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  1. Brig's Shield Bash is a great counter to any annoying Hammond as it usually flees after is recovered from the stun. Like @Mikes said, a bad/typical Hammond makes the opposing team lose 1 of their 2 tanks.
  2. Last big one I bought was The Witcher 2 Collector's Edition for PC (I did not have a PC). Gorgeous hard cover art book, some metal coins I believe, a bust of Geralt and some other high quality tat. Never ended up playing the game. Before that I stupidly bought far too expensive collector's editions of Japanese RPG's. Still have the massive Xenosaga box which came with a figures of Kos-Mos (still in original packaging) among some other tat.
  3. And finished. I liked it a lot, but fail to see where the 9's and 10's come from. It's not that good surely.
  4. Broken record reporting in. I hated the original and absolutely loved the sequel, my GOTY of whatever year it came out. There's characters with personalities, a narrative that's going places, some great nods to the original, the best antagonist I've seen in years, some very neat and disturbing visual effects and scenes. Loved it. GOTY 2020.
  5. New talents and skills late into the game. Am well over 40 hours in Ghost of Tsushima and grew accustomed to a play style I like. Yet the game keeps giving me new charms (which are like small alteration to default stats such as +15% stealth, more health and a 40% change to recover arrows). Granted, I am the type that does all of there side stuff before moving on to a new zone so maybe I am not the target audience for these charms, but even then most charms are found by doing side stuff. So what's the point?
  6. df0

    Gaming turn ons

    Ghost of Tsushima has that as well. That KLING-KLANG sound clashing metal makes followed by a slomo is arousing. I swear my PS Camera sees this whenever I pull off a perfect counter.
  7. World of Warcraft saw me through a year of unemployment and debts in good mental health. Or maybe I stayed unemployed because of World of Warcraft, I literally did very little else. Especially looking for a job. Still, good times in hindsight.
  8. There is. And without mentioning spoilers, most choices have more depth than just "good" or "bad". There are some neat surprises and curveballs.
  9. Oh do we? Blast, I did not do a search as I was expecting to find one on the first page.
  10. Bloober Team unveiled The Medium during the Xbox Conference. From the team that brought you Layers of Fear 1 and 2 and Observer comes something new and I have to be honest, it ticks a lot of the right boxes for me. The soundtrack is provided by Arkadiusz Reikowski (who worked on all previous Bloober Team titles and has credits of movies as well) and Akira Yamaoka from Silent Hill fame. This and Hellblade 2 might just sell me an Xbox Series One X.
  11. Obsidian is bought my MS. I highly doubt they'll allow any of their future output that is not Outer Worlds 1 DLC to appear on anything but Xbox and Windows.
  12. If there's no stealth in a game, does @Mr. Gerbik still like it
  13. df0

    Xbox Series X

    Dude, shut the fuck up about Balan Wonderworld. It's getting creepy now.
  14. df0

    Xbox Series X

    I expect 2023 at the earliest.
  15. df0

    Xbox Series X

    Well. Ok, I guess. Surely Medium arrives on PS as well, besides that there's not much for me. Hellblade 2 possibly, and maybe Grounded and Avowed.
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