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  1. A work in progress


    Game of the Year







    Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else)

    Z1. Sekiro. (Not that I think it's bad but it's too reliant on mechanics that I am useless at performing consistently)






    Sound Design of the Year





    Visual Design of the Year





    Writing of the Year





    Gaming Format (System) of the Year



    Publisher or Developer of the Year



    Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year

    B1. Rainbow 6 Siege 


    Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier)



    Best game character of the year






    And the big one:


    Game of the Decade


    D1. Dark Souls

    D2. Portal 2

    D3. Rainbow 6 Siege

    D4. Dark Souls 3

    D5. Bloodborne

    D6. Breath of the Wild

    D7. The Last of Us

    D8. Red dead redemption

    D9. Mass effect 2

    D10. Bayonetta

  2. 4 hours ago, Nick R said:

    The Big Lebowski - 3.5/5


    I ended up writing more than intended, so I've put my post in the blog thread instead:



    Short version: I like it but its inflated online reputation still perplexes me.

    You should watch it again another few times. It gets better with repeat viewing.


    It's all daft wee things that make it so good. Things you might easily overlook. Like the line "careful, man, there's a beverage here." Which is a clunky and strangely worded thing to say in that situation but in a very real way, like it's something somebody might say but you can't imagine actually writing it for someone. Like at the end of Rocky when he's all beat up and Adrien comes into the ring and the first thing he says to her "hey, where's you hat?"


    I thought it was just ok the first time I seen it. And every time I watched it since I've liked it a bit more. Same with Fargo. 


  3. 2000

    1. Sexy Beast

    2. Battle Royale

    3. Requiem for a dream


    Tough cuts: oh brother where art thou. Gladiator. 



    1. Freddy got fingered

    2. Blow

    3, the Royal Tenenbaums


    Tough cuts: Shrek, Training Day, How High.



    1. City of God

    2. 24 hour party people

    3. Gangs of New York


    Tough cuts: catch me of you can. 



    1. Old Boy

    2. Kill Bill

    3. Elf

    No tough cuts. Bit of a stinker of a year. 



    1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    2. Anchorman

    3. kill Bill 2


    Tough cuts: Man on fire. Napoleon Dynamite. The life aquatic with Steve Zissou. Aviator. Shaun of the dead. 

  4. Get yer lists out for the boys... And girls.


    10. Freddy got fingered

    9. WallE (this might have been number one if the second half had been nearly as good as the first half)

    8. Anchorman

    7. Django unchained 

    6. Pans labrynth

    5. Hunt for the wilder people

    4. What we do in the shadows

    3. Sorry to bother you (2019)

    2. Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

    1. Boy (2010)


    Banged that out without giving it too much thought. Happy enough with it though. 

  5. 1 hour ago, JPL said:

    How come they’ve put Sopranos at number 1, but none of you even have it in your top ten? I’ve just started watching it, for the first time, so please no spoilers.

    I didn't put it in my top ten and judged entirely in and of itself I am happy enough to have omitted it (it probably would make my top twelve to fifteen). However I have no problem with anyone having it as number one on their list because it basically kicked off the golden age of television. The Wire, Deadwood and Game of Thrones all owe their existence to The Sopranos completely changing the perception of what TV could be. 

  6. 6 hours ago, Mr Combo Breaker said:

    No Generation Kill? suck my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick


    6 hours ago, Cool Ben said:


    One of the best TV shows, so underrated, no one even seems to know what it is.

    I am guessing this is just the top 100 for this one particular journalist, I can't find the source anywhere.


    I just bought it on DVD from cex. Delivered to my door for £2.50. A fucking bargain. 


    If you haven't already i would highly recommend the book it's based on by Evan Wright. It's fantastic. 

  7. On 17/08/2019 at 18:58, Camel said:

    Fuck me, Urban's accent is so distracting.

    Bad accents are currently ruining everything for me. 


    Idris Elba doing a shit southern American accent in Prometheus despite being able to do a solid Baltimore accent, not that the characters Americanness was at all important to the character. The two Australians in Pacific Rim (this might be the worst one ever), urban from this was pretty bad, but much much much worse was Simon Pegg's American accent I wanted to his myself a kick in the balls every time he opened his mouth. 


    Show is unwatchable because of it. 


    I don't get why casting people do this. Just get someone else to do the part or have them do the part in either their own accent or any other they can do passably well. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Boothjan said:



    Saw this on Netflix.  There was a picture of a fierce looking shark on the thumbnail, so that was me sold.  


    This is APPALLING.  :lol: But it's so catastrophically bad, it's very hard to turn it off.  Seriously hilarious, but unintentionally so.  The acting is dreadful, the CGI makes it look like a bad GCSE project, the plot... well, that must have got lost somewhere.  A few quite golden lines ("We had a raft.... but the sharks ate it...")


    It has big sharks which growl and eat anything and everything, and are cunning etc etc.  That's the best thing I can say about it.



    This sounds awesome. Gonna watch it later 5/5 based on your synopsis. 

  9. The Dark Knight Rises 3/5


    I turned this off after fifteen minutes years ago and I have no idea why, it was very acceptable. 


    Solomon Kane 2/5


    Like a shitty but enjoyable enough Willow. Would have gave it a three but for the fact that it's a fantasy film set in England with Christians and real witches and other demon's and whatnot. Something about that just struck me as unseemly. I'm not even sure why exactly, a similar vampire films wouldn't annoy me at all, or it was like some hammer horror shit it wouldn't annoy me nearly as much.

  10. On 04/09/2019 at 08:00, Wickedkitten said:

    plenty of time to read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi then :D still one of the best books I’ve ever read about the case and was written by the guy that actually prosecuted the Manson Family.


    There's a new book out that shits all over Bugliosi and Helter Skelter. Chaos by Tom O'Neill. I haven't read it but I heard the guy on a podcast (fitzdog radio) it sounds very interesting and based on the podcast I heard it isn't a daft conspiracy book (though it does brush up against all that mad sixties shit) the guy is a legit journalist and all his claims in the book are all well documented apparently. 


    It's top of my reading list. 

  11. Prometheus 3/5


    I remember how much I was looking forward to this before it came out and then it came out and I heard it was shit and didn't watch it cause I couldn't face the disappointment, and by waiting so long to watch it I have somehow multiplied the disappointment.


    I was prepared now for it to just be shit, but it isn't, they had the makings of a worthy prequel to Alien in there and they fucked it. Tighten the script up a bit, cut down on the fake accents (my current major bugbear with TV and films), cut a few of the dafter bits, and undo the dumbdown at least once and this could have been great. As it is: meh. 


    Edit: bumping this from a 2 to 3. 

  12. 53 minutes ago, yakumo said:

    Dolores Clairborne


    Fuck me this is easily 5/5, never hear this film being mentioned but easily one of the best King's adaption. 


    Don't think I've ever seen it. One of my favorite SK books too. Will have to check it out. 




    Pacific Rim three big robots out of a possible five big robots. 


    I really liked it and but for a few minor but very annoying flaws it would have scored higher. 


    I took one big robot off because the control interface of the big robots was terrible. Overcomplicated as fuck. Should have basically been like the power loader from Aliens.


    I took another big robot off for those terrible fake Australian accents. Film budget probably over a hundred million. And you can't just find two Australian actors or alternatively just have the characters not be Australian. 


    Was tempted to take another big robot off for this guy:



    Worst actor ever. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Gambit said:

    I don't think a third entry in a series when the last movie was 16 years ago is beating a dead horse. Its not exactly Die Hard levels of abuse. 


    I'm excited for it anyway. 4 life yo. 


    Well, the comment was more general than specific to this franchise. But let's look at this franchise:


    "The last movie was 16 years ago"... Yeah, sisxteen  years ago... And dog shit. The very definition of a dead horse. 


    (Can anyone think of a good sequel that came out a similarly long time after its original?)


    They made a good film twenty odd years ago and are now gonna try to squeeze a bit more out of it with a sequel that will just piss on the memory of the one good film. 


    Sequels, remakes and franchises. This is far and away the worst time in my life for films. Absolute fucking dog shit. 

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