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  1. There is a joke about the suits in the deleted scenes.
  2. Amazing twitter thread about the artwork on the new series. Particular highlight has to be the star haynes manual.
  3. Oh and the documentary on UKplay makes it clear that Doug wants to make more specials as does the crew. Marvelous.
  4. Wow the guys over at Ganymede and Titan really liked it as well. Normally a section of their commenters give Dave era stuff a raking over the coals but they seemed to like it. Maybe this feature film esq length can work well in the future. I think that Doug really has improved a lot a solo writer. The later half of 12 was solid stuff with Skipper being a great episode.
  5. Well I enjoyed that. Not massive on the laughs but just a good story. Lovely bit of sci fi.
  6. Just don't watch timewave!
  7. First five minutes of the new episode are online. Some good sight gags in it.
  8. Last light is the best and quite a bit longer than 2033 as well. Really good games though whichever you pick.
  9. Yeah it was called Red Dwarf Xtended and featured the full version of tikka to ride.
  10. Looks good. The set reports said that people enjoyed it a lot. Also lovely to see the return of "Captain Emerald".
  11. The problem with their "analysis" of people and their use of Hard drive size is that future games are going to be much bigger than they are even now. Just look at how big CoD is for example. It wouldn;t take much more than five or six of those to fill up a hard drive of 850 gigs.
  12. That was the take away for me as well. RT performance will be worse than on the Xbox if they are using the CU's to help out with the RT (we don;t know what exactly AMD are doing for ray tracing). The more you have of them the better. The design on the XBOX makes more sense. It's chips will run cooler because the clocks aren't being pushed too high. Sony seems to be betting the farm on their SSD stuff.
  13. Yeah it's fine. Happened last June. Odd to think it's going to be a year in a few months.
  14. For those wondering about borg history. They have little knowledge of their origins according to seven in an episode of voyager. One fan theory/included in star trek online is that V'ger encountered the early Borg and they are the ones who sent it out to collect all information.
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