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  1. Or open controller, place peice of cardboard in right place and put back together. There are guides on youtube showing you how to do it.
  2. It was 45 quid to pre-order. How on earth did you spend 60 quid?
  3. The glithces haven't been so bad on PC for me. Just some flickering shadows now and again. It's in a way better state than BFV beta was.
  4. God it really is pretty damn good. Choppers are fine, tanks are powerful. Using the zip wires is fun. Even perfromance on the beta is fine for me (high at 3440x1440 at 60fps). Very BF3/4 in the way it feels and that's not bad thing.
  5. You can help massively with the drones as a recon. It auto spots people.
  6. Feels like a cross between bf2 BC and BF4. They are fine on PC.
  7. Ah it's good to be back in attack helicopters straffing fuckers on Towers.
  8. You should see the colour festival that is Cruis'n blast. That would send your eyeballs running down your cheaks.
  9. Having just put a couple of hours into Cruisin Blast I have to say it has left me with a big grin on my face. If you like arcade racers then this is really bloody good. Totally over the top and it will look amazing on the OLED screen due to colours.
  10. Or put a peice of paper behind the joystick inside the joycon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG4JQ6BPmFU
  11. The N64 stick was spring based with plastic gearing so that's why it has the feel it does. Modern sticks are differant. The spring loading had a big benefit in that thanks to resistence is felt like you could hold the stick at certain angles and stay there. F-zero in particular was good for this as it allowed you to take corners at speed and feel like if you pushed the stick anymore then the ship would lose traction and spin.
  12. It's not actually the more modern stick causing problems. N64 emulation on the WiiU was actually terrible. The brightness was screwed. Controls were poorly calibrated. It was a massive shit show compared to the Wii virtual console. F-zero felt fine on that.
  13. You should have because the wiiu version has fucked controls.
  14. Also do not have riva tuner running in the background. It causes the game to crash.
  15. Get ready to get very, very lost with the next two films.
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