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  1. WRC 10 had a Season mode which starts you in Junior WRC or WRC 2 and is the rallies only with all the management nonsense from career mode removed. At the end of each season were offered a drive with another team so you could work your way to the WRC cars. Is that mode not in Generations?
  2. Big wins haven’t always been followed by a good performance so far in this World Cup. I think Brazil beating Croatia is only guaranteed result in the quarter finals, everything other game could go either way.
  3. It feels like there have been a lot more one sided last sixteen ties then usual at this World Cup.
  4. Bringing on Ronaldo would be insulting to the Swiss if Portugal keep playing like this.
  5. Ronaldo isn't even starting tonight's game.
  6. Croatia are going to knock them out on penalties before that. The Argentina game has been the most competitive last 16 game so far, Australia kept fighting until the very end.
  7. That’s why you boot Richarlison up in the air when he does tricks.
  8. The Messi special from the ref, soft as anything.
  9. Against the run of play would be an understatement.
  10. Oof. That must have had a rough journey, the Nintendo store boxes are pretty strong.
  11. Have any of these stuttered penalties gone it. That was awful and he’s lucky he’s going to get another go.
  12. That was USA although Poland also like leaving opponents with acres of space in the box.
  13. France have this won but I don’t think they have looked amazing doing so.
  14. So close to a comeback but Argentina deserved their one goal victory margin. Netherlands are going to beat them in the next round though.
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