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  1. @petrolgirls Wasn’t that just idle hope and speculation?
  2. df0

    Dying Light

    Just finished it. The longer it went on the less interested and quite frankly irritated by it I became. Spoilers ahead.
  3. Not watching any of that. I wanna be surprised
  4. All is grand. We’re all looking forward to NEXT, that is what matters, screw the past
  5. That logic makes no sense. “What he promised is here now, so he did not lie two years ago”.
  6. They all look the same. It was a Stephen Colbert.
  7. I was there on day 1 and enjoyed it a lot, heck I still do play it and am very much looking forward to the NEXT update.
  8. Obviously a ridiculous thing to do. I'm not even going to start and try making sense of that through process.
  9. I can't edit the doc
  10. Absolutely, but allow me to play devil's advocate here. Sean Murray lied and not just to a small circle of gamers and gaming journalists. He was on Jimmy Kimmel (IIRC, could have been another talk show host from US) Stephen Colbert for crying out loud, showcasing his game while making bold claims. Many people were disappointed and upset by the lack of content when the game launched, and as it goes some of us dealt with that in a better and more mature way than others. And some never gotten over it. https://youtu.be/ZqeN6hj4dZU Sean and his team at Hello Games deserve massive amounts of praise for supporting their product, delivering top quality updates and patches for free.
  11. Sounds like I’m going to restart my play through. Again.
  12. It’s a different beast. Well, not really. But a ton of content has been added. You still need to farm Plutonium though
  13. Water slide party at Spags. I might skinny dip.
  14. PS4 here as well.
  15. Can I come over SpagMaster? You have the best bases. Watersides!

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