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  1. Don't like them big field handicaps. Super fun to watch but a fucking shitshow for betting purposes. Especially on questionable ground. Storms forecast for late tomorrow, if the ground is shit I might have to sit Wednesday out. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

    Only get paid on Friday, plus it's my wife’s (30th) birthday this month so gotta be sensible/boring with my money.


    But for fun:


    14:30 Hazapour 9/1

    15:05 Guildsman 11/2

    15:40 Mabs Cross 7/1

    16:20 Shaman 9/1

    17:00 Buildmeupbuttercup 5/1

    17:35 Magic Wand 9/2

    Making picks when you aren't betting is a good way to seriously bum yourself out. 


    Combined odds on the six timer 367200/1 (PP prices). You'd wanna kill yourself if they all got up. 


    Might as well do a wee lucky 63. 10p a line. 6.30 won't break the bank. Paying almost 73k. Even if three or four get up you'll get a nice return. 

  3. 29 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

    I said earlier I’m not gonna bet on it (I won’t) but make a spreadsheet of what I would bet on if I did. Then thought why am I doing this it’ll just depress me if they all win so stopped.


    Will still keep my eyes on it all day at work, mind. :)


    May post some selections later.

    Why are you not playing ?

  4. Ascot starts tomorrow. Another week off work to spunk a few hundred quid. 


    Done Laurens antepost at 6/1 £20 in the Queen Anne. Cunts have an offer on for this race that if you finish 2-4 they'll refund your stake up to £20 excluding antepost. Wouldn't mind but the price is still the same ffs. 


    Have a fiver on Monoski at 10s in the Coventry. 


    Fiver on Imprimis at 10s in the king's stand. 


    Who've youse got? 

  5. I have negged everyone who has expressed a preference for Dark Souls 2 over any other Souls Borne game, on any level.


    A man must have a code.


    You people have no place in the Souls community. No place in civilized society. Nor uncivilized society for that matter. You represent an intellectual contagion that must be weeded out root and stem. 


    Genocide. It's an ugly business; but we can't carry on letting these people walk among us spreading their filth. Think of the children. 

  6. 53 minutes ago, And said:


    Harris is fantastic. 

      Hide contents

    “They should put that on our money”


    Totally brilliant tv. Why can’t we have more like this?


    A lot of it is obviously down to the story itself. 


    But I think a big part of it is the total lack of filler. They didn't drag it out a second longer than they needed to. Most shows now (even the good ones) are mostly just bloat. 


  7. Perfect TV. Absolutely flawless. Really great piece of work by all involved from the writers directors and cast, even the producers.


    They didn't cheapen it in any way. Didn't try to squeeze more episodes out of it than were necessary, didn't try to sensationalize it, or cram in a love story, or a gratuitous sex scene or any violence. They just let the story stand for itself.


  8. Spoiler


    Just finished watching it. Deadwood is probably my favorite TV show ever. (It's between it, The Wire and BoJack) I've been looking forward to this for so long. It did not disappoint. The main thing I'm taking away from this is that season four is more or less confirmed. This just felt like a really fucking great trailer for a forthcoming season or seasons. 


    The show never had a proper ending as it got cancelled before it could be concluded. So you would think if they were going to make a film to cap it off it would have brought the story to some sort of a satisfying conclusion (I don't mean that in the sense that you would necessarily be happy how it ended just that it clearly would have ended). 


    But no. I was convinced Bullock was gonna finish Hurst off in the jail and just say he died of his wounds. Everyone saw him save him from the mob so his story would have been believable. That would have been an ending. But no. One of the most powerful men in the country in jail based on the testimony of a black guy. As a betting man I wouldn't exactly be willing to put my rent on his being convicted.


    Also the scene at the end wherein Al was "dying" but doesn't actually die. And they had Wu give him that special Chinese medicine earlier and then showed him using it. Ok so that's a little hokey. But whatever I'm willing to let it go. Chinese wonder cure. Al back to full strength for the forthcoming season/s.


    Some of my other thoughts arranged at random:


    I hope to one day get as much value out of an item of clothing as Al got from that suit. 


    Surprised and disappointed Merrick made a comeback. The actor had that child porn thing. Part of which as I understand it involved soliciting a fourteen years old to pose nude for him. He shouldn't be working. And no Blazanov!


    The dialogue could have been tighter. Was more season 3 than season 1. The great thing about the show early on was the dialogue. The juxtaposition of the verbose but at the same time crystal clear language, and the over the top gratuitous swearing was just a joy to behold. But the key component in that was the clarity and toward the end it wasn't always there. Was also the case here at times. 


    Was Alma not with child when last we saw her?


    Would have liked them to have had some sort of reference to Sy Tolliver having passed just as a nod to Powers Booth. Also why wasn't his big sexy daughter back?


    Would totally watch a Tom Nuttall spinoff where it's just him tending bar and talking to his patrons. He's the barkeep and Bron and Oberyn from game of thrones are drinking at the bar. #wouldwatch


    Did it make anyone else start thinking about their own mortality and whatnot?


    Everyone has gotten so old. Was like a really clear and Stark marker of how much time has passed since the show ended, even though it doesn't feel like it. Was akready feeling like that when it was over and then I opened Twitter immediately after watching it and there was something trending about Jenifer Lopez's first album being twenty years old today and I really clearly remembered that first video on MTV. What I was doing with my life at the time. The friends I had. What I thought my future held. People who were alive who aren't anymore. Twenty years. In the blink of an eye. 




    We'll all be dead soon.



  9. A more age appropriate Rambo would actually be very watchable. 


    Rambo suffers a Vietnam flash back while angry at the neighbor kids for walking on his lawn and goes on a killing crazy rampage in suburbia. 




    Brian Denahy's son is the chief of police in whatever town he lives in.


    This thing writes itself. 

  10. 17 minutes ago, Hanzo the Razor said:

    I'll bet the first thing they ditch is the first person viewpoint. Totally missing the point as usual.


    They'll probably put Melissa McCarthy in it somewhere. 


  11. On 23/05/2019 at 11:31, Rayn said:

    An ad for this just turned up in my Facebook feed with the headline claiming "This Hit Show has better ratings than GoT and Breaking Bad". That's fine and all, but I noticed there were a lot of comments so I thought I should have a look at the praise. I shouldn't have done that....


    Here's some of the quotes: 









    Never read the comments. 

  12. I accidentally drank most of my Chernobyl wine during my rewatch of the last episode. Only have like a glass and a half, and a can of Harp in reserve for this episode. 


    But let me tell you about how you should let your kids watch it sober...

  13. 4 minutes ago, NexivRed said:


    To the second point you addressed I wasn't suggesting that a thirteen year old kid knows about every single thing you would like them not know about. I just meant all the obvious stuff.


    To all your other points I guess we're gonna have to agree to disagree. 


    I think it's best not to lie to kids as much as possible. People die. Bad things happen. The world is not as you might like it to be. 


    Thirteen is right about when I think that unpleasant honesty should begin. 


    But whatever. It's none of my business how anyone raises their kids. 




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