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  1. Perhaps @PC Master Race you should engage in discussion instead of dismissiing people. or at least tell us why you think its good? When in my oppinion its clearly a bag of knackers with a pale immitation of captain picard in it. Take picard out, and you've got absolutley nothing of worth. Even the Picard we do have is, and it breaks my heart to say it, rubbish.
  2. well that was a load of shite
  3. oh how i wish we had episodes like that again... Just every day dealings aboard the enterprise. not season long sock sliding shite
  4. maybe this will all turn out to be just Picard in his bed at the end with visions brought on by his Irumodic Syndrome and we can breath a sad sign of relief
  5. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    can i have some of whatever you're on please
  6. hahaha i didnt read the latest few comments. it's like we've all come to the same conclusion fairly rapidly.
  7. replaced her with fucking Tilly from Discovery
  8. yep. all but the Decayed Metal come in the gold alchemy set you can buy
  9. cheers guys. Yeah those are space marines. From the old GW Epic game. They fit perfectly on the new adeptus titanicus stuff. all my golds of choice these days are Scale75 golds. They are without doubt the best golds on the market today. one coat, no streaks, perfect coverage, butterly smooth. that one is Necro Gold (sometimes misspelled on the bottle negro gold) i'd strongly recommend the following golds in the range Decayed Metal (beautiful dark rich creamy dark brass. one coats everything, perfect as a metallic base) Necro Gold. (lovely cold gold. my personal favourite) Viking Gold (similar in value to Necro gold but instead of the cold tone, its a warm tone. perfect over decayed metal base) Dwarven Gold (a brighter richer yellower gold than the others) there is an Elven gold but it separates VERY quickly, has a pale verdegris hue to it, im not a fan. the others though. grab em, you'll thank me later
  10. Adeptus Titanicus you say? I've just finished this for a client:
  11. ep4: i couldnt help but feel the seeds of Discovery starting to germinate
  12. thanks @The Bag. I'd liked to have done more work on the wings, but its one of CreatureCaster's early sculpts and the wings are really soft and average. so a case of black-white drybrushing and a little spray hjighlights with some inks over it.
  13. with oils you mix a wash to the same consistency as the GW ones with your turpentine / white spirit btw incase i didnt mention that. you'll get it buddy.
  14. have you heard of pin-washing? rather than slapping an all over acrylic wash, you could reduce the surface tension with a tiny bit of dishsoap, then carefully pin-wash the wash into the crevaces and recesses keeping your vivid colouration. This would be a lot easier with an oil wash as it will naturally go into the recesses and with a cottonbud you could clean up the panels back to vibrancy without any effort.
  15. I finally got this lad finished up enough to go out to its new home
  16. if that wasnt a dad joke, then he's on about
  17. Id be tempted to get a tube of turqouise oil paint, a bottle of premium low odour white spirit from BnQ make a wash with half a GW pots worth of white spirit and a toothpaste pea sized bit of turqoise oil and go mental all over the model, then you can clean away with a cotton bud or whatever. really it's that simple. then if you want to do streaks after its all dry, use a much thicker turquoise wash liek a really runny paint and start painting them on, then use the white spirit to easily blend the bottoms of those runs. bobs your uncle
  18. This is my plague marine This was done with enamel washes from AK Interactive. Enamel Washes are great because if you dont like the effect you just wipe it off with white spirit and you're back to your base paintwork as though you hadnt done anything. Its not like working with acrylics that dry then youre stuck with it. they're also a hell of a lot easier to blend and are that dilutable you get super smooth transitions and blends with minimal effort
  19. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    think thats someone from Man Utd. his agent is Jorge Mendez
  20. I thought Episode 2 was just about better than the first one. It still has its issues and is nowhere near perfect. However i thought the first episode was a 6 out of 10. I appreciate its taking some time to go through things. Im just not sure the things its going through make a whole lot of sense.
  21. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    hed fit right in then
  22. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    Thing is, we can't recall Sanchez until the summer, so there's no point.
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