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  1. A Serious Man Was watching this thinking that it was just OK, but feeling like it might be one of those films that would get better with repeat viewing. And then the ending was dog shit. Was gonna be a 3 that I thought had a good chance to improve upon repeat viewing. But now it's a 2 that I doubt I'll ever watch again.
  2. Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri Less than the sum of its parts. The parts were great. Most of them. The film not so much. I might fill this out a bit more tomorrow. If I can keep it brief. I might have to write a 5000 word diatribe about everything wrong with it in the movie watcher's blog thread though. 3/5
  3. The Lighthouse (Amazon rental £3.50 SD) Weird and creepy and unpleasant. Willem Dafoe was tremendous in it. The other guy was decent too. And it was very well shot in what I would describe as a very old timey style that fit with the story. The old timey aspect ratio was annoying a fuck though and I really hope playing around with weird aspect ratios like this doesn't become a trend. Hard one to score. It was good for what it was but I don't wanna watch it again. I dunno... 4/5
  4. 127 hours James Franco can be quite good sometimes and other times he's quite annoying. I found him quite annoying in this. The whole film was pretty fucking annoying. The constant close ups of his face were particularly bad, especially the bit where he was eating the burrito looking thing fucking disgusting moreso even than I do not recommend this at all. 2/5
  5. King Kong - 2005 Meh. Excessive CGI, and just excessive generally, easily an hour longer than it had any right or need to be. Cast was decent enough. And I liked it when the big monkey was fucking shit up. 2/5
  6. I often roll out "Due to popular demand we will forgo our national anthem" while watching a prize fight.
  7. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Went and saw this in the cinema. Tremendous, despite the annoying cunt rustling his sweets from start to finish. Pretty close to perfect. The pacing in particular was just perfect not a single scene that dragged. 5/5
  8. Blue Ruin A wee fucking belter of a film. Decent acting. Well directed. Not a pick of fat on it. Cost less than half a million to make too. Tremendous. Got a bit daft a few times but I'll forgive it. 5/5 It's on Netflix.
  9. Tom Hanks has only been in 51 films? That can't be right, can it?
  10. Who have you completed the set for? Feature films only and obviously guys with like one or two films don't really count. Only ones I can think of are Tarantino and Taika Waititi both as directors only. Close on Christopher Nolan only need to see his first film and the new one. Also close on Kubrick have seen everything after and including Paths of Glory. Thought I would have been close on the Cohen brothers but have missed a good few of them. For actors I only need to see The Conversation (which I can't find anywhere) for John Cazale (he was only in 5 films, but might have the best weighted filmography ever). Have probably done another director or two without even realizing it. What are some manageable and enjoyable examples to try for? Has anyone done the full Samuel L? I doubt even he has.
  11. What a great fucking show it was. There's nothing really like it now. It was light hearted and whimsical and also hilarious. What a shame what they've done to it. It would be the greatest show of all time if they had wrapped it up sometime around 1999.
  12. All the funniest shit in the Simpsons was all just daft throwaway lines that are also somehow completely amazing. Hey look at me I'm Elvis, man.
  13. The Losers Paint by numbers action film. A big dull dud. Off after twenty minutes. 1/5 Wild at Heart Here is my review: A David Lynch film. 4/5 (Netflix)
  14. Hobo with a Shotgun Absolute fucking trash. And I thouroughly enjoyed it. Giggling like an idiot the whole way through. Sort of film that is hard to rate... 4 big bags of hot trash out 5.
  15. The Truman Show Another one in a long line I've went into with too high expectations after reading praise for it here. Was decent enough like, but I wasn't blown away by it. Probably would have been much better at the time. 3/5 Oh Brother Where Art Thou Not quite in the upper echelon of Cohen brothers films but still great. 4/5 Hannibal Well directed and acted but the writing is just shit compared to Silence of The Lambs. 3/5 (All three on Netflix)
  16. Watch this between 3.20 and 3.25 to bear witness to the greatest background artist in the history of cinema.
  17. Don't try to tell the arseholes in the main thread that. Some of them are trying to deny it even happens. Along with other brilliant observations like the combat system has had "a complete bloody overhaul" since the first game.
  18. Yeah someone dissagreeing with the hive mind must either be trolling or a just failure to meet your lofty expectations of people. That's reasonable.
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