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  1. People complaining on resetera that the framerate isn't stable etc. Hello? Have you played a platinum game before? They are never stable. Looking at DF review it seems framerates fluctuate around mid 40's to mid 50's. Rarely hits 60 but who knows maybe a patch will improve things.
  2. The reason for not hitting 60 is likely cpu bottleneck. The CPU requirements are high on the PC version.
  3. Sam coupe version of sanxion. The SAA 1099 chip was really good for some stuff.
  4. Paradigm also had to basically create their own engine for the game so there would have be awkward rights issues there. They also may not have actually been able to get the source code.
  5. God pilotwings is still great.
  6. Pilotwings drops frames on a lot of emulators. No surprise to see it do so on switch. Still at least they gave it an upgrade..
  7. Haven't played this for ages so fired it up again last night and it still drops framerate like a stone in cut scenes on my PC. And that's with a 3060ti. I an get a full 60fps walking around, driving etc but as soon as a cut scene comes on it drops to 20's. So strange.
  8. Sorry I couldn't play more games. Was enjoying it.
  9. While not from a game (more a music demo) this is an utter banger.
  10. For me it's the little tune that plays when the barrier is down on clam blitz. It makes me want to bop along with it.
  11. The great thing about splatoon is that the various modes are all pretty damn good. There really isn't one I can think of as being poor and avoiding. I like turf war, clam blitz, tower control, rain maker, salmon run etc. All good. All lots of fun.
  12. If some more of you could add me to their friend list. Only ever seems to be two people on my list online at any time. SW-5692-5869-6773
  13. Jeez for all the shit that nvidia did with these cards it did actually do something very nice. RTX remix looks like it could be awesome for modders.
  14. Yeah that 12gig 4080 is basically a 4070ti in disguise. Disgusting stuff by Nividia. Really shit thing to do. Prices are also mental as well.
  15. Yeah it wasn't quite as good. I think the third one is out in november.
  16. They all tend to know each other and use each other as cross promotional tools. It's how you can bump subscribers and get noticed. A lot of it happens across various video personalities on youtube. Some youtube companies even offer such a thing as a service to content creaters.
  17. Seemed perfectly fine to me and I played my n64 copy earlier.
  18. There was a rumble version of Waverace 64 released in Japan. It also feature some altered music such as this one for Sunny beach... It was called sandy beach in Japan.
  19. Well there is quite a difference between NOA and Nintendo of Japan. Not saying that sexism doesn't exist in the later of course. The thing is this is endemic throughout the industry. It's very male dominated and that breeds an environment of "The lads".
  20. Once more he has put pen to paper, or rather typewriter head to paper. Enjoy! Well, I say enjoy...
  21. Very impressed with Shard of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Nearly finished and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. Also recently went through Stars and Bones by Gareth Powell. Good stuff, quick and pacey feel to it as well. Keeps you interested.
  22. The thinks was that during the presentation there was a voice chat icon shown in-game. That's what made me thing it was an in game chat facility.
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