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  1. Found a video that explains things clearly for me. It’s from Josh Strife Hayes who covers a lot of MMORPG content. Entire video is 22 minutes, but within 10 minutes everything is clear and laid bare. https://youtu.be/XwMjPWOailQ
  2. AstroBot is fun, tons of wee little sounds.
  3. So I guess it's a reskin of a bog standard mobile MMORPG filled with different currencies and a thriving coin shop?
  4. df0


    I do not think the speedruns are comparable. I was part of a dev team once where one of us was tasked by going through the game on an almost daily basis to make milestones. We had to deliver builds that could be played through by the publisher while we as the dev team were making changes to builds left, right and centre. It was that one team member's task to make sure the most direct line from start to finish worked. No optional stuff, no out of bounds, no upgrading. Just straight through the end. There's other speed runners, I remember God of War 3 having a Trophy named after an internal speed runner, something akin to "As fast as Dave" which meant you had to beat the game in less than 3 hours or something. I do not think any go these type of speed runners try to break the game, go out of bounds, strafe jump etc.
  5. df0


    On a very positive note, Mr Game And Watch is a great host for the Prizes section. He sounds natural, his sentences flow nicely together and - best of all - does not insist on being quirky unlike Sent.
  6. Do not forget to order beers, chug many said beers, throw mugs at each other and pass out on the dance floor. I think my favourite line is the "ROCK... AND... STONE... ... YYYEEEAAAHHH!!"
  7. I can already tell it'll not last for me. The whole "Season" thing rarely has a positive impact on me, it usually makes me think "grind to get the best stuff within a season, repeat when new season comes". But for now and especially for free this is great, having an absolutely blast with it. edit: also, having the emote/shout under R3 is great. Before a mission, R3. After getting revived, R3. At random points, R3. After killing dreadnoughts, R3 many times.
  8. I can only do it from the Server screen. When browsing through the games, mouse over the player name. No clue how to do it when a team is formed.
  9. df0


    Can the host take some tranquilizers? Can’t stand her theatrical antics.
  10. Deep Rock Galactic is weirdly compelling. Give it a try if you haven’t.
  11. Carry it around in the aquarium like the adult you are.
  12. In other news, @Nimmelyou reckon we can get a band together for the Savage raids? I’d love to practice.
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