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  1. cracking paintjob. I hate his fucking stupid anime proportioned head. for such an important character he looks terrible.
  2. Ive been working on this guy today. to get him finished and ready
  3. with dual guns like some Sarah Connor characterture while swigging whisky. Its as though it's an entirely different character.
  4. @readonly it's not even good fan service! Theres literal fanfiction written better, more original, and with more heart than this.
  5. conversely, after watching S1 and 2 pretty much back to back over this past 2weeks, i felt this weeks was one of the weakest. A bit too much "comedy", signposting, easter eggs fanservice stuff and i felt the "escape solution" was something i'd expect from a Doctor Who episode and not to the level Westworld seems to try hold itself. I also thought it was a bit like the complete oposite to Maeve getting superpowers episode in Shogun World. a true development of the character in S2 and something pretty cool, in a new and interesting story, this was somewhat of a less well executed rerun of her waking up in Season 1 with Hector and the safe. I dunno, I much prefered S03e01 to this one. Hoping it is just a personal blip. Clearly a set up episode.
  6. i get that, however oil or enamel washes can pretty much be fully reversed if you arent liking it and dont leave it for ages. You could easily pinwash that guy in about 5 minutes or less, and that includes the time you may need to tidy up any areas with some white spirits and a cottonbud.
  7. i get annoyed enough painting Chaos Space Marines. i dont think i'll ever bother painting that bugger so i commend your efforts. I'd be tempted to pin wash all those swirly gold armour bits and save yourself another 40 hours of trying to outline stuff
  8. ehhhh that was not great. This whole show is a series of missed opportunities and just questions of "why?!". Things dont have to make absolute sense, but stop being stupid.
  9. id rather there'd have been 5 Robert Picardo's
  10. Yeah the small world stuff is pretty shite. again some nice bits, but stop with the convenient happenstance and secondary school storytelling please.
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