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  1. Come back to Muk. It still exists on Draenor I’m sure.
  2. That is where I gave up. The last part of the game bored me to tears so I had the neat idea to move away from there and do some simple side quests, maybe go back a few zones and just hammer away at easy targets. A palette cleanse so to speak. Anything but cardboard characters with the personality of a wet sack of gravel dumping exposition. Game said no. No fast travel allowed. Well, fuck you then.
  3. Similar style in Split/Second. No big chunky bars at the bottom of the screen with the lap in the top left and minimap in top right. Everything you need to know is placed on/at the back of the car. .
  4. The Writer is much better. Still not too certain what the hell is going on. Loved everything about the entire game but the combat, that part never elevates beyond barely adequate. Recommendation: play it on Easy. I was going for plat but since that requires Nightmare mode I’m done.
  5. Well, The Signal was rubbish and maybe even useless. What was the point? Next, The Writer.
  6. And finished with the story after 98 hours as level 67. Flippin’ heck mun, I loved it. An absolute joy to play and experience. 9/10
  7. Yup, pretty much. Took a wee break to finish up Ni No Kuni 2 (which is flippin' charming). I'll return to Alan Wake soon enough.
  8. Not yet, I have to decide whether to go for Plat followed by DLC or go for DLC first. About the Farm, yes I believe it is the worst section in the game. Narrative is interesting, the sheer amount of combat isn't. The moment that is supposed to be awesome annoyed me greatly because - yet again - the combat is not made for it. It's like putting Isaac from Dead Space in Devil May Cry and expect it to work.
  9. Finished a minute ago. Love the premise, the mystery captivated me and the lack of clear answers made it all the better for me. The combat is dreadful and I wish there was much less of it. Knowing how well Control turned out, I look very much forward to 2 Wake 2 Control or whatever they are gonna call Alan Wake 2.
  10. Don't tell me the further this goes the more action-packed it gets? The farm is beyond terrible, why are trying to increase subtlety?
  11. And no, what I wrote was in jest and not a snarky reaction to your post. I wanted to spend time to altering the Mac from IASIP meme, but could not bo bothered.
  12. you think there's a market for a skinny fat 47 year old with a speech impediment?
  13. Ok, here's something I hate: the inevitable oh-no-you-have-no-weapons-and-look-at-all-those-fast-enemies-surrounding-you moment
  14. That's disgusting. Appalling! Where can I find info on how to become a successful streamer so I can be very upset about that. I'm literally shaking!
  15. No you should not have, paying money for something you do not know the quality of is dumb. Also weeks, not months. Guaranteed under 15 quid before xmas.
  16. Anybody else experiencing FMV stuttering on PS5? Some FMV scenes are smooth as butter, some are skipping frames and a jittery mess.
  17. In Episode 4 now, still loving it. The combat is adequate for what type of game this is, exactly like it is in the Silent Hill franchise. It's just there to divide the narrative sections. Great stuff, and I now realise how much Control borrows from Alan Wake.
  18. So the combat is a bit clunky, but nothing too aggravating (yet?). I realized how much of a sucker I am for these slow “setting the scene” moments. The boat ride at the very beginning had me grinning for no reason.
  19. Just finished episode one. Oooh I am feeling this.
  20. Strap in, it’s a rough ride. Or move to greener pastures.
  21. Ah sure, I do not expect tight Control(s) for a game this old, as long as it's setting grabs me. For under 30 euro, I'll take that risk.
  22. So just to confirm, this is solid gold right? Never played the original, really got on with the unnatural vibe of Control.
  23. They're trend chasing which made me lose interest years ago. "56 things about [X] you did not know" video, "here's our top 10 things we think you'll love about [upcoming game here] article/video", "here's me playing an old videogame I never played, see how I react" video.
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