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  1. @Doctor Sharkid potentially advise Enterprise before Voyager. as Voyager is mostly bobbins. Enterprise really does get good once it gets going and i'd have loved more seasons. then go onto Voyager and see how long you last...
  2. man... i forget how much Brooks puts into Benny in the newspaper episode... if you've all not seen the documentary on DS9 it's worth it. Brooks was broken on the floor in tears after the call for cut came. Knowing how that was playing out behind the actors portrayal really hammers home Avery Brooks being fucking awesome
  3. Get that shit sorted out. DS9 is the best Trek. It's a slow start. But it's so worth it.
  4. another good shout for something awesome on the new screen - Limbo. its also about a quid.
  5. NO WAIT. switch tomorrow, game saturday?!
  6. just got a notification that my amazon uk switch and dread is arriving tomorrow saturday. sorry all, GF cant read words
  7. When do we expect to get amazon orders shipping? Anyone gone that route?
  8. i think my dad snapped his neck at the ronaldo city signing not signing. he's a city fan, always has been. went from gloating one minute, to absolute denial and saying how he was too old the next. I love how the papers are all "HIS EGO IS TOO BIG, HES GOING TO CAUSE PROBLEMS IN THE DRESSING ROOM. OLE CANT HANDLE HIM" If anything it's nice to see a senior player showing absolute passion and determination in games.
  9. you could quite easily ask when did UTd last field a front two with such pedigree and quality that dispite their age they're the best two strikers we have on the books @GamesGamesGames
  10. i think the beauty of the current galaxy in 40k is it's so decrepit and on its way out. The imperium is dying. it has been dying for 10,000 years. If anything chaos needs to overtake much more of the galaxy, really put guillimans empire under strain politically from within in addition to the rise of chaos. it needs its Empire Strikes Back moment, with the death of some big name characters. not "mortarion attacks guilliman, they fight, mortarion runs away and they both live happily ever after" replace mortarion for whichever big name you want to replace him with. Abaddon? sure why not. Maybe just finally murder the emperor. instil Magnus or someone on earth, and have guilliman finally see what he needs to do, assemble a Extremum Crucis (final crusade) into the eye of terror with all the remaining sisters of silence and the eldar and have THAT as the new setting. need a big turning point? have him find Leman Russ in the warp, take on and shackle some of the chaos gods, shrink the Cicatrix Maledictum in doing so, and play the game of reclaiming earth, reshaping the imperium, and abolishing the imperial truth. Theres so much you can do in in the current galaxy that fucking off and going to a new galaxy, you might as well play another game
  11. in the simplest terms yes. but easily with the better stories.
  12. tell you what.... Pogba has looked pretty good in this position
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