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  1. I'd take a Bakalar only podcast of the Bombcast at this point and Bakalar isn't the best when he has no one to bounce off.
  2. He’s a Bayern youth player and they had two chances to buy him back. Once when he left Leverkusen which they didn’t take and when he left Liverpool on a free. Juventus need to balance their books due to how much Ronaldo costs by selling players which they haven’t been very successful with so far this summer so I expect they’ll ask for a lot of money from Bayern in the same way Pogba cost United a fortune when they resigned him.
  3. I'll be interested to play Yakuza 3 again. I found the PS3 version a bit of a slog when I originally played it, hopefully the restoration of the cut content makes it more fun to play.
  4. I’ve got a Kickstarter preorder and had completely forgot about the CE. Hope it comes back into stock at some point.
  5. Bayern has a buyback clause for him when they sold him to Leverkusen which didn’t apply when the buying club was from outside Germany which was how we signed him in the first place. I wonder how much Juventus want for him and of Bayern can afford it. Im glad Wilson had a good start at Bournemouth who I’m surprised still take players from us after how underwhelming Ibe, Solanke and Clyde were for them.
  6. Definite penalty but a poor effort from Pogba. I’ve not seen a game from Molineux for a while, how long have those awful double advertising hoardings been there?
  7. If you enjoyed the awful avatar outfits in Forza Horizon 4 you’ll be pleased to hear they’ve added them to this game. Having to drive by the rules during the days looks like a pain in the ass to me but overall not a terrible trailer.
  8. ryodi


    Yep as the commentators said a fan died at the circuit due to lightning in 2012 https://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2016/07/pocono_raceway_not_at_fault_in.html Rosenqvist very lucky his car managed to stay out of the catch fencing or we could be looking at another injury like Wickens at the same track last year. It's a shame MAGA Ferucci is doing so well after how much of an asshole he was racing in Europe.
  9. ryodi


    Huge crash on lap 1 in Pocono that has probably ended Rossi’s title challenge.
  10. I still think Mercedes will go all out to sign Max for 2021 even if Hamilton hasn't retired. You only have to look at the amount of orange in the stands to see how much money there is to be made from Max merchandise that will help with the running of the team.
  11. He's the new Patrick Bamford. He'll be back tearing up the Championship next season.
  12. It queues everything in the bundle even if you already have it downloaded. When the queue gets to the part of the DLC you already have it skips it.
  13. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    What an end to the Clio Cup race. Good advertising for Kwik Fit but he has to be penalised for that,
  14. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Plato ruins his weekend again by going over his start box at the start and it's the same mistake he made in a previous race. Mark Blundell isn't doing very well either, I think this might be his one and only season in the BTCC.
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