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  1. If it was a normal season I could see them binning Vettel before the end but none of the replacements are that appealing. Kimi is past it, Giovanazzi isn't good enough, it's too early for Mick Schumacher, Pascal Wehrlein hasn't raced in F1 since 2017 and would be a Luca Badoer level replacement. Maybe they'll give Alonso a call for maximum banter.
  2. First turn one wins then. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a comfortable Bottas win.
  3. Not for me. I haven’t had this much trouble with a boss fight for years. It also does the annoying thing of cutting when you attack him it’ll cut to him attacking you when I’d just knocked him down. This is why I’m going to concentrate on City for and try again once I’ve beaten it.
  4. Arkham Origins spoiler
  5. ryodi


    The Indy GP is about to start on Sky F1.
  6. Classic Rosberg from Bottas.
  7. Max starting on the medium tyres will make the race interesting tomorrow. Red Bull can one stop but I think the others will need to two stop. Max might also get swamped at the start with everyone on soft tyres around him.
  8. That was true before. For visitors to the campsite you can decide not to play the game and if you keep talking to them they’ll eventually suggest moving to your island. Even if they decide not to the first time you can keep talking to them and they’ll eventually decide to move to your island.
  9. That’s sport though isn’t it, you salary is dependent on your achievements and wha you bring to the team. If they did bring in a salary cap I’m sure the difference would be made up by personal sponsors. F1 is like the NFL in that there’s nowhere else the best drivers can go for better pay and a similar level of prestige so if teams did offer lower wages there’s not a lot the drivers could do about it.
  10. I've just gone through my first playthrough on Hard difficulty playing Return to Arkham after beating it on normal when the game was originally released. It still holds up really well and the atmosphere is still amazing. It was only the penultimate fight that gave me any difficulty I've still got half of the Riddlers trophies to find and the combat challenges to do but I am going to leave them for now and I started Return to Arkham City instead. It feels like you're playing as Spider-man in City compared to the Asylum. At this point I intend to replay the entire series including Origins which I stopped playing when I couldn't beat one of the early bosses. I might even play Origins Blackgate but the controls feel awful on the 3DS
  11. There's 50% off The World Ends With You Final Remix this week which is the cheapest it has been as far as I know.
  12. Let’s not be hasty, surely Bottas 3.0 is where he goes for the full Rosberg shithousery to win the title?
  13. He might want to but with Honda being the only manufactuerer will to supply Red Bull with engines he'll have to restrain himself. The car also looks very twitchy which is nothing to do with the engine.
  14. I think he’ll want at least one year in the new cars before he retires. It’s only free practice, maybe Red Bull are sandbagging.
  15. And thanks to COVID they will get two seasons out of it instead of one due to the 2021 rules change being pushed back.
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