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  1. I’m not completely sure he’s serious but it would be nice to see another Okami game.
  2. WRC highlights are on Five and Five Spike each day when the rally is on but can be very late at night due to the time some of the day’s stages finish. WRC+ is brilliant value for the season and I recommend it if you’re a rally fan. Freesports is a good place to watch random motorsport, they have NASCAR, DTM and some WEC races.
  3. Boring Gen 1 Pokemon again and both Max styles looks stupid, hopefully it can be easily ignored like Mega Evolutions.
  4. Another boring Tilkedrome provisionally being added to the calendar in 2021
  5. The £4 they cost me on eBay isn’t much more than it costs for parking to go to my nearest Game since my local one closed down.
  6. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Thanks for the replies. I’m still undecided because of the small text issue, I find Fire Emblem difficult to read on the normal Switch.
  7. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    I was thinking about picking the Pokemon edition when it’s released but the Resetera thread is full of complaints of faulty d-pads, sticks that drift already and bad screens. Has anyone here who’s bought one had any problems?
  8. ryodi

    PES 2020

    Playing ML with Liverpool the AI is also a lot better at free kicks than they were in 18. I’ve already had Willian and Erikson score comfortably while the ball over the wall and into the net without Alisson getting anywhere near it even using tilt stick and press Triangle get the keeper to step towards the direction the shot is going. Now I just stand VVD behind the wall and get him to head the shots away because it’s a lot more reliable.
  9. He was far enough back from the yellow line that has the false start sensor that when he moved he didn’t trigger it.
  10. ryodi

    PES 2020

    I normally wait until it's under £20 at Christmas but decided to buy it early this year in this weeks sale. I bought my first FIFA since 03 on the Gamecube this year and while FIFA 19 has great presentation the actual gameplay is absolutely awful and I won't be making the mistake of buying it again. After spending £5 on the Silver membership for the PES Universe patch to update all the kits which always end up looking too glossy to me I went straight to the only mode I play, Master League. Ignoring the awful soundtrack and the much too purple UI initial impressions are good, teams definitely have a style of playing that is noticible, stray passes are cut out a lot more often and playing on Professional it's still a challenge to score. Players do seem to stumble if you mistime a challenge a lot more than they did on 18 and my goalkeepers are still stay on their line too much instead of closing players down in one on one situations.
  11. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Wow what a finale. He might have lucked into it a bit last year but that was a hell of a drive from Turkington. No idea what broke on Cammish’s car and Plato has finally won another race.
  12. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Matt Neal helping Cammish by spinning Turkington, ,the arguments after the race will be fun.
  13. I bought two from this seller https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Code-Pokemon-Solgaleo-Lunala-Ultra-Soleil-et-Lune-Sun-Moon-DLC-Shiny/163887317193?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 You get a photo of the receipt with the code on sent to you eBay inbox relatively quickly and both codes worked perfectly for me. I assume with the number of GAME stores rapidly decreasing and Smyths not really that widespread it's difficult to choose which one to use for the widest reach. But it's still better than the US where due to Gamestop employees selling the leaflets with the codes on them you now have to use an app inside the store to get the code instead.
  14. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Cracking first race. Turkington is clearly the best BMW driver keeping Jordan behind him comfortably. Cammish might win this championship yet if it keeps raining.
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