something no one is allowed to point out it's flawed. 



  4. On 29/06/2020 at 10:32, JoeK said:

    Ryzen can have issues with slower RAM speeds for sure. Really, the a 3700 should have at least 3200mhz in it.


    I know when I upgraded my 2700 to a 3900 last year, I had no end of issues even with the 3200 I had in it. Only by upgrading once again to a higher speed that it was sorted out.


    I'd imagine though if Scan have bunged in the 3000 speed in it, they'd have tested it to make sure it runs okay though, so possibly not too much to worry about there - I trust Scan a fair old bit.


  5. 10 hours ago, Majora said:

    I could understand someone preferring the story of the original but worse across the board? You'd have to work very hard to convince me that the original game has better combat or level design.


    The combat is exactly the same warts and all (I'm counting this as a serious flaw as they haven't addressed any of the obvious issues that the first had, I could ignore them in the first game assuming time constraints or whatever but for a sequel seven years in the making not to address a single issue is not so easily explained away), my problem with the combat here is the pacing. One long relentless slog of a battle after another.

    The first game had plenty of skirmishes that were super intense but they were all (nearly all) over relatively quickly. Also the set pieces in the first were infinitely better than in this. As for level design the world was beautifully realised, I'm not faulting it, it looked fucking amazing and was atmospheric as fuck, but relative to the first game it was incredibly limited, I think that's why that superfluous last section was tacked on (it wasn't great anyway). What part of it was better or even comparable to the winter section in the first? 


    I suppose the bit with all the fires

    It looked awesome but it didn't play anywhere near as well, nor was it as atmospheric. 






  6. I am so fucking disappointed by this. Which isn't to say it's bad, it isn't, it's good, it's really good mostly, if it was a new IP it would probably be my game of the decade (not saying much since the decade is six months old but I wouldn't think anything will better it any time soon) but as a sequel it is just worse pretty much across-the-board. And no, not because of the representation of LGBTQ people, I thought that was great.


    Will withhold full judgement until I've finished it. It might still could turn it around, but I don't think it's going to.

  7. Spoiler

    Abby's full name in this is Abby "the arbiter" Raiden.


    While it's still overall very well written and the characters and dialogue are exemplary the point that it's trying to make with this second half turn is super ham fisted. And I would just as soon played the story entirely from the one end. 


    Not finished yet like so maybe this section will grow on me. 


  8. Waterworld


    I don't understand why this was panned at the time. Wasn't half bad. I mean it was dumb as fuck, but in the way that films like this should be. Denis Hopper was tremendous in it, right up there with Raul Julia as M. Bison in terms of completely over-the-top, fun villains. 





  9. 7 hours ago, spanx said:

    I’ve tried again after a seven year gap where I abandoned it somewhere late on in Bills Town god being unfairly difficult, but loving it to the point I’m certainly buying part two afterwards


      Hide contents

    Made it to the university. The whole Pittsburgh, sewers and suburbs section was really excellent. My girlfriend and I were :O at the demise of Henry and Sam

    No idea how far in/left to go. More than 50%?

    The best is still to come. 

  10. Da 5 Bloods


    A Spike Lee Joint, which is to say I was watching it thinking, oh this is quite well shot... if strangely at times. But the story and characterisation just constantly had me thinking: really? Will give it another try was absolutely smashed when I watched it. But yeah not that impressed by it. 



  11. Almost certainly won't get a PS5 until it has been out about two years and come down significantly in price. 


    That said, in the unlikely event that it costs somewhere around £300 I could be tempted to jump in early if there is a launch title that's getting my motor running and providing my financial situation will allow it. 

  12. Are there any that have dual channel audio, whereby you there is unique volume controls for game audio and chat? I had a pair of cheap turtle beaches (x11's I think), for the 360 that had that feature. None of the more expensive pairs I have since owned have had it. Those things were unreal for the money they were only like £35. Sound quality was tremendous as was the build quality.

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