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  1. No doubt only available to Sky Glass / Sky Q subscribers. I can only watch through Now TV so won’t see any of the additional options they add.
  2. It seems like Red Bull used 4% of the 5% leeway the FIA allowed on the budget cap so nothing will happen. The bigger question is where did all the money Aston Martin, if they are the other team, spent go?
  3. It’ll be a small fine, Sky will take to Horner will be on the Red Bull pit wall all weekend saying they are innocent and in the end there will be a small fine, a ‘clarification’ from the FIA and everyone will move on.
  4. I hope it’s the opening theme because Pokemon games usually have a nice chilled out tune over the end credits which you end up seeing slot of your level grinding the Elite 4.
  5. 24 race weekends, six sprint ‘events’ this is reaching NASCAR level saturation.
  6. Channel 4 have stuck a ridiculously large sponsor tag on their highlights of the game.
  7. Picking Maguire over Tomori is why the team is fucked.
  8. I enjoyed the special and agree that the last half hour was rubbish but like the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment on Top Gear they must have some feedback that some of their viewers love it.
  9. It’ll be interesting to see who gets his seat.
  10. Name recognition would be my guess. He’s the son of Bryan Herta a former IndyCar driver who now runs a successful team and is I think the youngest IndyCar race winner ever. I don’t think any of the other drivers have that kind of back story.
  11. That video has the same vibes as the apology Instagram messages footballers have started to put out after a bad performance. It was probably just an educated guess that if BOTW2 wasn't going to be ready we'd get ports of the old games instead.
  12. Divine Edition is £89.99 It's looks a lot like Three Houses unsurprisingly.
  13. Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition is up for preorder on the Nintendo store https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en/fire-emblem-engage-divine-edition-P00097
  14. They ported the PS2 games to the WiiU although so few people owned that machine the games kept the ‘underground feeling’ he’s talking about.
  15. Nike really couldn’t be bothered this year could they.
  16. National anthem before a club game is weird and so the applause at 70 minutes.
  17. I don’t even own a PS5 or intend to get one anytime soon. I’m glad some of these games are coming to PS4.
  18. It’s called Like A Dragon so are they changing it to a turn based game?
  19. It looks like a port of the PS3 version that came with Dawn of the New World. This means it’ll still be 30fps unlike the 60fps GC version and they are going to charge £45 for it.
  20. Gamepass and Switch Online makes me think you won’t be able to buy it and it’ll only be available for a limited time depending on the length of the license.
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