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  1. they're in pre production but nowhere near filming. also netflix is done. they're finished with discovery.
  2. via a few of the largeish youtube star trek discovery reviewers. The horrible HeelvsBabyface among them of which i can remember. But something being renewed and "pre production" is worlds apart from something actually being filmed and being in production
  3. Theres a LOT of rumours out there that this has been shitcanned, with lots of reshoots in S3 that didnt include any future story threads. This is fueled even futher by the warp into the sunset, the classic music and the Roddenberry quote at the end. even as far as the Actors guild or whoever it is, removing entries for Discovery from their future involvement while keeping the Strange New Worlds or whatever it is fully on there.
  4. thought of painting orks terrifies me. doing human skin to the level i want to do is hard enough, but then switching the pallete around to greens? hard pass.
  5. Ha i wish!!! No it's cut from the Forgeworld Blood Angel Transfer Sheet. It comes as BLOOD ANGELS Just like the one on the FW site has done.
  6. Thanks, it's just becuase the eyes are also green.
  7. still a long way to go on this Contemptor, but its starting to pull together. the red tones on the shoulders and body are starting to look how i want them, arms are barely touched yet, need more work on the eyes and to change the green in the top circles for a cold metal and i'll be happy.
  8. The prison break was fucking shit, made all the worse by the awful pantomime overacted twileks and every scene looking exactly the same as the last. I don't fully get the bottle episode thing when a hell of a lot of the scenes were done in UnrealEngine in a virtual stage. Must have cost 10 pence.
  9. Yeah but i think we're talking "inside" the house
  10. false. Priming with an airbrush is the way to go for anyone serious about painting. Mig One Shot / Badger Stynlrez primer 25psi NEAT with a .375/.4 needle and you get perfect results. rinse your cup with water as soon as you're done and immediatley start painting your base colours. I have no idea why some of you guys are struggling with this
  11. from what i heard, Latham was told to stop making youtube videos by the higher-ups at GW. But i can not confirm or deny
  12. surely the manchester united foundation would be delicious https://www.mufoundation.org/en/Charity
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