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  1. yeah tunazabe needs eased in and reckon that a game against paris AND chelea would be too much too soon. Van De Beek is probably nearly there. they must be banking on unity (in the sense that the players hopefully know James' play a bit more than rather than individual skill offered by van de beek at the moment
  2. practice and pulling towards you so the bristles follow the direction of your hand. i never thought i could do that when i was new in to painting but reckon i could do it quite comfortably now
  3. so kantor blue wash kantor blue back on the raised areas. mix a little white into the blue for the more savage folds, mix a little more into it and do the tips etc if your steps are just too severe you can glaze over with your blue wash. interesting tip, look at how some of the pro painters deal with cloaks - highlighting not with flat slabs of colour, but painting in fine "cross hatches" over the areas to be highlighted. BUT don't feel you need to work on what you feel is good. There are am illion ways to paint. What's more - don't ever a
  4. if you're referring to the stormcast, that'll be because after a wash over the gold, you're dealing with two very distinct things. paint colour AND reflectivity/shine. Like youve noted, when you go back over with the original to clean up / reinforce the main colour it'll look really bright, but outside of a worklight or at angle it will look good. it's not like red base, wash with agrax, paint red again, because the red is just colour, not reflective particles that were dulled with the wash. But this is a powerful and good thing to know and take advantage of When painting metals al
  5. Building the Mega gargant and theres one or two small issues i have. Not with the kit itself, the parts go together perfectly since its all digital sculpts, but with some design choices. I know GW is well on board with the monopose kits with options, however it's no easy task to do a headswap which is a real shame. - You CAN do the a head and neck swap but that means the Kraken Eater with his great shark jaw necklace cant have the Warstomper head. another thing thats less well thought out is the weapon loadouts. Kraken Eater L - amazing bag of bodies R - cannon club*
  6. agreed @Thor Whenever he was on it reminded me of some shit mid season episode of Doctor Who. abs though and an "alpha" male figure on the cast or something? who the fuck knows
  7. yeah no thanks. the trailer was enough hyperactive bullshit nonsense for me.
  8. BITS of that weren't too bad. But it really felt like Doctor Who rather than Star Trek. But this is nothing new. There's nothing here that makes me feel that its going to be anything other than the same old shit we've seen before. We've had 3 series total of NuTrek including Picard and none of it was any good. I'm out.
  9. ah good, for a second i thought we'd entered some kind of alternate reality where star trek discovery was anything other than dog shit.
  10. yeah but look at it this way - unless you're crazy you'll only ever buy one Typhus. Yes it uses a fraction of the sprue machining ue to its smaller sprues, but it requires the same manpower to operate, to set asside in maintenenece costs, materials and packaging etc etc. Troops have all these same costs applied but they'll evision that you may buy multiple boxes of plaguemarines, or maybe your list doesnt include Typhus etc. same for tanks. multiple rhino's, plagueburst crawlers etc. It's why centerpiece models like the silent king is 95quid.
  11. I have one of those giants incomming, it was a gift. thing is 120quid, yeah its high. But then i also have a Reaver titan here that was about 600 or so (again didnt buy it), and in the scale model world its not unheard of for spending a few hundred on a bespoke resin kit. Gundam can be in the multiple hundreds too. And surely if you're in the UK, you're grabbing a giant from a place that has 20% off anyways like Element Games. If you think of it in cost value alone it's a hard sell. but theres a few ways to look at it: as a figure painter you've got to work out how long youe g
  12. all GW painting videos are squarely presented to kids. They always have been. that almost condescending tone etc....eugh Over the past few months i've been preparing to change my entire painting process more away from set colour paints. WHO NEEDS 32 SHADES OF BROWN?! Ive been watching a few oil paint masters and miniature painting guys to see just how they handle their pallete and colours. I found two worthwhile videos regarding colour mixing. The first guy is an actual master painter. but his use of CMY colours over YRB were mindblowing nad made total sense when you st
  13. @ZOK there was talk earlier in the thread that she was talking to her child / reminiscing or something. pretty dark.
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