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  1. Your spaceship can only land and lift off vertically right? There's no way of equipping a ground base with the horizontal docking procedure from a frigate? I'd LOVE to have my own small docking station in the stone pillar I am building my base on top of.
  2. Yesterday I finally found a planet (name is Hiel) that is suitable for a pretty base and I found the perfect spot: on top of a high and narrow hill which gives me a great view: rainbow and planets in the distance, the ground below through glass floor panes. Gorgeous. There's one problem trough: it is up high. So high in fact NPC space ships fly right over it. Yesterday while building a base I was knocked clean off
  3. Knowing Konami, it is some sort of inappropriate marketing stunt. Look at this name you know and recognise, now let us introduce you to our new pachinko machine/card game/visual novel that takes place in this universe you know and love.
  4. GameStop's closed, Tesco sells no games, Argos (closed as well) recently moved out of the city centre, SmythsToys closed. Life's bloody hard in Cork.
  5. A mirror is not a mirror. The mirror is the environment flipped which means the entire scene has to be calculated/rendered twice. Case in point, the very beginning of Silent Hill 2.
  6. Ooh is this out soon? Neat! Will do me nicely while working from home.
  7. PSN is a mess when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV content purchasing and downloading. Like Vorgot said, check Mogstation.
  8. df0

    Half-Life: Alyx

    GabeN looking like Rick Rubin. Man looks at peace, good for him
  9. df0

    Path of Exile

    Well deserved. Alongside Warframe, this is a Free to Play game that truly is absolutely free to play. All micro transactions are either cosmetics or optional quality of life improvements (better inventory management). If you like Diablo, give this a whirl. It'll blow you away by how much quality content there is. Mental that GGG (Grinding Gear Games) has been at this for what, 8 years now.
  10. Statik. Fantastic puzzle game where the couch can participate.
  11. df0

    Automobilista 2

    I wondered for far too long why Capcom would give the development of a sequel to a Brazilian developer. Turns out, my brain read the title as Auto Modelista. Still does.
  12. Is there place for someone who rarely plays this, does not know the tracks and probably brakes far too often and early/late?
  13. df0

    Abandoned Games

    Everspace. I'm sure it's fantastic, but the tutorial made it clear it's not for me. Too many things to keep track of, too much stuff going on. Shoot, dodge, destroy shield with different weapon, wait for it to recharge, change weapon, deal damage, too late and now the shield's replenished, dodge, shoot. I am way too inapt for this
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