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  1. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    Some pics of BFV in it's RTX goodness. All settings are either high or Ultra and RTX is on high (normally I would use medium as that keeps the FPS above 60 even on devastation). Resolution is 90 percent of 3440x1440. As you can see the reflections in the pools of water look amazing, but they are so much better when you see people and flames reflected in them. Best one I saw was on twisted steel as a spitfire flew over my head when I was near the river. Makes SSR look really bad.
  2. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    I got an early Christmas present for myself today. A lovely RTX 2070 for 430 quid. I'm going to pay about half that off by selling my old 1070. Anyway, just tried BFV and it's ray tracing and...well colour me surprised! Firstly it does look bloody nice as anything reflective actually shows the correct reflection and not a cube map or SSR. Secondly, I was able to hit constant 50-60 fps with the tracing on medium and with a resolution at 3440x1440 with everything else on ultra. The latest patch really did wonders for the framerate. Considering there are more optimisations to be done both driver and game wise I think it'll easily stay above 60fps for me soon. If they can get it above 60fps with it on high then wow. Thirdly I'm doing this with just a ryzen 1600 that hasn't been overclocked. It's pushing the CPU hard but it's actually below DICE's recommended specs for ray tracing and yet it's still doing good. I'll try and post some pictures soon. Rotterdam looks really nice.
  3. pulsemyne

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Famitsu saying that Smash brothers has done 1.3 million copies in Japan. That makes it the biggest selling 1st week sales of any nintendo game not called Pokemon. Astonishing stuff.
  4. I bought a second hand xbox years ago just to play burnout 3. Such good fun. Also still have my old UK copy of Burnout on the gamecube. I've always loved arcade racers because, essentially, they are the racers people of my age grew up with. The likes of outrun, super hang on, Top gear etc. Just pure gaming when it boils down to it. Oh, and are you using your own engine for this game or is it something off the shelf? Keep up the good work. Looks bags of mad fun.
  5. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    No custom servers yet, at least not on PC anyway.
  6. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    My god I have never seen such a wrong opinion in all my life. Mouse and Keyboard, once mastered, is pornographically good. Saying that though you do need a good rig if you want to push 60fps ultra on a super wide. My 1070 just about manages it most of the time.
  7. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    Pc version has loads of full servers all the time. You really should get a PC kerraig for BFV on pc. None of that controller rubbish, pure mouse and keyboard goodness. Also playing BFV in ultrawide is lovely.
  8. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    Edge gave BFV a 7. Edge are stupid.
  9. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    If you set the ray tracing setting to low what performance do you get then? Just wonder for a friend of mine whose nvidia 2080 and developed a fan fault and is getting a replacement. Wonder what kind of performance he will get. Also your benefit today is just from the nvidia patch. The BFV patch should provide further improvements.
  10. pulsemyne

    Battlefield V

    Big jump in RTX performance in tomorrows update. Up to a 50 percent gain in framerate. Even a 2070 can now run raytracing on low at over 60fps. With future improvements, a 2070 might hit 60fps at 1440p.
  11. pulsemyne

    Doctor Who

    That was superb sci-fi. Lovely concept and execution with good character moments as well.
  12. For those on the fence it is well worth it. Brilliant in single player.
  13. pulsemyne

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    Why the fuck this is on BBC four I have no idea. Was bloody great.
  14. pulsemyne

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Going by past wii figures we can guess that the switch shifted over 800,000 consoles during that period.
  15. pulsemyne

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I was just thinking that. Snes minis can run some N64 games perfectly fine.

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