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  1. A Serious Man


    Was watching this thinking that it was just OK, but feeling like it might be one of those films that would get better with repeat viewing. And then the ending was dog shit. 


    Was gonna be a 3 that I thought had a good chance to improve upon repeat viewing. But now it's a 2 that I doubt I'll ever watch again. 

  2. Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri


    Less than the sum of its parts. The parts were great. Most of them. The film not so much. 


    I might fill this out a bit more tomorrow. If I can keep it brief. I might have to write a 5000 word diatribe about everything wrong with it in the movie watcher's blog thread though. 





  3. The Lighthouse (Amazon rental £3.50 SD)


    Weird and creepy and unpleasant. Willem Dafoe was tremendous in it. The other guy was decent too. And it was very well shot in what I would describe as a very old timey style that fit with the story. The old timey aspect ratio was annoying a fuck though and I really hope playing around with weird aspect ratios like this doesn't become a trend. 


    Hard one to score. It was good for what it was but I don't wanna watch it again. I dunno...



  4. 127 hours


    James Franco can be quite good sometimes and other times he's quite annoying. I found him quite annoying in this. The whole film was pretty fucking annoying. The constant close ups of his face were particularly bad, especially the bit where he was eating the burrito looking thing fucking disgusting moreso even than


    the bit where he hacked his arm off. 


    I do not recommend this at all. 



  5. 1 hour ago, Stigweard said:

    Tarantino but it's not hard when he's only directed 10 films. Also Hayao Miyazaki.


    I've had a look on Letterboxd for a few big/well known names and it's saying



    Nolan 9/10

    Speilberg - 19/33

    Ridley Scott - 13/25 (I thought this would have been more)

    Bong Joon-ho 5/7

    Taika Waitit - 4/6

    James Cameron - 6/8 (films only - but also, how the fuck has Cameron only directed 8 films)



    Samuel L.Jackson - 61/198 (althought don't know how many of those are Cameos, still 61 is good going)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger - 26/38 (excluding cameos or random documentaries he's appeared on)

    The Rock - 26/36 (exlcuding cameos)

    Tom Hanks - 27/51 (exlcuding cameos)

    Tom Hanks has only been in 51 films? That can't be right, can it?

  6. Who have you completed the set for? Feature films only and obviously guys with like one or two films don't really count. 


    Only ones I can think of are Tarantino and Taika Waititi both as directors only. Close on Christopher Nolan only need to see his first film and the new one. Also close on Kubrick have seen everything after and including Paths of Glory. Thought I would have been close on the Cohen brothers but have missed a good few of them. For actors I only need to see The Conversation (which I can't find anywhere) for John Cazale (he was only in 5 films, but might have the best weighted filmography ever). 


    Have probably done another director or two without even realizing it. 


    What are some manageable and enjoyable examples to try for? 


    Has anyone done the full Samuel L? I doubt even he has. 




  7. The Truman Show


    Another one in a long line I've went into with too high expectations after reading praise for it here. Was decent enough like, but I wasn't blown away by it. Probably would have been much better at the time. 




    Oh Brother Where Art Thou 


    Not quite in the upper echelon of Cohen brothers films but still great. 






    Well directed and acted but the writing is just shit compared to Silence of The Lambs. 




    (All three on Netflix)


  8. 1 hour ago, Sumire said:

    Just completed this. I really enjoyed it. I thought I had come to the end at least three times, but it kept on going. I still do not think it works very well when you have a companion with you and you are stealthing around and they are clearly in plain sight of enemies and they never seem to see them. A small gripe in the grand scale of the game though.

    Over-hyped by some reviewers predictably, but still a great game to play through.


    Don't try to tell the arseholes in the main thread that. Some of them are trying to deny it even happens. Along with other brilliant observations like the combat system has had "a complete bloody overhaul" since the first game. 

  9. 21 minutes ago, Stanshall said:

    I've learned very gradually over the years that when I assume someone is trolling, that's usually because my expectations of people are far higher than reality. 

    Yeah someone dissagreeing with the hive mind must either be trolling or a just failure to meet your lofty expectations of people.


    That's reasonable. 


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