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  1. They managed to get AO running and have the same NPC count in Novigrad. My god Sabre interactive must have some solid technical chops.
  2. The amount of things they managed to keep in is amazing. The wind blown foliage system, the tesselated water, the reflections in the water (which might be SSR but I'm not sure). Just incredible. Also the framerate in Novigrad actually seemed around the 30 mark, maybe mid twenties at times. Amazing port.
  3. pulsemyne

    Saint's Row V

    Oh come on volition make freespace 3.
  4. It's for switch as it has the HAC code to it.
  5. Looks like we are getting snes games soon then as there is a FCC patent out from nintendo for a snes type bluetooth controller. Uses the same battery as the joycons as well so like the NES ones that we realeased it could harge from the switch. HAC is a switch indentifier for model numbers.
  6. Yes this maybe shameless ripped off from a thread on resetera but it does deserve attention. If you have a copy of Serious Sam 3 then go here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1432570016 This is what you will get... Come get some Duke 3D in VR.
  7. Just finished the spin trilogy by Andrew Bannister., Creations machine, Iron gods and the Stone clock. And each book has the same problem. They start off well and then have a poor ending. Each one seems to just dribble to an ending. All build up and no show. It's really annoying as they are good books for about 3/4's.
  8. Am I the only one who really doesn't give a shit about having to make a bathesda account?
  9. For me it actually makes a nice change as Wolf TNC was not that good. Some really poor level design on it. This is much better in that area but as you say it does have some odd design decisions. Upgrading guns is really important in this, much more so than the others.
  10. Yeah it is. You really do have to switch weapons. It's not utterly mindless.
  11. It's very different in many ways. The levels are very much in the vain of dishonoured, but with killing nazis. Also there was a big patch today for the switch version that has improved the framerate quite a bit. Also ironed a few odd texture loading issues.
  12. Not sure yet Yes you get the double jump straight away. There are ways of upgrading your character just like dishonoured. Nope. The box just has a download code. It's 14 gigs. Ish. It's hard to tell sometimes as thing are frantic. Diesel supers seem to have a point at which you can shot one of their arms off. No idea but the music is superb.
  13. Few hours in now and how the fuck this runs on a switch boggles the mind. It throws a fuck load of enemies at you in big areas and somehow it maintains roughly 30fps when docked. Also the co-op AI isn't stupid! It's actually not a hinderence so far. Keeping your co-op partner alive though is very vital to the gameplay you help her and she helps you. It's a mechanic that really adds something to the game.
  14. Uk. I bought my copy from cd keys and they sent me the code and it unlocked fine.
  15. WEll the switch version is unlocked and so far it's good. Some nice arkane style level design, much better than number 2's. Switch performance is okay in handheld, maybe a little better than wolf 2's. Texture work is certainly better although you can see them load in now and again in cut scenes.
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