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  1. So let's assume it's on the same level as Alanah Pearce. https://wccftech.com/alanah-pearce-cyberpunk-2077-nomad-screenshot/ Expecting CDPR does not prefer one streamer over the other and everybody gets the same deal, seems like it's a quest (chain). Ok sure, whatever.
  2. Much more famous to a limited crowd who's into gaming and streaming. Can we not compare Hollywood celebrities to Twitch streamers please. Outside of our little bubble, no one knows who Dr. Disrespect is.
  3. It screams hype bandwagon. I reckon it is "I'll do a week long live stream. Next level shit boi!"
  4. It was the Dark Souls of competitive shooters. His words not mine. Valid point though, Lawbreakers was not a greedy cash grab, that was Radical Heights. Crowbcat did a nice short insight video on it.
  5. The Dark Souls Demon's Souls of Among US.
  6. Is Ratchet & Clank a launch title? If yes, that one. If no, I reckon AstroBot followed by CyberPunk 2077 just to see how or runs/looks on PS5 followed by Demon's Souls for a proper showcase.
  7. I shared it on the Slack channel of the Apple department I work at. Good luck.
  8. Not sure if that's an Upvote, Downvote or Sympathy.
  9. So ok, thanks to this thread or maybe just YouTube pushing it hard I have HoloLiveEN on my recommendations. I watched some highlights of this one avatar, Garu something. It's a shark for whatever reason playing Outlast. I had a grand time watching that highlights video. It's not vile or toxic. It's not a person theatrically shouting "fuck you jump scare!!" at the slightest scare. There's (almost) no theatrics. Heck, there's a part where she correctly calls an incoming jump scare, only to be caught by it. It's weirdly fun to watch. That said, I doubt I'll ever care enough to wa
  10. Now that's a game I'd love to see remastered. Increase the diversity of the bosses and you're golden. Cracking game, rarely seen such misery in one game.
  11. Maybe I am misremembering, didn't Mad Max have some sort had derelict vehicles/parts to find?
  12. Jaysus the state of this thread. Can't we go back to bashing Payback
  13. Who was the forumite who sent Zaeed down the ventilation shaft?
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