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  1. Europa League games are on Thursday.
  2. It’s his car and he’s a racer, he was on his deathbed for Germany 2019 and still raced. Looks like Red Bull have a dodgy rear wing
  3. Kane isn’t going anywhere this summer. Not because he wants to stay at Spurs but because no one can afford what Levy would want for him.
  4. On The-Race podcast they said by Turn 10 of the lap Max pitted on Mercedes models showed that they weren’t going to be able to undercut him so they left Hamilton out. Maybe forcing all teams to use AWS who said Hamilton was safe by 1.5s would make the racing more interesting.
  5. We needed to see Russell in the Mercedes at Abu Dhabi to get a real idea of how good he is. Tsunoda looked amazing in Bahrain but has been average ever since. But I think Bottas knows his days are numbered and Russell will be in the Mercedes next year.
  6. Unlike Mercedes they didn't have a second set of medium tyres for Max so he could only pit for Softs or Hards. Hamilton had done to Max what he always does to Bottas when he's ahead and pushed Max to use up his tyres faster than he would have liked and would have overtaken him on track if Max had not pitted for his first pit stop. So when Mercedes pulled a Hungary 2019 they were stuffed because they knew the softs would not last and the hard wasn't a race tyre. All that was left was to pray for a safety car to save them. Max overtaking Hamilton at the start is the only reason we actually had a
  7. There's no artwork for it so the artwork generator is a great way to create your own custom coverart for the 88 track trilogy soundtrack EA are giving away. I was going to wait for a discount but the hype is getting to me and the back half of DQ 11 can wait a while longer. I'll be playing in a base PS4 so if it is janky I'll pass it off as just adding to the nostalgia.
  8. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Final race of the day brought foward to 5.20 and rain is starting to fall. Could be carnage.
  9. If Checo was close to Bottas there would have been no gap for Hamilton to take the second pit stop. Max won the start and would have won if he had a Bottas in the second car. Max was perfect but two versus one was always going to make it difficult.
  10. Max’s lack of a competitive teammate cost him another win. Which is a shame because Max has been perfect.
  11. Max was being pushed like crazy by Hamilton though so he hadn’t been managing them at the start of his stint.
  12. Bold move. No sure he’ll close the gap before the end of the race though.
  13. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Just watching the replays now and it looked like he barely braked at at all. He should get at least race weekend ban for that.
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