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  1. Oh aye, the follow-ups are excellent. I'm looking forward to something similar for Infamy in a few years where Saber has mechanical arms and legs like Inspector Gadget, Earsnot is doing ok, and Toomer is the CEO of some multinational.
  2. Knicks continue to fly with the occasional hiccup and with A'm"aare back it could develop into full-on projectile vomiting if they're not careful, while fuck knows what is going on with the Clippers - I think the team must be coaching themselves because it surely can't have anything to do with Del Negro. Can it? Unless it's Phil Jackson in a mask... And grass is green, sky is blue and Wade continues to play as dirty as a pig in shit. If he's not flopping, he's whacking dudes in the balls. Yeah!
  3. Got my tickets for Killer Mike in a couple of weeks and Nas in March. Really looking forward to Killer Mike - it's at a relatively small venue as well - not as wee as the El-P gig (which was like being in someone's awesome apartment) - so it will be jumping. And Nas, I have no idea. In a big hall but decent sound, but it's Nas so fuck it.
  4. Goddam. I suddenly had an enormous need to play Half Life 2 again and with my 360 being boxed up and at another location I tried to run the moody Cider port I have for OSX - but it didn't work! Disaster! Probably to do with the graphics on my MacBook Pro. Or Mountain Lion. Or fucking whatever. Anyway. I would not be defeated and installed Steam and subsequently bought it for like 5€ along with Garry's Mod for recreational fun and fuckwittery. Not only do I have Alyx accompanying me on my thrilling City17 escapades, I can also meddle with her tits and make her fuck a washing machine while Barney looks on wearing a hat made from tiny Dr. Breens. Balance is restored. edit: and now I have transferred it to my Air. HL2 fucking everywhere!
  5. I have an Intuos 5 Medium at home and at work and they really are the best things ever - I already had a Bamboo and the leap in sensitivity and response was incredible. As moosegrinder said, the best thing is practice. Learn how to use it without looking at it - it can be hard for some people to disconnect and look at the screen rather than where their hand is. Illustrator isn't the best program to learn with to be honest, mainly because of the stop-start nature of the working process - get yourself the demo of Photoshop and then you'll really feel at home. Following on from that, pay close attention to brushes - never rely on the default round brushes; when i'm working I normally use a set of three or four textured brushes and a set of smaller, more regular shapes for detail work. Take a gander at CGHub to see great images created with the simplest of brushes and lines. That is, of course, if you want to do that kind of work (which I do). Even though I make my living doing 3D work, I am still learning a lot about light, colour, composition, and texture. Like, instead of relying on a material, how to with a few brush strokes make rocks and concrete. Incredibly rewarding.
  6. Cheers. I'll check them out - it's a starting point at least.
  7. Quick question: Does anyone know the best (online) place to get things printed and delivered? My mother wants a few of my photos printed and framed as a Christmas present - she will choose from my Flickr and I will provide the originals or, most probably, high quality tifs. Anyway, as I live in another part of the planet this all has to be done online. Any suggestions as to who is decent? Cost isn't an issue.
  8. How's that 10-year iPhone ownership plan working out then? In other news, I have found an iOS game which isn't balls and that I enjoy playing - Scribblenauts Remix! Insanity abounds as you do the usual Scribblenauts shuffle and create giant flying whales, Cthulu's made from rice, and monkeys with shotguns. Excellent fun and only 7kr, which is a fucking steal compared to the upcoming 3DS version.
  9. Salt not included... http://www.webhallen.com/se-sv/lek_och_gadgets/161825-street_fighter_monopoly_collectors_edition
  10. Well, after the journey into porno wonderland, I just finished watching The Dark Knight Rises. My thoughts? About 30 minutes too long with a distinct lack of anal penetration. 3/10
  11. Get one purely for Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil: Revelations, which is surprisingly excellent and screwball as fuck. But maybe avoid Snake Eater - i'm left-handed and the camera controls (on the original 3DS without the circle pad thingy) make me shit fiery bricks of hate and anger.
  12. Third remains one of my favourite games - played through until completion with piles of cash, so now I have all the perks and can cause unlimited damage with maximum intensity. If i'm stuck for something to play for 20 minutes or so, it's either this or Streets of Rage II. But in SoR I can't tear ass around town in pigtails, a black bikini, and matching high heels throwing grenades willy-nilly and sniping drivers through their windscreens.
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