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  1. She gave blood when they needed to do a transfusion after they came back from finding Ed and Dannys location. That’s the only thing I can think of, I assume being pregnant shows up pretty obviously in blood work otherwise I can’t see any other way they’d know.
  2. I think it's one of the most iconic films of my childhood, the fact it's not easily available makes it more appealing somehow.
  3. I couldn't find any mention of this on here so I thought I better start a thread, one of the best things I've watched this year. Well worth your time to have a look. It says comedy on the Trailer, but I'd say it was a 30 minute drama. Also, if you make that far Ep7 is a killer.
  4. The KO2 article was very interesting. I did notice the Premier / Player Manager anomaly, it was very odd given it's clearly not a typo or a cut and paste error given it was right some on the time. Looking forward to reading the Paradroid article next and then the Andrew Sleigh interview. Speaking of people who used to work at Ocean, I'm working my way through Mark R Jones self published book which is a really good read. https://ko-fi.com/markrjones1970/posts
  5. Oh sure, the tape drive loading times are fecking awful. When I had my 130XE in period I only used the tape to transfer games to disk and then never touched the cassettes again. As for software, it horses for course I guess. I mean if you want the best arcade games to play at home you play them on MAME and not the home computer versions. There is a lot of Atari only stuff, but if you think it’s not very good then there’s nothing much you can do. For me every single home computer from the 70s/80s has a charm and you’re always going to have a bias to the first one you had or maybe what you consider the best one. Myself I went from a Dragon 32 to the Atari so you can see why I loved it, the upgrade was tremendous
  6. Can you expand on the "isn't a lot you can do with them tinker wise"? There's a huge community over on Atari Age who seem to be continually coming up with new kit for them.
  7. I reckon the 800XL is the sweet spot for an Atari 8-Bit, the 800 is built like a tank (as is the 400, but who really wants that membrane keyboard and lack of a monitor output) but they are expensive. Whilst the XE range isn't very well built (the RAM chips are especially flaky) and all the major chips are soldered directly to the board and have a mushy keyboard into the bargain (unless you like that sort of thing, I don't mind it actually having had a 130XE and then an ST BITD). As for a Disk Drive, there are so many drive emulators (SIO to SD, FujiNet, AVG Cart etc. etc.) that I can't see why you'd want a proper drive unless you have your own disks.
  8. I finally got round to watching this last night, it's pretty ropey isn't it, so little depth to it. A real time capsule though, the guy playing an online game on his BBC in the evenings and his Wife calling herself a Gaming Widow was hilarious. And how many people now are far more addicted to their phones than that kid with his NES. Yeah that stuff was nonsense. Kids aren't that stupid are they? And look where we are today, kids get given an iPad or old phone to keep them occupied all the time now (I see it all the time in restaurants/pubs etc.).
  9. Haha, I didn't get this when I read early, now I've watched it I agree
  10. That's great news @Swainy. Would it be possible to share it here as a download at least?
  11. Watched the first one last night, if it's meant to be a comedy it's not very funny. Hopefully it improves.
  12. It’s actually 30 mins at the start of the 2 hour pod, but still a great listen though. Anyone wanting more about Madden should hunt out the very new Fox Doc called All Madden (first shown on Xmas day), you can find it on all the usual specialist sites. https://g.co/kgs/PkYJCn
  13. Excellent, his Amiga Super Sprint conversion was fantastic, especially the YT videos explaining the process.
  14. Fantastic news @merman A port of Prince of Persia for the Atari 8-Bits is getting released on 12th Oct. It's stunning.
  15. The Theme Park article reminded me that when Demis Hassabis left Lionhead to form Elixir Studios and develop Republic: The Revolution he wrote a monthly column about it in a games magazine, can anyone remember which one? I bought too many mags back in the day and can't remember. EDIT: Forget that request, it was EDGE and just found a site with it all in a single Word and TXT file https://archive.kontek.net/republic.strategyplanet.gamespy.com/diaries.shtml
  16. This, purely because the wait for it during the run up to Christmas 1987 was unbareable. We simply couldn't wait to get that cassette with the Outrun soundtrack on it. I still have it somehwere.
  17. elyuw


    Someone has curated a whole 80s/90s YouTube Playlist to the 808/Linn Cowbell
  18. Mine has been and always will be Banstyle / Sappys Curry. I bought Second Toughest in the Infants purely because it was a special edition with a 2nd CD with a full version of Born Slippy .NUXX and Rez (which is what I wanted, this was before I really knew Underworld). However once I listened to the album proper I was hooked. Oh and for @englishbob here's a snippet of Moaner at the Roundhouse in Oct 2007, recorded on my little Canon IXUS, won the energy that night was insane!
  19. The first Ridge Racer on the PlayStation let you play Galaxian when it was loading.
  20. I still play Speedball 2 HD off of Steam once in a while. It's bascially just Speedball 2 with enhanced gfx really, but obviously it's on my PC playing in 1080P. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251690/Speedball_2_HD/
  21. Yeah easily could of been another series. I've downloaded the preceding Radio shows, of which there are 8 episodes, so clearly there were other avenues to investigate
  22. Thanks for highlighting this, I totally missed it at the time but have now watched all six episodes on YouTube (although 4th one is only and Vimeo). Great stuff!
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