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  1. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    You know I have to give Activision some props if they do release CoD on the switch. At least they are willing to give it a go. EA could port some older Battlefield games to the switch (and it could play them well, lest we forget BF3 ran on the old consoles) and I'd be more than happy to buy them but EA couldn't give a shit.
  2. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Pigma was in the starfox team so his trotters would have been history as well. Also, apparently the metal legs thing was from the puppetiers who created the models for the game. Nintendo never intended for it to be a "remove the legs for blood flow" kind of thing. Also fox has normal legs in starfox adventures and assault.
  3. I liked star fox zero, got used to the controls quite quickly and when it clicks it works well.
  4. They did do some clever reworking as regards the file size and how it comes in at nearly half that of the WiiU version and also sped up the loading. Basically before on the WiiU the files were ordered so that each time a level was loaded it loaded in all the assets of game and the specific world and level. That means that every level had a folder that was large in size. Folder after folder for level after level had assets, textures etc repeated over and over. Now that's all fine when you have a 25 gig disc and indeed it was done to help with disc access time i.e load in a level and all assets and the disc doesn't need to search for stuff as the level progresses. For the switch though the file size for each level is way smaller. The reason for this is that things like textures and assets can be stored in one file and never have to be repeated in the level folders. There's no duplication of assets. It's a big advantage of carts and digital downloads. Also the switch has a lot more memory than the WiiU so such repeated use assets can be shoved off into memory if they need repeated calling. This probably did take a bit of reprogramming of the engine. Still couldn't have taken that long though.
  5. The music to the game is much better if you turn down the sounds effects volume slightly. Brings it the fore much more. Also how can you not bop along to this
  6. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Switch

    Most conferences are shite though. I prefer directs TBH. Just shows you the games and maybe someone talking about them, not some bell end z list celebs talking of an auto cue and attempting to appeal to teenagers.
  7. pulsemyne

    Shudder - My new game.

    I think you may be right about the stipulation thing. Although I also think all you need to show them is a prototype and pony up the price for a dev switch (I think it's 500 quid for one). As for unity well it's suppose to work well for switch. Should be fairly easy to make it work.
  8. pulsemyne

    Shudder - My new game.

    Trouble is there's a damn good chance it will get lost on steam. The whole thing is a massive mess now. It's pretty much why every indie is trying to push stuff onto switch. It will do a lot better on it.
  9. pulsemyne

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Someone I knew on EVE had the name Shyte Hawk. That was a good one. Especially funny on voice coms.
  10. pulsemyne

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Saw it at midnight. Bugger me that was good. Best Marvel film yet.
  11. Only just come across this but yeah it looks like something the Sam could have done. Sphera was one of the only shot em ups made for the machine and looks somewhat comparable. It was also staggeringly hard. Some parts bordered on bullet hell
  12. pulsemyne

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Having seen the gamexplain build and the motorcycle racing game all I say is...oh there's a LOT of potential with it. The track builder is brilliant (you could make a wall of death by the looks of things).
  13. pulsemyne

    Sci Fi recommendations

    The author loves Red Dwarf. The whole space team series is meant to be like a cross between Hitchhikers and Red Dwarf. Also, mech is meant to look like Trap Jaw from masters of the universe. It all really just a lot of silly fun. Space fun.
  14. pulsemyne

    -=Eve Online=-

    You would be shocked how little time I spend a day in eve. Maybe an hour or so if a fleet is called.
  15. pulsemyne

    -=Eve Online=-

    no advantage. Everyone cross trains like mad. My character maybe caldari but I fly Gallente capitals. The racial thing only comes into play at the start but it really doesn't matter. Unless you want to play with role players. Which is mad.

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