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  1. look at all that brighton shithousery
  2. Ive seen an absolutley amazing scheme for Emps Children that involves a metallic black to chrome zenithal, with TMM chrome highlights and scratches, patterns etc. then GW's Eidolon Purple clear over the top. and some inktensity violet in the shadows they look amazingly tasty.
  3. @The BagI havent yet. i am on selfimposed no-buying-any-more-paints-unless-i-run-out ban. I have been using a lot of watercolours in my painting recently to great effect. Enamel washes are much more powerful than oil washes (the weathering types from Mig) because they have liquid and solid pigment mixes in so you get a much more interesting and characterful look than plain oil washes which use their main colour pigment only diluted in the spirit medium
  4. Yep. Everyone should embrace enamel washes. Ive been harping on about it for years - you can achieve a very very similar effect with custom oil washes. Any mess that you make with oil washes or enamel washes and panel liner are best cleaned up with an odourless / refined white spirit. i tend to prefer using a wetted brush rather than a Qtip/cotton bud becuase they're softer and finer.
  5. also to add, mine list well over a year of work each
  6. Winsor Newton Series 7 Miniature Size 1. hands down best brush. Mine take an absolute BEATING. enamels, oils, white spirit, acrylic, metallics, it lives on my desk amonst the bits of sprue and tools without a guard, has paint in the ferules and it holds a point like an absolute monster. they have a smaller belly, so the bristles are focused into a point with much more assurance.
  7. this away strip of ours looks dull as fuck. probably a good match
  8. I have a load of their shermans they're beautiful. also the battledamaged tiger 1 and some stugs. here's some early WIPs of them, i cant get to tthe case they're in at the moment:
  9. @RFT have you seen the PeterPig FoW models? i have a bunch of them both Allied and German. they're metal but they're wonderful
  10. i dont think generally people need to have an afinity with the nazi ideology to want to play as Germans in FoW / BA. a lot of the Interest in German forces comes from the technological front with the armour designs and aircraft. The utter bewiderment that someone actually managed to make the Tiger 1 or 2 (and their variants)and get any sort of success in the 1940s is crazy.
  11. @The Bag You're getting there. Do you paint with skin reference photos to hand when you work on skin?
  12. Theres always next season
  13. if its a retake then the same kicker should take the thing too. not "oohh i bottled it, someone else have a go instead"
  14. christ allfucking mighty
  15. down with this sort of thing
  16. did you use Rotate Ion Shields? also knights arent doing too well in this edition at the moment and Crons are getting all the love with properly tuned 9th edition units.
  17. your robes look much better in my oppinion after toning down your final highlight step. As for the leggings, i really like the wrapped bandage white colour.
  18. its exactly as it was, only added scale model stuff can go in here because in reality theres 2-3 people that do scale stuff, and it's so similar to miniature painting it might as well roll in. What if you're painting Flames of War, or Bolt Action? they're scale models. Gunpla has its own healthy thread already. Citadel stuff is made by GW so goes in the GW thread? i dont see a problem, its not like suddenly 3000 new posters are going to start padding the size of this thread.
  19. This is what im working on at the moment as a raffle prize. i'm going to have a Bilbo moment parting with it though....
  20. @JoeK Any chance of a slight amendment to the thread title buddy? "Miniatures and scale model appreciation thread?" as theres a few of us around here that do such a thing now? forgot to add, obligatory pictures: Ive been building a Little Grey Fergie. it was missing something so last night i decided to add some spark plug leads, and cables:
  21. get a tupperware container, put your models in the tub, gloop the stuff on top, and brush it into the crannies. its not TOO toxic tbh, it smells of dr pepper. you can be quite liberal and leave it for a few hours, dab an old brush into it so the active agent gets throug hthe paint and leave it for a few more hours see how you get on.
  22. wilkos paint and varnish remover. dont use anything else.
  23. for your next one, consider your edge highlight colour not be too disimilar from your base green, then the current colour you're using, for the pointiest of edges. like imagine a tone between your base green and your current highlight colour, for the majority of your highlights, then that super bright one as your final highlight. but you're getting there. thats a definitie improvment and an advancement in skill
  24. @Dave White @Davros sock drawer Its great seeing more scale work in here. If you guys want some more tutorial / resources for chipping/ weathering / paint process then i have a series of longform realtime videos covering full painting of 3 models here: First is painting german grey on a tank with enamels and oils from plastic to finished in under 9 hours https://www.twitch.tv/videos/472194790?collection=QbdUAh03vhUhEA next up is another tank, this time a panther but burned out with the effect done using enamels over acrylics. around 10 hours https://www.twitch.tv/videos/558
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