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  1. The next switch would do 4k when docked. This while docked would also do the same because it's just a PC and flexible in it's output resolution. In theory the original switch could have outputted in 4k as the Nvidia shield does that with the same chip.
  2. The replies are wonderful to see. Fuck Darren Grimes.
  3. One reason fot this is due to the quality that the games have been broadcast in. It has been criticised by fans all over the world as being poor quality with lots of glitches.
  4. I might get one simply because my eyesite is shite and a bigger screen is better for me. Also it looks really nice in white.
  5. One good thing is that despite the larger screen it does seem like power consumption is around the same as the V2 switch with Zelda running for 5.5 hourse on a full charge. This despite it still using the same battery and with more storage. That OLED screen must be quite efficient.
  6. That can be done with a firmware update. Why nintendo will not do it though is a mystery.
  7. I had one and in many ways it was the future. A beefy 3d and 2d card. It was like a half way house between the voodoo 1 and 2 powerwise but that was pretty useful for a lot of people. I remeber waiting for hours and hours to download the demo of Quake 3 arena and it running really well on that card.
  8. Todays switch firmware has been pulled by the way. There's a fault occuring when people try and download things.
  9. Direct just got annoucned for E3 on the 15th at 5pm our time. It specifically states it will talk about software for 2021 and some for the year after. No mention of hardware but it's been stated by insiders that they wanted to have a seperate announcement for hardware.
  10. Ha they never even showed up. Nice keepstar for us in Delve.
  11. Now go away or I will taunt you a second time! The above picture was posted to reddit about 6 months ago. It's goons in their keepstars in 1DQ and it is as true as it is today as it was sixth months ago. Little has changed since the last update, at least as far as the war goes. Test and their friends keep trying to drop citadels in 3-D and they keep failing to be successful. Just yesterday they told their people to be ready for an onlining citadel in 3-D and then go back north to kill an onlining azbel that we initiative people had dropped in the one of their capitals. Personally I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew they would pass on the difficult objective and choose the easy one. So they jump clones hundred of people up north and shot something that was meaningless while leaving goons to reset the invasion clock back a week. It has been a very half hearted attempt at storming the gates of fortress Delve and there is the feeling that moral is low in the enemy while it is sky high in goons and The initiative. Just to make Papis life more difficult in 3-D we decided to drop a Keepstar in the system. The dropping of the keep actually was a part of the rouse we did by placing that Azbel up north. We knew they would go and shoot that so it gave us the time to drop a Keepstar which will online tomorrow. Unless Papi decides that it must throw everything to stop it. Which would be fun for us. The council of stellar management. Quite some time ago CCP did something rather naughty. It was discovered that people who worked at CCP were helping a large alliance called Band of Brothers. Understandibly people were very pissed off so CCP decided to make a "council of stellar management" an elected group of players who wouldn talk to CCP and help them in designing the game and replaying concerns back to CCP about certain things. If you on the CSM then you get to have a say in how the game develops. You also get to go to iceland to talk directly to them and have about a thousand video conferences with them to tell them to stop doing stupid things or when they do things right. Every year new players are elected and typically they come from most of the major null security alliances like Goons, Test, NC or PL etc. A player can serve 3 consecutive terms providing the players vote for them of course. Because of the importance of this you typically see people make campaign videos saying what they want to see CCP do or change. This year is no exception and things have even been kicked up a notch. Hence the Napolean Dynamite and Kenny G mentions in the thread title. Quite how Brisc got Jon Hader to do this I have no idea. Kenny G though does messages for money. Although the Kenny G video is private. Which is a pitty as it was funny. Still the whole thing is very weird. And funny.
  12. Well we deserved to lose it today. Just not enough to offer in the first half and when we started to play a clumsy challenge screwed us. Our form over the last four months has been pretty bad as well. Maybe Cooper needs to move to a club that actually has directors who aren't money grabbing shit heads. Never have american owners for your teams chaps.
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