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  1. df0


    Ow man, a Split/Second run! Love that game, it's a crime there never was a sequel. edit: a shame the runner is annoyingly embarrassing and proud of it.
  2. I know exactly what boss you mean, single digit frames per second.
  3. 11 hours in, nearing the end. It is a substantial game.
  4. Blast, me as well. A shame but I’ll start over. Should not take me too long to get to where I am now - after fourth boss.
  5. Having the silent sneak perk helped a lot. Without it I could not hide anywhere, he was on my ass the entire time. Once hidden, go for headshots. And explosive barrels.
  6. About 5 hours in I reckon, had an infinite loading bug twice. I'm not too certain about the 40 euro price tag, it seems/feels a tad steep. But I do very much enjoy this, so it's worth there asking price.
  7. Hmm, ok. I did not use those at all but whatever works right I just hit him until I killed him dead.
  8. You know, after Blizzard released another small patch for Overwatch yesterday that took 5 seconds to download and 30 minutes to copy (install?), I want the PS5 to deal with updates to online games/live services in a much, much more efficient and user-friendly manner.
  9. The way quests work is absolute wank
  10. I am nearing the fourth boss and having an absolutely blast with this. There's an artificial difficulty increase at the second boss that basically tells you "you're not supposed to be here yet". After a handful of defeats I decided to spend (more) time at the Shops and levelled up Shards, bought new items, purchased a well nice vertical slicing great sword, explored the levels and all that. All is well now and am a fantastic time with this. Weapon of choice: great sword. Slow but hits enemies both above and below.
  11. I am not a smart man and perhaps I am utterly wrong for typing this, but doesn't PlayStation have a rather wide range of exclusive games that actually sell systems?
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