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  1. it seems to be popular. Only thing im not too keen on is there is the possibility of the turn order to go IGO,UGO,UGO,IGO and never in a million years will understand why they thought that was a good idea.
  2. i dont think the problems were the fault of the directors at all. a director is to direct everything on set. the problems stem from Disney going "LETS DO STAR WARS NOWWWWW" rather than having a fucking cohesive 3 movie story plan vetted by actual decent authors. not screenwriters, authors. then passed to great screenwriters, then given to diretors and said "this is what you're to do" i hated the last jedi vehemently. At the time i blamed RJ for this. pissing on what our generation held dear. And that's true, that's what happened. Tried to get in a new generation of fans, start afresh, but kids dont give a fuck about Star Wars. proof being that they even tried to have star wars in their faces via the medium of fucking fortnite! "please we're relevent, we want you to spend money on star wars again!" Alas, its the 30+ year old hardcore that should have the money and keep buying collectibles, special editions, toys, teeshirts, lightsabers etc. not the kids. However it ISNT the fault of RJ, JJ etc, it's soley Disney's fault for going into this so fucking halfbaked with minimal effort and a "it's star wars! it cant fail!" attitude as though they fucking forgot what Lucas' prequels were like. The prequels were the product of one man who wasnt told to stop. The modern sequels are a product of no plan. I'm sorry RJ. I blamed you for the shit show that was TLJ. I don't excuse The Last Jedi however, but Disney, you're a bunch of cunts. How fucking hard can this be? You had no story, no rule, noone going "wait this isnt the plan" they treated every movie like it was a random seperate installment of the MCU. I have no interest in Star Wars now. After living and breathing it for 30 something years, the magic, the thing that made it special to me has gone. I won't be seeing this movie in the cinema. Thanks Disney.
  3. Well time to get another Knight Commission underway.. BUT WAIT. CHAOS!
  4. i dont understand why GW didnt open pre-orders 2 months ago to get a concrete figure on how fucking many they'd need to produce, then y'know make that plus 20% extra. it's as though GW don't want easy money. some things they're doing really well, others like this and their limited run bullshit they're still in the dark ages. While they're at it, make all their old limited run items, have a pre-order booking and when they hit say...200 orders for that thing, produce them
  5. and the Zodgrod Wortsnaga to the right of Gaz, the dude with the giant claw grbber is another 35-40 USD
  6. its all plastic. this whole busienss is all about plastic sisters. dreadnought price at a guess
  7. So i got my Knight commission finished this weekend. Here's some pictures...
  8. well thats one way to run out of posses
  9. and join the 40k buy sell facebook groups you may get more there
  10. https://www.anarchymodels.co.uk/hd22---hotrod-flames-21-p.asp
  11. feels like forever since i worked on a standard Knight. Heres a commission im working on. No enamels yet. all acrylic work:
  12. @moosegrinder How's your bracing and painting position? i reckon somewhere near 90% of painting issues can be improved by better positioning and bracing. I have my chair at a height where i can brace my elbows on my chair arms, my wrists against the table edge and my little and 3rd finger braced against my other hand at all times. so the only movement i ever have is my thumb, index and midle finger. everything else is rock-solid. getting your arms braced togeher is the biggest improvement you can make
  13. nice squigs! i did a test scheme paint of a Ghostyboy tonight
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