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  1. Need to start and finish Kiwami 2 before I'll do Remastered 3. Truth be told, I thought Kiwami 1 was underwhelming, especially after the glorious spectacle that was 0.
  2. Does the shield block bullets when positioned like that? Should it not be the other way around.
  3. Yoku's Island Adventure Express. Steam link. Also on consoles.
  4. Found a new ship out in the wild yesterday. Transferred my stuff between ships, quit playing, later in the evening I loaded the game and the ship is now gone. I can see the shadow of it on the ground but the ship and the stuff I transferred is gone. Blast
  5. df0

    Saint's Row V

    Saint's Row 2 had the best cockney accent, all thanks to Charles Shaughnessy who played the rich theatre producer in The Nanny.
  6. Did you meant to write "uninterruptable"?
  7. That's always been the case for a certain type - which I can not specify - ultimate right? Mei comes to mind.
  8. It's very everything-mediocre after Hot Pursuit 2.
  9. I'll never understand this, especially when it comes to Titans and proper bosses (King Moogle is a proper boss where blundering your way through it will never work) where mechanics are unforgiving. You play with strangers, have the decency to not waste their time because you choose to go in completely blind. Not directly targeted at you Vorgot.
  10. Give it to Criterion/BlackBox. Hot Pursuit was distilled racing goodness.
  11. df0

    Dead Space 3

    Absolutely no one? It'll be fun fine acceptable mediocre, I promise.
  12. df0

    Dead Space 3

    So, anyone wanna play through Dead Space 3 with me? I look forward to using my Plasma Pulse Rifle Cutter Grenade Harpoon Launcher.
  13. df0

    Dead Space 3

    I can barely remember anything about Dead Space 3 so personally it must have never reached that "really good" threshold. I posted in 2014 that I liked it enough as a silly shooter. About your second point, surely there's some truth to that but can you blame me/us? Dead Space had an identity and a vision. Perhaps because of budget reason and technical limitations, but it felt laser focussed. A neat little mystery set in space with set up and a pay off. With memorable characters and motivations, locations and events. Betrayal, uncertainty. Easy-to-recognise enemy designs and less than a handful of action-packed fights followed by moments of tense serenity. The sequels turned the combat up to 11 and muted almost every else.
  14. df0

    Dead Space 3

    The art direction truly stands out, both games are gorgeous to look at. When it comes to technical issues, I did not notice the issues I mention below on my old LCD telly so I assume it's because of the OLED (forum favourite LG B7) I use nowadays. Dead Space 1 - I could never get the brightness right. It was never too dark, but some parts were obviously far too bright to the point where you saw low resolution textures meant to be hidden in the dark. After some tinkering I settled for one setting and just accepted those bright low res textures. Dead Space 2 - that long hallway with ton of enemies on the Ishimura was ridiculously dark. It added to the atmosphere, I'll give it that but it was clearly not be be this dark. Other parts were completely fine.
  15. df0

    Dead Space 3

    Ow so I did finish it.
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