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  1. Nicky

    Star Trek Discovery

    i didnt mind her, i thought she was totally trying to channel McCoy. pretty deadpan and i think the "issue" may be that shes just totally different to everyone else on the show
  2. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    id hate to work out how many games i'd need to play my fucking Stompa before playtime to paint investment equaled out. i'm pretty sure it was over 70 hours on that fucker.
  3. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    i always prime black. even for yellow. there's no fuckup here. yellow just requires more care.
  4. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    i paint fleshtone before yellow. painting white before yellow usually gives a stark bright yellow. lessons learned painting badmoon orks
  5. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    you guys need to stop posting all these lovely deathguard or i'll have to repaint all mine, which ive been threatening to do for a while.
  6. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    lads, its totenham
  7. Nicky

    Another great Eve Online story

    when i first played eve back in 2005 or so, i luckliy within 5 minutes or starting found a nice group of guys who'd just started playing 3 days prior. we had a nice little corp in a backwater system and decided we all needed to be in battleships fast. so we spent a month group mining for 4 battleships. each battleship increased the rate of mining speed by adding more lasers. Apocaylpse battleships with full spreads of mining lasers anyone? anyway we were dedicated and started doing manufacturing etc and caught the eye of a decently sized corporation that was part of an alliance out in 0.0. the corporation we joined was called VentureCorp. and within weeks we'd worked our way up to officers of the corp, and started making waves in the alliance. then a big war broke out. our alliance was the Fade Union. a tiny insignificant spec sandwiched between Fountain (then fountain alliance) and the might of the original BoB. we had a non agression pact with Fountain and they quite rightly saw us as a backstop that would hold bob up from consuming them for a while. So theres a group of 4 of us that about 2 months prior were mining ore in battleships now fully engaged with the toughest fighting alliance Eve had at the time. So what does a forward thinking crafty twat like myself decide to do? well i knew we could never beat BoB. we didnt have the resources, our path back to safespace was fraught with danger from pirates to sell and make money to keep us in ships. so i worked out we had a couple of weeks at most to find an "out" i was friends with a few PVPers at the time who were all loitering around the north, and there was talk of making a new alliance that could stake a claim, it was experienced enough to do so but had no land. it needed a vacuum to appear. So i helped formulate a little talked about but hugely landscape changing plan at time time, we were to bring down the Curse Alliance from the inside. the plan was to offer them a series of conflicting deals and ideas from different parties enough that would sew discord of their current situation and what they wanted to do, bigged up the threat of their immenent attack by other alliances and this blind information war was enough to sew discontent. one evening i ended up in a teamspeak call with about 500 people bullshitting my way through the formation of a new alliance that only wanted the best curse had to offer. this had the backing of at least a third of curses members at this point (it clearly didnt, but i wasnt naming names) . the plan was never meant to succeed, but to show a better place, then pull the offer of formation and leave them reeling. it worked. they had a massive infight mostly down to the "you saying im shit bruv?" between them. this allowed my true alliance forming plan and "out" to happen. The Imperial Republic of the North" - IRON swooped in amongst the discord and settled in space that they had in the north east of curse space. i helped get our assets out to IRON space, then sailed off into the sunset thinking i'd never be able to personally top that achievement in game, it was quite liberating, especially as desperate times propelled my stature of battleship miner to infowar spymaster to such an extent that when i quit, i did it with so little fanfare, even Iron didnt really know what had happened or how their plan had worked with such relative ease and i wasn't about to tell anyone.
  8. Nicky

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    im still lagging behind on issues, last delivery i got was the one with the blight hauler.
  9. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Put a bit of water in
  10. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    they're going up by 20p per bottle soon. they'll never go to droppers, because the waste that the current tubs make means you have to buy more paint sooner. its shady as fuck. could potentially create a 3d printed capper with an air syringe in. issue is becuase theres no screw, so you cant squeeze the bottles, you'dneed a way to force the paint out. and the only way i can think is to squeeze air into the pot through a syphon system, so the topper would look a little like a syringe.lots of pointless engineering when you can buy dropper bottles off of ebay
  11. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    fucking gw pots man...
  12. Nicky

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    So i decided to paint something that wasnt a tank, a robot, a vehicle or a titan for the first time Heres what i did in just over 5 hours or so. still a bit more to do. especially on the eyes. but looks like i can do skin and flesh so im really happy

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