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  1. a friend knows i like tanks and giant robots so she got me a lord of skulls for my birthday which turned up out of the blue today. that fucking thing is mental in all the best ways. No idea how i'll end up painting it.
  2. yep @The Bag exactly the same scale. However the planes are a lot bigger than you think when you think of a titan, you think enormous, but they're really not.
  3. the end of the brush comes out and you can extend it
  4. hands down Tamiya Extra thin OR Mr Cement S. dont waste time on anything else. Needles are rubbish. anything where you need to stop what you're doing find a lighter, try clear the nozzle or fuck about is just extra hassle. You want a brush so you know exactly how much glue is being used not just try to imagine how much is coming through the needle. Theres a reason why scale modellers pretty much all use one of Mr Cement S or Tamiya Extra thin, it handles very fine parts to huuge panels with ease. You dont really want a medium or gloopy poly cement because it sits on the plastic etching away at
  5. the real question is: what's everyones take on Pogba? As much as i hate that massive cunt of an agent of his, When Paul is focused and happy he's unstoppable. losing him this summer as much as ive written him off in the past, will be a huge miss. However he's no longer Raiola's star money maker, that would be Haaland. So Pogba may be more inclined to stay this summer. What do we think? I think if UTD show desires to improve the squad and recruit some actual star players for once, finish 2nd in the league and maybe win the europa league, he may be more inclined to stay. good paul pogba is good
  6. its got to be either Horus Heresy or Old World related surely. theres no mention of any HH stuff at all in warhammer fest? nah, not buying it.
  7. like how they are also not listing the salary. and refuse to in the comments. its going to be for peanuts isnt it?
  8. sorry - i should say. you mgiht have more success doing your base coats, then chipping, then grime wash in that order in future. i tend to follow the Base >damage >atmospherics>minor metallic highlight detailing then >mud approach to best effects.
  9. i appreciate the 2 stage chipping a lot, however i'd possibly look at adding a little brown to your base colour blue so its less contrasted. you could settle the fresher chips in a little with a 30% grime to 70% thinner mix as a filter. so the blue doesnt drag your attention away from overall lovely toning of the miniature. make sure to matt or satin varnish the model if you do want to do that, before you filter over the top, so you dont aggetate the layers underneath and spoil the existing grime work
  10. ha yeah... they decided they were going to release a book that showed you how to make a Nazi death shower scene, how to paint your own zyklon B (and purchase models of it), how to model rwandan genocide scenes and more. But you may think that "well...military modellers have been making dioramas for decades" yes. true, but not a "use AK Interactives Weathering pencils to achieve lifelike scratches of the dying women and children" etc they were basically using scenes of the worst of humanity to sell not only a book, but a guide on what products they sell to achieve the effects in the book. That
  11. @Andit's the same stuff ive been banging on about for literally 3 years in this this and the scale modelling thread. enamels. Top tip @Mikes dont use qtips, they're a pain in the arse, get threads everywhere and are too abrasive. just use a soft brush, dry it on paper between each "pass" on the model after you clean it. I however have boycotted AK Interactive and their products after the holocaust incident. Fuck those guys. Moving the vast majority of my toolset over to Ammo by Mig Jimanez's paint line.
  12. they are nice as airbrush tints i've found but rarely use them for anything they're supposed to be used for. Oh and i finished this recently!
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