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  1. I don’t think it’s unique to the Astros and Red Sox, they were just stupid enough to get caught, Cora will be punished and that’ll be it, the MLB won’t do anything drastic.
  2. Looking ahead the Cup of Nations 2021 is in January which means Salah, Mane and Keita will be missing that month.
  3. Shrewsbury Town play at the New Meadow now, they left Gay Meadow over a decade ago. When they demolished Gay Meadow they replaced it with luxury flats which was a bold move considering how often the old ground flooded.
  4. Spurs should have got a point from that match, they missed two great chances. Great win though and a nice points gap at the top.
  5. How have Spurs not scored?
  6. I think a Liverpool player is going to be sent off for a second booking in this match.
  7. The Black and White games are the pinnacle of the series for me. While US/UM were disappointing I've loved all of the previous third games in the series which remix the original releases, Emerald was a fantastic upgrade the frankly rubbish Ruby and Sapphire and Platinum perfected what were the OK Diamond and Pearl. The DLC while nice means that it's unlikely we'll ever see an updated Galar region which is a shame.
  8. To balance out the positivity Sky have uploaded the defensive horror show that was the game at Spurs before VvD signed The fourth goal in particular is a classic example of how bad the defending has got at that point.
  9. I prefer third versions of sequels to paid DLC. As someone who buys both version I hope I only have to buy the DLC once and it works with both games.
  10. I prefer last years livery and as far as I can see they only have Castrol as an outside sponsor. I’ve no idea how Malcolm Wilson keeps them going.
  11. This will probably be details about Pokemon Home and some mobile games.
  12. I wonder what kind of break clauses there are in the contract to get him to sign for that long.
  13. Jones might end up being the reason Lallana doesn’t get a new contract.
  14. Absolutely shocking second half display from Everton, I’m sure Klopp could do without the extra games but what a game and what a goal to win it by the kids.
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