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  1. Did you know that there was a version of manic miner on the SAM coupe with a bunch of extra levels added. Looked nice as well.
  2. Got to say, the mock magazine covers you lot do are brilliant. I really need to listen to these sometime.
  3. God knows how far into the witcher I am at the moment on switch but I have probably passed the point I was at on the PC version. In fact I reinstalled the Pc version the other day and just couldn't really sit down to play it and preferred to play the switch one.
  4. Was really quite good. A little dark at times but also some nice humour as well. Effects could be better but hey it's pretty much a pilot for a series. I can imagine it finding a home on a sunday at about 6 o'clock. Perfect viewing for that time.
  5. Nope you're perfectly okay to play it.
  6. To quote Alan Partridge "ohhhhh....you're going to have a good time!"
  7. Yeah it's a good game. I had a copy for years on my high end PC and played it quite a bit but for some reason I prefer playing it on the switch. No idea why but I just do. I've found this with a number of games as well.
  8. And now some more sad news. Rene Auberjonois has passed away aged 79. QQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKK!
  9. Well it's been a while since I updated this thread and there and two main reasons for that. First real life decided to take a great steaming dump all over me (father died). Secondly I actually switched gears and restarted the first book I wrote and came up with around ten new chapters for it that fill in a big chunk of back story and world building. This has resulted in the first book now taking on a similar structure to book two and book three. Now the trilogy has a sense of structural consistancy. This is a good thing. Once this back story is completed I will then return to book three, finish that and then finish book four. As a result of this I have decided that I may just put the first half of book four up for people to have a download and read. Beware though because it will be riddled with errors, mistakes, pacing issues and all sorts of other thing that plague an uneditted first draft. If anyone wants to read it then send me a PM and I'll give them a link to wherever I put the thing.
  10. While not strictly a gaming track as it comes from a demo it was from a game and was by Rob Hubbard. Also, it's really bloody nice.
  11. Wouldn't have been cancelled if it was Mike and co. Didn't like the new ones too much.
  12. Apparently the Alien Isolation port is very good. 1080p docked at 30fps which is pretty much locked. Handheld is also very good at 720p.
  13. Shin'ens new game is out. The touryst I think it's called.
  14. Who fucking cares it's new Half life stuff!!! It's actually something after all this time!!!
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