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  1. 5 hours ago, Glasgowchivas said:




    A dose of 500 roentgens per hr is lethal for humans; the guy touching the piece of graphite core would have been exposed to approx 10,000 to 20,000 roentgens. You’re basically melting from the inside out, even without touching stuff. 



    Scary shit. Obviously I knew massive doses of radiation would kill you in short order. But didn't think it would visibly start to break down your tissues and stuff that quickly. 


    Been down a YouTube and Wikipedia rabbit hole the last few days now. Apparently one of the firemen on scene who got close to the first his eye colour changed from it, prior to his agonised death. 

  2. I wonder how accurate this is scientifically? Like the bit where the guy picked up the graphite rod casing and his hand was bleeding a few minutes later. Obviously those things are off the charts radioactive and you would be fucked if you were unlucky enough to touch one. But would your skin and stuff really start breaking down from it that quickly? 

  3. 13 minutes ago, NexivRed said:
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    Fancy moaning about fast travel. Who the fuck wants to see a load of people marching and sailing for an episode?


    Sort it out.


    The complaint about fast travel isn't that we don't see long marches. The complaint is that people seem to get from one end of the continent to the other over in the course of a few hours of the story (story time being independent of run time).


    I didn't really notice any fast travel in this episode. They got from Winterfell to kings landing in a cut, but there was nothing I noticed to say that a few weeks hadn't passed.  But it was crazy last season. Gendry running to call in air support being the best example but there was loads. 

  4. Spoiler

    Lotta people seem to think Jaime leaving Brienne was shit. But I thought him getting with her in the first place was shit. His whole raison d'etre is his all consuming love for Cersei. He has never been with another woman. And is willing to do anything for her. Then they fleshed out the character and he was conflicted and knew she was evil and still he loved her anyway.   Even him abandoning her to go north made sense. The night king was the bigger threat to everyone including her. Then they question him upon arrival at Winterfell and he says it explicitly yeah I done all that shit and I would again. That was great characterisation.


     So after the battle why would anyone think Jaime was gonna be loyal to Dany going forward? And the weirdest thing about it is that he seemed to think so himself for half an episode. And only after he finds out Cersei won a pretty significant victory does he remember.






  5. Do you ever read a really long novel, and it starts off so detailed, the whole world and story lovingly crafted, everything just so? But about half way through the quality starts to slip. The story becomes a bit less detailed with every passing page and by the end it's just a thrown together outline of events basically like the author got sick writing it and was worried it was  becoming over long and just decided to wrap it up. 


    That's what this feels like. 

  6. Spoiler

    Why would Cersei let that little token force walk away. The Queen and all their leadership. Why would they all have lined up there in the first place. 


    I don't care what anyone says. This isn't canon. Not to me. Even if they don't redo it I'm just gonna imagine my own last series. I've had issues with some of the later seasons but it's just been the odd shit bit. This is just a constant stream of pants. 



  7. 4 hours ago, schmojo said:

    I still wonder if Lesnar's playing hardball. Dana would definitely offer Stipe cash to step down for the bigger headliner.


    But I'm happy with this, Stipe deserves it. And I'd love to see him win a close decision. Give DC a trilogy to define his legacy and not be tied just to JJ.

    Yeah this looks like brinkmanship between Broccoli and Dana to me. Brock trying to get more money and threatening to retire. Dana making this fight to call his bluff. Wouldn't be the first Dana had set a fight as part of a negotiating tactic. And if Brock comes around he'd pull the rug out from under Stipe without giving it a second's thought. Don't think he'd compensate Stipe in any way though. 

  8. On 23/04/2019 at 21:29, schmojo said:

    Yeah, what's the worst of Rockhold's actual crimes? What's up there with Bisping's spitting, homophobic slurs, shit-tier trolling, or general arrogance despite underperforming?


    Luke's awesome, and has delivered some brilliant variety violence. A rare mix of dynamic striking, strong submissions, and great wrestling.


    People siding with Bisping's lucky punch despite his crap behaviour confuse the shit out of me.


    It's cause he's super good looking and apparently comes from money. And to be fair is a bit of a dick there was the whole dating show thing. But yeah I'm with you he's a much better fighter and infinitely more likable than Bisping who is a turd of epic proportions. 



    I liked how the writers just got sick of the Dothraki and were like yeah let's just make them all disappear in the dark. And even though there is a main story white guy and a dire wolf with them they can both just randomly come back with like two token Dothraki and a few horses just because. Quality writing. 


    Edit. Minor note to this. All the dothraki that came back were all on foot. But Jorrah was on horseback despite the fact that the Dothraki are meant to be the best horsemen in the entire world according to the story. 


  10. Not great for many reasons. 



    The red woman's storyline was brought together in a totally shit way. She showed up and had zero real impact on the battle. And then she was like now I have done what I was sent here to do (nothing really) and I must die. And so she did. Terrible writing. But that is at least one branch of the story closed. 

    I will add them as I am reminded of them on this here rewatch. 

  11. Spoiler

    Why didn't Jaime take Bron north with him? He's been his right hand man (hoho) for ages and Tyrion and Podrick are there. Could be because there's no money in it, but it seems like he would have at least asked him. Feels like they didn't do it cause they wanted to have a will or won't plot with regards to Cersei asking him to kill Jaime and Tyrion. It's  just like and almost as shit as the fake feud they were trying sell between Arya and Sansa last season. 



  12. 2 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    I thought this was great. I'm buzzing for episode 2! The bit at the end 

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    With the boy in the wall was horrible. I'm pretty sure they mixed baby screams into his cries.


    And I thought Cersei refused to help Tyrion in S7? Why's he saying the Lannister army are coming north to help?



    She refused and then he went and negotiated one on one and she said she would help. But then she told Jaime it was just a ruse. 


  13. Predictions. No spoilers but I'll hide it anyway because I think they're all guaranteed to happen. 




    In the next episode the only bits of dragon glass left will be too small to work with. They won't have nearly enough weapons and Gendry will hit upon an idea. To grind it up into powder and add it to molten steel thus reinventing valerian steel. 


    Sansa and Tyrion are gonna ride and renew their marriage. 


    Cersei is gonna end up taking out the majority of the white walkers using wild fire. 






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