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  1. I can. It's neat. The Dead Space part is nothing more than "horror in space". And maybe all the fetching. The roguelike part is where you are expected to die over and over to make progress where upgrades found remain unlocked (IIRC, has been a while since I played it). It feels very off putting at first because of how you initially play - careful and stealthy. But once you get familiar with the zones and enemies (the zones are random like any good roguelike) you tend to breeze through things. I bought it for a tenner and got my money's worth.
  2. He is correct when it comes to the multiplayer. That shit was spectacularly good and tight.
  3. Any particular play style you all are looking forward to? Generally and by generally I mean always I choose the friendly, charming and voice-of-reason adventurer who prefers the stealthy approach for my first play session. Consecutive play throughs are generally the polar opposite.
  4. Treat it like a podcast then. The devs provide some neat little insight in perks and such that might help you in choosing a path.
  5. I'm in the same boat. If the feedback is positive I'll place a neat little pre-order, not before. I can not help but chuckle at those on this very forum who pre-ordered Fallout 76 "because it was 5 quid off!" and ended up with a product that... well... was Fallout 76. Do not blindly pre-order , we're smarter than that!
  6. I’m on mobile now so I can not easily find the correct time stamp, but the entire 80 minute Quick Look is worth it. Barely anything that worthy of the tag spoiler. The first 12 minutes is boring character creation, but they do mention perks and how those work.
  7. The GB Quick Look addressed that. Or the members of the development team did. It’s designed for multiple playthoughs, back to back. Different choices, different approaches.
  8. Giant Bomb has a 90 minute Quick Look with a guest appearance of two members of the development team. No story spoiler, just a slight talent/perk one
  9. df0

    Apple Arcade

    That happened to me in What the Golf about 5 times now. Not in any other game though, so something tells me it is that specific game not doing cloud saves right.
  10. I've not played this game so this comes from a layman, but does the fact they did not reach any wolves or a behemoth not speak volumes him/her/they are just completely bored to tears by the game and/or Ubisoft's output?
  11. Canadian Goose DLC incoming? No more Mr. Nice Goose.
  12. You'll get used to it, but do not overdo it. What works (for some people) is to drink water during a session. What works for everybody is to not overdo it though. Games such as Skyrim, NMS and Here They Lie offer a "comfort" mode which uses teleport instead of smooth moving and add a vignette on the side of the screen. Play around with settings to see what works for you, and do know that it also depends heavily on the game. I have no issues with Wipeout, but a slow moving game like Pilotwings (I forget what it's called on PSN) messes me up good.
  13. Have fun. Buy Astro Bot.
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