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  1. There are some absolute bangers on the soundtrack. Blasting fools Committing vehicular murder
  2. Oh absolutely. Cracking game, worth your time and 20 quid. Am playing on PS5 myself.
  3. Enjoying this blunt run. Went for shotgun with some Quickhacking on the side. No grenades, somehow my arm’s a projectile. No tact, no delicate approach. Might even get rid of Quickhacking and opt for the slowdown implant. I only sneak when it’s needed for a situation.
  4. Thinking of doing a second run. My first was as a sneaky sniper which truth be told was boring, I rarely used any exciting implants/hacking apart from turning off cameras. Might go for a big bulky bloke with guns instead of tact.
  5. Finally, I felt second hand embarrassment flicking through Store pages.
  6. Not sure how it is on multi platform games, but SCE games have accessibility options that for one allow to just keep the button pressed. Made Horizon 2 and Ragnarok that little bit better.
  7. Going in blind. So far this is day 1. None of that pre-order, Edition and Season Pass nonsense though, paying extra for difficulty mode and death animation, cunting christ.
  8. Why does the target lock not keep its lock? As soon as you lose line of sight the lock disengages which breaks combat with nimble opponents.
  9. Was about to post the same. It never bothered me but apparently it’s an issue.
  10. Mines is extended tutorial, the helpful lines get less and less.
  11. I'm over this already. Not interested in the upcoming PvE content, 0 interest in skins, I got my PvP fix during OW1.
  12. Doing the optional mopping up after the ending, some puzzles are painfully awkward. And when I say puzzles I mean that-lever-you-used-to-progress-earlier-in-the-game-miracilously-stopped-working. Also that grappling point you see over there? Nope, not gonna work. Great, so I know what to do but the game demands I do it in a different much more convoluted way.
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