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  1. I have negged everyone who has expressed a preference for Dark Souls 2 over any other Souls Borne game, on any level. A man must have a code. You people have no place in the Souls community. No place in civilized society. Nor uncivilized society for that matter. You represent an intellectual contagion that must be weeded out root and stem. Genocide. It's an ugly business; but we can't carry on letting these people walk among us spreading their filth. Think of the children.
  2. Teraflops are what get me out if bed in the morning.
  3. Let's speculate wildly as to the release date. My educated guess: March 24th 2020.
  4. A lot of it is obviously down to the story itself. But I think a big part of it is the total lack of filler. They didn't drag it out a second longer than they needed to. Most shows now (even the good ones) are mostly just bloat.
  5. AZ5:
  6. Perfect TV. Absolutely flawless. Really great piece of work by all involved from the writers directors and cast, even the producers. They didn't cheapen it in any way. Didn't try to squeeze more episodes out of it than were necessary, didn't try to sensationalize it, or cram in a love story, or a gratuitous sex scene or any violence. They just let the story stand for itself.
  7. Can anyone who has been on one of these Chernobyl tours answer a question for me? Can you pet the dog?
  8. A more age appropriate Rambo would actually be very watchable. Rambo suffers a Vietnam flash back while angry at the neighbor kids for walking on his lawn and goes on a killing crazy rampage in suburbia. #wouldwatch Brian Denahy's son is the chief of police in whatever town he lives in. This thing writes itself.
  9. That was the saddest episode yet.
  10. They'll probably put Melissa McCarthy in it somewhere.
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