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  1. Four Lions - 4 rubber dinghy rapids/5 Not as good as I remember it being when it first came out. Still funny as fuck though.
  2. An extended cut of a film that was already three and a half hours long. How long is it? And also why?
  3. I don't think it was transphobic. I think it was designed specifically to get shit for being transphobic without actually having done it. Bait. They were very clear Heather Swanson "isn't exactly your average trans athlete". I think they're just doing what they've always done, and trying to annoy literally everyone. And if they are trying to make a point it's probably a somewhat nuanced one.
  4. Gone Girl - 2/5 Think this was let down by the casting. Not that either of the two leads were bad necessarily.
  5. Chef 4/5 This would have been a very bog standard middle of the road comedy but it was elevated by how good a job it done of conveying the guy's passion for food. All the cooking in it was quality. Made me hungry as shit and want to cook. It's on Prime.
  6. Upon trying to chase up links to both stories it appears I've been mislead both times. One was a guy I heard mentioned on the JRE, Rogan said he broke the women's world record deadlift just by identifying as a woman, and that that was stupid and shouldn't be allowed. Which I would agree with. But upon further investigation the guy just posted a video of himself doing it and at the end said oh and I identify as a woman now. Wasn't in any competition and the record doesn't stand in any way. Literally just a stupid viral video. The other one was a cricket player who won female cricketer of the year my friend sent me a screenshot of an article and the guy in the picture was just a regular middle aged guy, but upon looking it up, the guy in the picture had fuck all to do with the story and the lady in question is just a regular trans woman.
  7. He could have reinvented himself as one of these right wing self help guru academic twats like Jordan Peterson.
  8. Some guys definitely are now doing it just to make an anti trans athlete point. Like not even transitioning just claiming they identify as a woman and setting some records in the women's divisions and then going back to competing as men. Seen two examples of it this week alone. I honestly don't know how I feel about legit trans women competing against cis women. Particularly if they have transitioned later in life. I don't think anyone is transitioning just to compete against women but still think it's questionable whether it should be permitted of not.
  9. Apocalypto - 5 sacrificed hearts /5 An absolute belter. Meritorious gore porn? Maybe. It's on prime.
  10. Cannibal Holocaust - 1/5 Meritless gore porn. If you're into this sort of thing it's on Amazon prime.
  11. Haven't paid any attention to this at all beyond the fact of knowing Bill Burr is gonna be in it, come to find out Werner Herzog is also in it, and Taika Waititi, and Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal (I hope he's a bisexual dick slinging badass basically space Oberyn). That's a whole big lot of good shit right there.
  12. The Boys From Brazil - 56.4 clones of Hitler out of a possible 94 Daft as fuck. And a bit ropey. But well worth a watch anyway if only to put the many times I've seen it referenced in other shit in perspective.
  13. Not a horror film in the traditional sense but this is the most I've been scared by a film since I was a kid.
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