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  1. ryodi

    Formula One 2021

    There was a terrifying crash in FE yesterday that put Alex Lynn in hospital. I cannot find any tv footage of it.
  2. Finally finished the game and the additional dlc tombs. The gameplay itself is fine and while the story is terrible my main issue with the game and 2013 trilogy as a whole is that Lara is no fun at all. I can understand that when it comes to the first game but in Rise and Shadow she still sounds bored and it doesn't help that her least interesting friend Jonah is the only one still with her. Hopefully if the series ever comes back Lara sounds like she's having as much fun as Keeley Hawes Lara did in the first Crystal Dynamics trilogy. I'd rank the trilogy Rise > 2013 > Shad
  3. ryodi

    Formula One 2021

    On a sliding scale of who I’d like to boot out of F1 Kimi is at the top. Alonso at least has some fight in him, Kimi’s just doing it as a hobby.
  4. 3D Pokémon games running like crap is expected at this point. The Max Raid battles in Sword / Shield cause the frame rate to plummet and I expect Legends will have the same problem.
  5. It looks really good and I'm glad they haven't Pokemon Let's Go'd it. But like the ORAS remakes they've taken the worst version of the games as a base, Platinum was so much better than the original base games.
  6. I’m happy to get FF VIIR for free. I’m not going to be getting a PS5 anytime soon so the lack of an upgrade path doesn’t bother me.
  7. BT Sport have the races live and there's usually edited highlights during the week depending on how much football they are showing.
  8. I’ll check it out if it appears on a streaming service at some point, I assume it has a similar tone to Castle? I was always more of a Beckett fan on Castle and I tried watching Stana Katie’s new show Absentia on Prime but I can’t watch shows that dark anymore. I’ve added HIMYM, Lost, Burn Notice and Office Space to my watch list. I’ve added Cougar Town as well which was the show the Scrubs creator did next and once it moves away from its initial premise midway through the first season it’s well worth watching.
  9. I watched Castle when it originally aired and have just started watching it again now it's available on Disney+. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it, I lost interest around Season 5 originally because like all procedurals who try to have a big overriding story and keep upping the stakes each season it just got too stupid. Time to see if I get any further this time.
  10. Use code P25MUS1C to get a Pikachu that knows Sing. Valid until 26/03/21.
  11. The original creators have walked away from the Netflix live action adaptation but are in charge of the new series
  12. I don't really watch new shows anymore since I stopped getting them from the high seas a few years ago so I'm currently on a late 00s nostalgia trip rewatching shows from when I did. I've just finished rewatching Chuck which is still great fun and while the plots can be very dumb the characters really make it worth watching to the very end. I am currently making my way through Warehouse 13 which thanks to the cast using in universe Farnsworth's to communicate instead of mobile phones it isn't aged by mobile phone tech like Chuck was. Once I've finished Warehouse 13 which only had 60 odd epis
  13. Thanks, I thought it might show up on Disney Plus because it originally aired on FOX. I love the show and have it on Blu-ray and I’d forgotten how annoying the anti piracy warnings and ads the BR releases of the series and thought streaming it would be a lot easier.
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