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  1. Surprisingly generous and they are going to get hammered by people overseas where the code either isn't available or at a store they don't have access to because this gen the codes have been region free.
  2. He’s the Michael McIntyre of Giantbomb.
  3. Lucky to get away with that. From 2-0 up and cruising to 2-2 and hanging on, if Griezmann hadn't been sent off I'd have Athletico as favourites to win. Still three wins out of three and onto the next one.
  4. Definite penalty, let's see Athletico play instead of shithousing for the last 15 minutes.
  5. 2-2 now, the defence is having a shocker.
  6. The fridge isn’t limited edition so more should be available next year.
  7. The TV spot does a better job of selling the movie than the trailer. There’s no new footage but it’s shorter, more tightly edited and without the cover song.
  8. You might also find your new favourite in Cars Batwheels
  9. I’m looking forward to it but that has to be the least intimidating Batmobile ever. It jumping through the flames at the end of the trailer looks like something from a Fast and Furious movie.
  10. I doubt it. Isn't this the last free expansion and they appear to be going all in on the paid DLC which is just an expanded version of the 3DS Happy Home Designer which unless they've improved the scripting since that game is incredibly easy to make the villager happy no matter how ugly their place now is.
  11. Beat the final boss in Act 2 without much trouble with all of my characters around level 52. Start taking on the bosses in Act 3 / postgame and kept getting my ass unceremoniously handed to me by all of them so have spent a few hours level grinding (all hail the Switch where you can grind while watching tv) using this guide until all of my characters were level 80 and the boss fights stopped being frustrating. I thought I was done when I saw the credits at the end of Act 2 and I usually don't bother with the postgame in Dragon Quest games I've finished before but this has still got its hooks into me despite Metroid Dread being sat in the cart slot.
  12. I hope Ole isn’t sacked before we play them.
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