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  1. This has been hands down my worst year for gaming since 2006 (playing almost exclsively on the 360).

    In roughly reverse chronological order:

    Mass effect 3 (not a bad game in and of it's self, but a terrible follow up to 2)

    Metal gear solid 3 HD (Enjoyed it, but think I would have thought a lot more of it had I played it when it first came out)

    Fallout new Vegas multiple play throughs this year, like last year, and at least one in 2010 (technically flawed but I love it)

    Driver San Francisco (A very forgettable experience)

    Spiderman shattered dimensions (at times breathtakingly beautiful always boring to play though)

    Halo combat evolved HD or whatever it's called (A beautiful high-res walk down memory lane)

    MW3 (cut and paste crap, but at least it could be finished in one sitting)

    GOW3 (I liked the two previous Gears games but this was a chore, I don't think that's cause there was anything wrong with it, just got tired of it)

    And that's it.

    8 games most of which I didn't particularly enjoy. 1 came out in 2010, an 2 were HD remakes. Bad times.

    And the next gen is still at least a year away and there will be two years of crap before it builds any momentum.

  2. I wanted to like this game, I really did. But it rubbed shit into my eyes at every turn, worst gameplay ever. I got about half way through it, before realizing life was too short. I'm never gonna play a game that is no fun to play ever again.

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