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  1. it runs better, but I do remember some dips here and there.
  2. I gave it some more of my time. About 18 hours in on a new game (got neat upgrades, found the blacksmiths, opened shortcuts, killed bosses and I find it tedious and dull. During my time with this I could not help but fondly remember games such as Shantae, Mummy Demastered, Bloodstained etc and how those made me feel something (admittedly Mummy was rather rubbish at launch). Like, they are not groundbreaking but I felt some sort of engagement. Hollow Knight does absolutely nothing for me. Everybody's entitled to their opinion but after 3 years of hearing and reading nothing but
  3. That seems to be the general consensus. Which makes me very much look forward to the inevitable sequel.
  4. Minor consolation, there's shortcuts and you become rather efficient in running and dodging
  5. Let me introduce you to Naked Suicide Runs. Naked - to maximise movement. You'll die in one shot with armour on, mighty as well not equip it right. Suicide - you are there for the loot. Whatever you pick up you keep, so don't worry about surviving. Just don't bring a ton of souls. Run - run, loot, run. Or bring a ton of arrows and shoot em. If I remember correctly, they'll fly off when hit but return shortly after. Or wait until you feel comfortable going toe-to-toe. edit: regarding saving, it saves all the time for you. There's no manual save
  6. From memory, class makes little to no difference. Nothing makes the Hunter stand out apart from the initial stats roll. In other words, the Hunter starts with a bow and stats that compliment that play style more. Royal starts with a little more MP, Warrior starts with a little more HP. But no class is set in stone: you can start as a Hunter and turn it into a Warrior/Mage/Whatever. IF you know exactly what you want, class slightly matters (which means, some gear requires a minimum value to a stat. If you know exactly what gear you want, you pick the class that has default stat
  7. Indeed. It's a requirement for Platinum though. So, anyone found Pure Bladestone yet?
  8. I know, the gif was in jest Soul Form is the way to go. Until NG+ of course, where the real Demon's Souls starts.
  9. Does not really matter. I'd say take the ring (boosts item discovery a wee bit), but it's not something you'll wear for long. Fire Bombs is good (tip: save em for the boss), but again nothing game changing.
  10. From memory, it'll work on most smaller and weaker bipedal enemies.
  11. NSFW due to language. It's the Predator Slack-jawed gif.
  12. If you're on a roll, be sure to visit 4-1.
  13. Can't remember. I'm not playing the Remake (can't afford PS5 right now) so what I say is muscle memory working. Humanity is restored by killing a boss or using an item (isn't the item called Humanity?) It's one of those "use" you eat like those herbs. When in Human form, you are available to be invaded by other players and Red NPC's. Tip for you as a newcomer: read the item descriptions. edit: another tip - don't worry too much. Explore, venture forth, die, kill a boss. I can not speak for the Remake, but the original is obtuse. Enjoy the ride, and if you're stuck
  14. It does not get easier, part of the reason I’m throwing in the towel. I just can not make myself GIT GUD, it’s not worth my time.
  15. No, it is tough. First hurdle for me. When they attack jump and dash over, turn around and hit in the back. Don’t be greedy, just one hit. Rinse repeat. It takes 4 hits.
  16. After hearing and reading years of praise, my expectations were though the roof. For me, after 9 hours of playing it’s a dime a dozen Metroidvania with buckets of style and charm.
  17. So, Hollow Knight. Is this it? At Broodling-whatever boss and so far it’s alright just like how Mummy Demastered is alright.
  18. Cross play would put console players at a massive disadvantage over the keyboard and mouse PC crowd. I do believe console players have (more) auto-aim on de default but still, we'd struggle hard. Maybe something that can be put behind a special category, like Cross Play Competitive of whatever so players know what they get themselves into.
  19. Enjoy your news toys everybody, looking forward to reading impressions
  20. When I, a nobody, did a job interview for a large company there was a thorough background check involved (it was performed by HireRight in my case) I had to participate in, giving details about previous jobs, contact details of previous managers and much more. And I can assure you they browsed through whatever social media they could find. Thats for me, a nobody. If (!) Ubisoft thought "Nah it'll be fine, no need to do a background check on or read a dozen of publicly available articles written by Helen Lewis who plays a prominent role in our upcoming video game" that's a severe lack in j
  21. What a roller coaster this is. The Pit Fights are a mess My Level 27 Legendary with his Archer buddies is doing very well. I deceived to join the Champion fights and I draw a Level 41 skinny fella with spears. My Legendary is a big slow fella so sure, I am at a disadvantage. To my own surprise, his hold his own to the point where victory can not escape me. My buddy has like 75% HP left and the 41 opponent is Broken. I lose. My Legendary just stopped attacking for a good 15 seconds and for some inexplicable reason none of his Archers his their mark. Like, any attack wou
  22. Ok so I played War a ton more and I’m having a blast. Act 1 and 2 are dull as a dishwasher, Act 3 however is fantastic. Special shout-out to my Orc buddy who’s hilarious. Made me laugh a handful of times.
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