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  1. (First off, I'd like to thank admin choddo and mod Don Rosco for their advice on how to approach talking about our game development on the forum. Granted, this was months ago now, but I presume the same rules apply, hah!) Hey everyone! Gab with Mechanist Games here, developer of City of Steam. I'd get into talking more about the game, but I wouldn't want to piss you guys off with promoting stuff too much... Besides, I'd hate myself for it. Rather, I'd like to share a dumb (funny?) little video we made recently (during our stressful push for Beta), it should give you enough of an idea about the
  2. CoS_Gab

    Okami HD

    No worries, I didn't take it as such My apologies in return if I came off as overly defensive. Thanks for the info, definitely something to try for when work calms down and I have more time for actual gaming
  3. CoS_Gab

    Okami HD

    As a developer I just do written stuff (story, etc), so the rest I leave to my more tech-savvy colleagues From living in a foreign country, I keep running into different systems for the same things (plugs, DVDs, consoles, etc), hence my doubt about whether a Chinese laptop would even work for this. Anyway, yes, HD PS2 games does sound quite appealing, hmm...
  4. CoS_Gab

    Okami HD

    Hmm, that's an idea... but now, would a PS2 disk work on my Chinese laptop, I wonder....?
  5. CoS_Gab

    Okami HD

    Hmm, thanks, but since I became a game developer myself, I've been trying to stick with getting my games legitimately (would feel like a hypocrite otherwise). Still, if I ever go back home and fire up my old PS2, would be an interesting try. Almost regret getting Samurai Warriors 2 instead of Okami back when I had the chance :/
  6. CoS_Gab

    Okami HD

    Been curious about this one but it's not on the PC, sigh...
  7. Will definitely check those out, then. Still, aside from Bioshock (the Steampunk-ness of which is debatable) or the upcoming Thief 4, do any more recent games have a good steampunk edge to them? Only one I can think of is Remnants of Skystone on Kongregate, and that was about 2 years ago...
  8. Hmm, Thief eh? I remember watching some friends play it, but that was a while ago, I've yet to play it myself. Added to my Steam wishlist for a rainy day, thanks
  9. Then I'm sure you'd love this (be sure to check out the animation): http://www.cityofste...d/world-machine The entire world is a system of gears and machinery, and is indeed flat!
  10. Amen to that! My apologies for wording that poorly, then... Steampunk, not as a genre but as a setting... Still, the ensuing debate over the wording goes to show its lack of presence in games. If someone wants a "steampunk" game, just how do they go about finding it? Not quite as many results as looking up "fantasy" (which in itself is an extremely broad term, I agree)... Still, my main point being that few developers take the risk to go outside of convention anymore unless it's been proven by some out-of-nowhere indie dev first or something. As for Cyberpunk (different yes, but in sort of th
  11. Still, considering we pack all that in a few MBs (thanks Unity 3D), should be very accessible; and thanks for checking it out! Us indie devs can really use all the support we can get Maybe I'll catch you there at beta, then!
  12. Arg, Wild Wild West may have done a lot of harm to the genre indeed... let's just try to erase that one from memory...gah... Anyone hear about City of Steam coming out later this year, though? *shameless, yes, but what is an indie dev to do...*
  13. Kind of sad really, to see genres just sticking to what is considered mainstream to play it safe... sure, it's understandable, but where's the ambition to bring something new to the table..? Ok, Steampunk isn't that new, sure, but it would be a nice change from the millions of "Fantasy world, with ELVES! And yes we DO have Dragons!" theme that most MMOs are sticking with...
  14. Hah, with all the remakes now, it should only be a matter of time. Now if only we could get someone to do it... I haven't played Bioshock yet, not much for shooter games, but I have seen some game footage and it does look pretty cool, if incredibly twisted. Still, if I can drudge though the ME games just for the story despite the gameplay not being my thing, I suppose giving Bioshock a try wouldn't kill me... My current employer is working on an indie "industrial fantasy" game, with a bit of steampunk flair to it (part of why I applied to work here ). Still pre-Alpha though; now... would post
  15. Thinking about all the genres games fall into, Steampunk rarely comes up... yet it's not necessarily an unpopular genre, a bit niche maybe, but definitely not scorned upon or anything when brought up. Even a few movies in the past 10 years or so have had a bit of it, and they didn't do all that badly (ok, well, Disney's Atlantis is debatable I guess, depending on whether you liked it or not). Anyway, what do you think of Steampunk in general? I've hardly played any good Steampunk games since maybe Arcanum; any thoughts or suggestions on good titles I may have missed along the way, or newer (li
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