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  1. YMMV, but before they removed the dev mode I experienced 0 crashes. They removed the dev mode and I experience crashes. CURIOUS
  2. There's as far as I can tell no immediate need to update, so stick with the dev mode to give yourself a cracking weapon and get exploring. With the frequent crashes the dev mode makes the game much more tolerable. edit: I updated when the latest patch was confirmed safe. No wiped saves and all that, prior to that I was running the dev mode and only used it to roll weapons. Don't even know what else is possible with it.
  3. You kind of did. The blade destroys red vine walls and is permanent, the yellow shields require an item from the shop. I do not know who it was, but someone in this thread mentioned it a dozen or so pages back and I do not think anybody here knew
  4. I don't think I'll ever remotely like the Gobbler - charge weapons and I do not mix. The Grenade launcher, that's my one true love. Tis a bit rubbish in the early levels but later on when it can have homing capabilities and additional projectiles...
  5. Yes. So there's 5 rooms right? One locked (forgot what's behind there) and one that leads to the end. Ignore those for now, so three remain: Left, kind of middle, and right. Now, depending on your weapon and experience the third room can in fact be the easiest. There were times where I felt like Doom Slayer, there were times where I felt unable to put a dent in a warm stick of butter. Different topic, game crashed at the end of B3. Had a 2+ hour run, playing very well with a massive health bar due to ridiculous luck with malignant items. Leech, the more adrenaline the m
  6. 100GB? Oh bollocks, gonna take ages for the PS5 to get through that whole "copying" process after downloading a 500MB update.
  7. Yesterday on my first completion I rocked the grenade launcher with tracking/homing mini projectiles and three others (from memory Full Auto was one of em) well good perks. I'd pay good money to have that one again, sheesh. Beast of a weapon.
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