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  1. Miniac just did a good video about it today, hold on
  2. you really need a super smooth pale primer. and the one GW highly recommends is their grey or beige. i personally thing that Contrast painted miniatures look terrible. HOWEVER theres been slightly more pleasing results with a Zenithal wraithbone spray over black. the big issue with contrast paints over a black or dark base is that they're basically a thick ink wash so very translucent. a tint if you will. i wouldnt reprime everything from every angle,. but spray from a top down keeping the dark in the shadows, then use your contrast paints if you want to go that way.
  3. having read a bit of this, it could be fabulous. it all depends on the screenwriting team and directors though. With any luck they'll not half arse it so we get to see some more serieses set in the universe.
  4. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    watching this Leeds match at the moment, our defence is attrocious. Romero has kept us ahead.
  5. Those are 40k tyranid hive guard. 3foot range, ignore cover, dont need line of sight. Brutal
  6. been doing some not robots or tanks batch painted these boys on stream this week
  7. send me a message wiht some pictures / size etc and i'll let you know
  8. not personally, but im going to try open some commision slots for chaos knights this week
  9. ive had no issues at all using white spirit on plastic and resin miniatures and also unvarnished acrylic paint. id make sure your white spirit is pure white spirit and not some crazy paint stripper mix with acetone or something in it
  10. "that doesnt even deserve an answer"
  11. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    weve signed a player from Swansea, a player from crystal palace and looking to get a player from Newcastle. at least we're signing players from our level...
  12. yeah i'll say it again. this was top quality Bullock
  13. i think you should stop half watching it, and see what people are doing with the protomolecule to warrant the responses from different people. its fairly consistent throughout, It's sort of like saying people cant decide what hydrogen is, becuase its a part in water in one sense, a bomb in another and the future of clean energy in another. The protomolecule has distinct properties and needs, can be used as a weapon and becuase of its extreme power can do magical stuff.
  14. hmm just had a quick gander at the youtubes to see if anyone was using a zenithal base - ive fast forwarded to the pertiant part
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