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  1. I’m going to assume that she’s happy in New Leaf and has decided the island life isn’t for her so sent her child instead to keep the business going.
  2. I’m too old to get dragged back into the Stalk Market again.
  3. Four. I completed the original DS game but didn’t get very far in the sequels and thought the Wii game was a disappointment.
  4. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    It’s a cool trick, shame it’ll probably be banned before we can see it in a race. You’ve got to love grey areas in the rules. Apparently it helps to stop the tyres cooling down on the straights and would take other teams half a season to copy. This has to be the most left field trick since the McLaren F duct.
  5. I didn’t read the article but there is a Planet Money episode about it https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2011/07/11/137705590/the-friday-podcast-manufacturing-the-song-of-the-summer?t=1582106321380 There’s also money to be made creating samples other people use which is why having band members who play instruments isn’t that important anymore https://www.npr.org/2017/09/26/553799207/the-producer-who-created-beat-kits-behind-todays-pop-music https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2017/09/15/551236508/episode-794-how-to-make-it-in-the-music-business
  6. Athletico are going to park the bus in the second leg. As long as we handle their counter attacks they will struggle to get a second goal. It's just going to be tough breaking them down to score that will be a problem.
  7. I've no idea why he ended up at Dortmund when he could be tearing up the Europa League at United. Must be his agent's fault.
  8. It was always going to be tough against Shithousery FC but they did they job. Hopefully the rustiness will be gone by the second leg, just need to stop them scoring at Anfield.
  9. I'll take a 1-0, the ref is buying everything Athletico are selling tonight and giving us nothing.
  10. You cannot compare the two. Giggs was a linchpin of a Man Utd side for 20 years and had the same manager for most of that. Mane has made his through the ranks playing for different managers to get to the top of his game. I'd still take Mane over Giggs if offered them both at their peak but that's probably because Mane's peak is happening now whereas Giggs is a distant memory.
  11. I’m enjoying the season so far it just a shame that Harris is the only car guy with the other two just being entertainers who appear when banter is required. When it was LeBlanc, Harris and Reid they all knew their stuff and each could review cars to give differing opinions.
  12. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    I've come to terms with the fact that Skies of Arcadia is getting no further than the GameCube. It and 18 Wheel American Trucker are never coming out to a more modern system.
  13. Thanks. Are there any Pokemon you're looking for in return?
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