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  1. Why is the crowd not absolutely bouncing?
  2. BB Spoilers? for Walt and Jesse meeting Saul
  3. Is anyone looking to play this for the first time? Always fancied it but couldn't get a crew together when I lived in HK but back in UK now
  4. What's this flipping all about?
  5. Rumours abound that a club legend will be returning in the new year...
  6. The scene where my mum taught me the phrase 'sex on legs' to describe Connery
  7. Games! I have two on Steam right now https://store.steampowered.com/app/1181570/Feria_dArles/ and https://store.steampowered.com/app/1196520/The_Secret_of_Hutton_Grammar_School/
  8. Hey guys, yesterday I released my point and click adventure game, Feria d'Arles Molly dreams of being the bravest matador in France. Explore the city of Arles and enter the world-famous tournament. Uncover corruption, conspiracy, and a load of bull. Point and click your way around the French city of Arles, famous for: bull fighting being difficult to pronounce being where Van Gogh cut his ear off (and painted some masterpieces, I guess.) It's 10% for the first week, so you can pick it up for £2.60 Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1181570/Feria_dArles/ Itch: https://tomsimpson.itch.io/feria-darles FYI @Jamin
  9. Am I right in thinking that apart from when they play each other, the only time Liverpool and Man City will play at the same time will be during the final day of the premier league?
  10. Funny. I'm in Italy and had to go to a cinema next to a US airbase to see it in English.. I hate all the clapping and cheering and wanted to get up and tell them to behave Also, we had a jarring 8 minute intermission which started a few seconds into a new scene.
  11. My absolute favorite Christmas movie! Always delighted when other people know it
  12. Did anyone do the one off heist they released? Don't think we ever assembled the old gang because people had got rid
  13. It's 2003 (as seen when Kim went to see Howard about Chuck's will, and Mikes Madrigal pay)
  14. Portsmouth showed that game on a big screen at Fratton Park. It was a live feed of the ..BBC? Sky? commentary. At half time, it stayed with the commentator as he re-recorded commentary. He watched that penalty a bunch of times and re-recorded 3 times or so, each time making it more clear what Pires had done.
  15. Answered in bold in spoiler bit! (Hopefully correctly)
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