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  1. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    Hope the full game runs better than the alpha. The performance was really unoptimised. Then again previous alphas were also like it.
  2. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    As a cross post....Doom eternal officially announced for Switch with panic button handling the port.
  3. Confirmed to be on PC/PS4/Xbox and switch. Yay for choice. Panic button are doing the switch version.
  4. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    There were about 4500 people in local during parts of the fight. Next likely target will be the keepstar in the system of DO6H. Quite when we are going to make a run for it though I have no idea. On a less interesting note I now know why I was getting a lot of disconnects the other night during the fight. Eve is still running as a 32 bit client and so that means that it only uses a max of about 3 gigs of memory. Put some effects on and the logging on certain things and the game runs out of memory and crashes. Some rather nice chap posted a big list on reddit about how to get around this problem. Should mean a lot less disconnects for people in big fights in the future.
  5. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    Big image I took from the fight last night
  6. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Voice chat is available in fortnite. Just plug in a headset and your good to go.
  7. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    In a move that isn't entirely unexpected, it seems that the enemy is blaming CCP for the state of the server rather than themselves. Of course, this is an easy excuse to give but one that can also be countered. The server was bad for everyone, not just the defenders. We all suffered from the occasional socket closing and client crash (I had quite a few) but I still logged back in a kept fighting. Indeed if the system had crashed completely then it would have benefitted the defenders as the keepstar timer would have run out and been fully repaired. There's also another issue. A section of the enemy forces was dedicated to creating as much lag as possible towards the end of the fight. Their fleet deliberately used what are called ECM bursts to try and make our ships unlock the Keepstar. A single ECM burst can hit hundreds of ships if they bunched together, which we were. That results in hundreds of messages being sent to the server at the same time....just think of the simpsons gif with Burns being told about all the germs trying to kill him at the same time and blocking each other. They did this with dozens of ships as well. So they can talk about the lag all they want. Not our fault though. Then again that is the world of propaganda in Eve online. Their line members might well believe it.
  8. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    Here is the one for Ronnie Krays super expensive Molok https://zkillboard.com/kill/71605015/ He is a very rich man. Some video of last night
  9. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    It's dead. The first major stepping stone in the war against the north is down. I actually survived and got on the killmail despite someone trying to DDoS the server. That someone almost certainly belonged to the bad guys. Still, more to go. The war will continue.
  10. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    Keepstar is about to die. Big win for us and a lot less bloody than the armour timer was. Yay! Still lot's more fighting to go in this war so I'll keep updating this thread.
  11. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    Current status. NC have lost multiple titans, especially after disconnects to the server and our scouts hunting down rogue ships. The Keepstar is dying and has just half it's structure left. NC have also ordered their fleet to attempt to disengage in the hope that they can jump out of the system. The fight really has gone badly for them. We also pancaked about 200 enemy ships that were attempting to trap our fleet. I got a few of them. So far it's a victory for the good guys. Just like it should be.
  12. pulsemyne

    EVE Online. Prey for me.....

    War is common in Eve. It happens all the time. There are big wars. There are little wars. Then there are singular battles than define a war. Tonight is one such battle and it could see the battlefield littered with more dead Titans than ever before.... To give you an explanation as to why this might happen we need to rewind back to the end of the last great war, known as World War Bee or the Casino war. During that war Goonswarm and their imperium allies (of which I am a member) were beaten and retreated from the northern part of the Eve universe. We decided to crash on the couch of the region known as Delve. Delve is a good region in Eve. It's quite defendable and is rich in minerals and ratting opportunities. It's a good place to rebuild. Meanwhile in the norther regions the winners of the war decided to get rather fat and rent various areas out and just generally sit back, relax and pat themselves on the back. After all it was a job well done, albeit one done on the back of infinate money thanks to some very dodgy practices. Then a number of things began to happen. Firstly there was a new update to eve and the introduction of Citadels. Citadels are basically player owned space stations and vary in size from smallish to fucking huge ones known as Keepstars. Keepstars are great because you can dock any ship in them, even the mighty titans - the largest ships in the game. Keepstars are also expensive so only a select number of alliances have money and the materials needed to make them. They are good from a defensive point of view as well. It takes many hours to drain their shields, then armour and finally hull. And it's not like you can do one after then other, there is a weeks space between each part. So you drain their shields, the places reinforce for a week and then go onto the armour, drain that and then finally the hull. Once that happens the keepstar goes boom and everyone cheers. A second thing that happened was that the Goons turned themselves into an industry power house in EVE. They make and manufacture an enourmous amount of stuff and can esaily supply their members with anything they want, providing the have the money to buy them and that's one thing a lot of goons have. A third thing was the banning of the So along with Citadels and a move to Delve the Goons, slowly and surely built up a titan fleet bigger than anyone else. While others rested the Goons were busy. They adapted to the new mechanics of the game while others seemed stuck in the past. They also turned Delve into a fortress. Anyone who thinks about trying to attack the place is quickly dropped with dozens of titans and super captials. With a solid defence, nearly two dozen keepstars in place, a massive fleet and good friends like my Alliance (The initiative) and the recent addition of TEST, the time has come to go on the offensive and thanks to some good planning we have struck and reinforced a Northern Keepstar in the system of X47. The shield timer was done easily enough with the enemy not seeming to bothered about it. They were going to defend the Keepstar during the armour timer. They thought they might have the superior numbers and that the Keepstar would help them with the defence (I won't explain how as it's a bit odd). So they turned up in hundreds of titans and super capitals. Then again so did we.... The armour timer was a very bloody battle that dragged on for over six hours. First blood was drawn by the defenders with them quickly destroying four Goon titans, but the Goons were committed to the fight and dropped a huge number of titans, super capitals and capitals along with The initiative. As we fired on the Keepstar to drain it's armour we also fired on the enemy and watch as for every titan we lost they tended to lose one as well. As the battle dragged on a number of very expensive "faction" titans found themselves dying. These Titans are very expensive, some costing as much as a Keepstar themselves. Not willing to lose the money part of the battle an infamous call was made by the enemy fleet commander. He ordered all Faction titans to dock up so as to not risk themselves and lose the battle as far as money was concerned. This has been seen by some as a cowardly call because the Goons and their friends were happy to risk their "Shiny" ships while the enemy back out. Still the timer dragged on and with two dozen titans died on the Goon side and roughly half that on the enemy side, the keepstar wasn;t able to repair itself and entered it's finally timer....which is for tonight. After the timer was done the goons and co used a few more hours to mop up some enemy titans and come out on top as far as titans killed was concerned (27-24). This fight cost nearly four trillion isk for the Goons and roughly 3.2 trillion for the Northern Coalition. Half a trillion isk alone was lost on the Goon side by just one player who lost his pimp fit faction titan. So tonight is the final timer. Everyone is throwing everything together in a brawl that should be the bloodiest in Eve's history. It's going to last a long time. It's going to be laggy and slow due to the way eve handles big fights. It will probably be little fun as well. Yet we are going to blow each other to bits. Live coverage of the slow motion battle is here
  13. Reportedly it is set 20 years after Nemesis. Please be episodic and like old trek (thank god for the orville in that respect). Oh and no fucking lens flair.
  14. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Crap looking for a painfully average game (bought on a whim and find it a bit crap to be honest, the fact that sony thought in the 90's it was good enough to compete with mario is a joke.)
  15. pulsemyne

    Your creative process of writing.

    Yeah it does feel a bit more of a job than a hobby. I sort of go "Right then sit down type away for about an hour and do what you can." Generally I'll hit over a thousand on a good day (like today for example) or just a few hundred on a bad one (when my mind goes to mush). Staying motivated is tricky though, especially when you are writing a whole group of books together to publish as a series and you don't have a publisher/agent. Someone I talk to on twitter (Barry J Hutchison writer of the space team books) churns out around 5000 words a day which is a crazy amount. It's how he's pumped around about 15 books in two years. For me it's about 3 and a bit in around seven years (although they are very, very long). There have also been rewrites etc during that time. Also, fuck editing. I hate editing. It takes bloody ages. As for how I write, well I've covered this a lot before in my book topics on this part of the forum but I generally start with an idea or an image and let it go from there. The one I am currently writing now started with me just thinking up the stupid idea of "What happened if Aliens stole someones legs?" and then thinking "Well why would they do that?" It amused me so that's how it began. First book began with the idea of "What if someone was conned into coming out of retirement to do a job they hated?" Second was "What if someone was punished for a crime by being forced to endure a life of utter insignificance?" The third was "Let's put our heros in a position of having to save the universe by stopping world war three during the 1980's" It's basically just ideas and then build a continuing story around them, the ideas may seem different from each other but they link together and take the characters on journey.

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